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Chapter 1: Pages: 1 & 2Category: Sides of Life
Sunday, 11 November 2007
03:35:10 PM (GMT)
_______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Page 1 ♥ CHAPTER ONE ♥ Candi Looked to her left, to see her twin sister Mollie, talking to her older sister, Jade,who was floating on a cloud, about three of four feet ahead of them, sat thier parent,behind them, was a large pile of boxes, cases, and bags. Her and her sisters were all bound for magic school. Thier parents spoke of all of the different types of magical creatures that would attened the school along with them. Candi and her twin sister Mollie were both Fairies, while Jade was a mermaid, who could cange from mermaid form, to human form, at her will. Candi looked back to her sisters, but only could see Jade, she looked up to see Mollie, flying, " Mollie don't you dare try flying while we are traveling!" said thier mother calmly without any movment whats so ever. Finaly they were above the clouds, dazed by the stars that shown in the night time sky Candi hoped she would get a view like this in her dorm, she looked forward to see a huge school, that glissened in the moonlight. Jade could now see it to, she watched in amazment at all of the different types of creatures that were pouring into the sky, mermaids, devils, elfs, werewolfs, and as she looked up, she saw a dragon, with magnificent red, orange, and golden scales fly above, the dragon came closer, as did the school. "We are here!" shouted her sisters in unisent. The dragon, that had looked to big before, slowly became a thin, tall girl. The girl was now right next to Jade," Hello" said Jade to the red headed dragon girl "Hi!" said the girl, sparks flew out of her mouth, the girl giggled " sorry, you'll have to excuse me, I'm Belinda, I'm a dragon" said the girl " No Problem, I'm Jade, I'm a mermaid, and these are my to little sisters they are twin fairies" said Jade gestoring to Mollie and Candi. " What grade are you in?" asked Belinda " 7th, and you?" replyed Jade " 7th!" said Belinda with great ecitment, "Maybe we will be in the same dorm!" said Belinda Jade smiled " I would like that!" said Jade "Jade" called her mothers voice " Belinda!" called a woman who Jade thought was Belinda's mother " Coming!" said Jade and Belinda together "Well see you around!" said Belinda Jade gave a nod and smiled before going to her mother to help carry her things in. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Page 2 Jade walked into the large entrance to the school, it was even more magnifecent then she had ever belived a very tall woman came in, she smiled, and stood apon the large stair case, with her booming voice, she said, " Welcome all to school, I am Mistress Madora, I speak on bealhf of all of the scool when I say we are glad to have you here!" Jade looked at her mother who gave her a smile of reasurance. " please leave your stuff here, we will take it to your rooms, and your families can be on thier way or they can explore some of the school , one of our staff will give you a tour!" said the Mistress Madora, gestoring to the skinny tall leady that stood in the door was and smiled, a load crust of voices filled the air will 'good-byes' ' be goods' and ' I'll miss you' as the parents hugged thier children before leaving to the skinny staff member, or the door, soon there where only students left, " magic" said Mistress Madora with her booming voice, and there behind her opened two large wodden doors, that lead to a huge room, with tables, that linned up, to make a huge feast. the kids rushed in, Mollie and Candi looked at each other before grabbing there sisters hands and halling her into the sky, and through the large door, they sat her down on the seat of a table, and sat down to the left of her. " JADE! " shouted a boy's voice Jade wipped her head around to see her old time friend Jake running to her "Jake!" said Jade, her sisters turning at Jake's name " JAKEY!" said the twins together, they loved Jake, mainly because he would bring them out to a little island, and show them how to surf. Jake ran up and hugged Jade " It's so good to see you here!" said Jade " I know!" said Jake, then came Belinda not even noticing Jade until she was right next to her " OH MY GOSH JADE!" said Belinda! Belinda sat right next to Jade, while Jake quickly moved to the side oppisite of the girls, a boy who Jade had noticed was fallowing Belinda came up and sat right next to Jake, " Oh this is Jake" said Jade gestoring to Jake " Jake Belinda Belinda Jake!" said Jade, " Hi!" said Jake, and Belinda " This is Drake" said Belinda gestoring to the boy who had sat down next to Jake. " Hi " said the Drake Jade looked to her left to find her sisters talking to a few other girls who looked there age she looked back at Drake who was now talking with Jake. She turned to Belinda " So what dorm are you in?" asked Jade " 507" rypled Belinda " ME TO!" said Jade, Jake and Drake who had been listening to them, said " We are in dorm 508! " together.

lilblueangel says:   11 November 2007   683134  
yay! good story! can't wait for more!!!
Forever_In_Me says:   11 November 2007   488867  
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! It took a long time I don't know why. But I think
this is one of my most well writting story so far, I mean whe I
started writing, I was short and had bad spelling, and grammar, now
that im like half a year- a year older, my writing ablitys, ideas, and
vocabulary, is better.
chu says:   11 November 2007   788732  
i love the makes it look like a special story ^^
Forever_In_Me says :   11 November 2007   379433  
Yea, I know how to make layouts, so I looked for a pi of and old
looking paper, found this made a layout of it, and put it on, Sooner
or later, I'll make a cover, a back, and an that type of stuff, then
print it all out them duh dun! I'll have a book, that I can read 24/7!


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