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Thursday, 18 October 2007
07:12:09 PM (GMT)
Name:  Brittany

Today's date: Friday, October 18th 2007  

Current location: USA at the computer

At the moment, are you...  

Employed?  Nope and proud of it lol

In a relationship?  no sadly....

Satisfied/happy?  ehh

Working towards a goal?  not really

Afraid of something?  spiders...

Living with anyone?  My family 

Putting something off?  Um.. ehh.. homework? from Mrs. Lewis (that old terd)

Paying for a mistake? Nope

Looking forward to something?  softball game

Missing someone?  sarah, she is in georgia 

In need of help?  isnt everyone? lol

Eating something? i am about to eat dinner

Injured?  maddie just clawed me knee and left a scratch, 0o0o and maddie is my baby
(she is a dog)

Playing with a gel filled keyboard wrist guard?  Nope  

Being irked?  wha??

If you could get away with it, would you...  

Send threatening mail to your boss?  i dont think so... unless he/she was a WITCH
with a CAPTIAL B

Kill someone?  nah

Walk around naked in your current location?  sure!! im bored..

Stop working/paying bills?  no i dont have a job yet!! im still in school

Rob a bank?  nah.. thats to evil something less eviler =)

Own a notoriously dangerous animal?  nope.

Masturbate somewhere otherwise inappropriate (work, school, restaurant, etc.)? 

Skip out on the bill at a high end restaurant?  again who wouldnt?

Be drunk in public?  nope

Steal someone else's identity?  no

Job: i dont have a job

Relationship:  some ppl like meh 

Sex life:  i so have one.. =) but later later later..

Best friendship:  Sara & Sarah (ii miss her)

Family:  I love them and that includes mii friends

Daily life: School and partys on the weekend and some softball games

Five things you own:  
1.  new phone
2.  Ipod
3.  backpack
4.  purse
5.  $$ (but i dont have any right now) 

Five things you would own if they actually existed in working/living
1.  room-cleaner-thing 
2.  homework-doer
3.  good-grade-maker
4.  hypnosis-ray
5.  clothes-maker-machine

Five current likes:  
1.  Music 
2.  Charlie Herb
3.  Kupika
4.  Abusing Us By Mizzkatee
5.  Sarah *my bffaenmw*

Five current dislikes:  
1.  Vannessa Ann Hudges *i hate her SOOOOO much!!!* >:O
2.  School
3.  Homework
4.  Chores
5.  People who hate me or insult me 4 no reason

Three places you've gone in the last year:  
1.  Florida
2.  School
3.  'Home'

Three goals you have yet to achieve:
1.  idk
2.  idk
3.  idk

Three statements you wish you could say to three unnamed persons:
1. damn you!!!
2.  Go away bi***
3.  go f*** urself

Three current facts about yourself (lie about one):  
1.  I am bored
2.  I hate Vannessa Ann Hudges
3.  I like school 

which one did I lie about?

Dragonfly01 says:   18 October 2007   476718  
You like Charlie???
(the one from our bus...if not sorry)
Tears_on_my_face says:   18 October 2007   616131  
yeah =) he is so hott and will so to be mine
Dragonfly01 says:   18 October 2007   754265  
lol, cant wait 
_abc_ suggests :   18 October 2007   271113  
Are you married yet?

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