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Buddy ProblemCategory: BUDDY PROBLEM
Sunday, 11 November 2007
12:50:31 PM (GMT)
Oh man, this sucks! My friend Alexandra think's I like my friend Kayla more than I
like her! :-( Today I had guest over, and I had to get off the phone, so I said sorry
Alexandra but I have to get off the phone, I have guest over. And she said yeah
right, well have fun with Kayla! I really do have guest over RIGHT NOW!! And
Alexandra, if your reading this( yes she has an account but im not telling who whe
I really do have guest over and yes, Kayla is one of my best friends, but your one of
my best friends too. And I will tell her that I like you more than I like her. If
thats what you want Alexandra, thats what you'll get. Okay, im going to her little
sisters birthday, yeah it involvs Kayla, SO? Your acting like you hate her! She is
trying to stay friends, and heres a poem about you Alexandra, and a poem about
Alexandra, I advise you to read it.


Kayla is one of the best friends i've made,                                          
Alexandra is one of the other best friends i've made.
She is true, and she dosen't care what friends I have.                       She's
fun, truthfull, nice, and caring(and lot's more)
All she want's is for us to be happy,if it's friends I                              
I know she want's to make the best out of me,
Want, she'll gim me lot's of 'em. Trust me!                                          
But sometimes I need my space, sometimes I talk
Kayla's a nice friend. She want's PEACE                                             
With my other friend's, she think's I like them more
AROUND THE WORLD! Can't you live with that?                                   But she
is still one of my friend's, and thats all that counts!

Please comment! I don't know what to do! I play with Kayla a lot, but then again, I
talk with Alexandra a lot! What should I do?

‹Your.Fatal.Attraction› says:   11 November 2007   413223  
u should tell Alexandra that u can like other friends and that she
cant always get her way and u can like other pplz more than u like her
and she needs 2 know that its u and not her that controls your life
and feelings
bronx_7 says:   11 November 2007   494131  
thats sweet she should stop being mad at you i mean you didnt do
anything anyways right
aartee_sharma says:   11 November 2007   956842  
thank you guys. im fealing better now 
ruby123 says:   17 November 2007   886774  
i hate u aartee showing this in public
aartee_sharma says :   17 November 2007   916822  
Alexandra, I wanted u to see this. Why do you act like this?


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