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Saturday, 22 September 2007
03:08:06 PM (GMT)
Name? Zanyzeldafan
Age? 12 
Sex? Female
Birth Date? 10/5/94
Hair Color? brown
Eye Color? hazel
Height? 5'5” or sumthin like that....
Weight? ... dunno...
Body Type? average?
Piercings? One in each ear
Tattoos? nope!
What are you wearing right now? Purple shirt with capri jeans plus my REAL crocs.
Hair style at the moment? Wet XD

* Favorites * 

Soda? Did i hear somebody say dr.pepper???
Drink? Soda =3
Time of day? I like midnight...
Season? fall
Day of the week? saturday
Song at the moment? The hell song
Band/Artist? Anything good XD
Book? TWILIGHT!!!!! zomgosh it roks!
Subject in school? art 
Place in the USA? I like florida.
Place outside the USA? st. Maarten
Color? pink
Style of clothes? Anything comfy
Store? Barnes and Noble
Website? I like levelmanga.com
Magazine? Shonen jump
Kind of pet? Hmmm small fuzzy puppy

* Worst * 

Place to be? school 
Class in school? maths
Time of day? Time to wake up 
Season? Hmmm i like em all....
Kind of pet? Demented gerbils
Drink? Herbal tea
Food? Clam chowder (eugh..)
Store? Books a million (HATE it)
Style of clothes? Old women clothes lol
Color? Olive green ugh
Book? Tactics (manga book- it suks like crap)
Type of music? Gospel zomg
Website? Hmmm neopets.
Magazine? Porn magazines- i hate that crap people need to get over themselves

* Daily Life * 

When do you get up? 4-7, somewhere in there
What is your first thought? Ughh dont wanna go to school....
What do you do first? Try to go back to sleep lol
What's your usual outfit? jeans and tee
What's the first class of the day? Band =3 im the oboe
When does school end? 3:30 or so
Do you see your friends? yeah
What do you do when you get home? check emails and play on computer
What time do you go to bed? Whenever. Ranges from 9pm-3am or later if i have a good

* Do you...* 

Brush your teeth daily? Uhhh no?
Brush your hair daily? Heck ya
Shower daily? Zomgosh duh
Sing? yup
Dance? If you say that word again, i will kill you. 
Party? No not really.
Get drunk? NEVER!
Read books? Zomgosh books r my life
Listening to music a lot? Hmm pretty much
Read magazines? No not really.
Go online a lot? Psh the computer is my life
Stay on AIM all day even with an away message? No im not allowed an aim
Have a religion? yes
Have an IPod? Oh yeeah!
Want an IPod? I want a video ipod.
Have a Girlfriend/Boyfriend? No, im only 12
Play an instrument? Piano and oboe =3
Get sick a lot? no.
Watch TV? Sob......tv.....
Like MTV? Never really watched it.
Like VH1? Never really heard of it.
Like the History Channel? It's kinda boring
Have Digital Cable? No sob
Have more than 500 channels on your TV? Sob sob
Listen to the radio? Sometimes, not much.
Still use your CD player? I uh lost it...
Stalk people? nope
Have more than 200 buddies on your Buddy List? no way 
Have dial-up internet? Huh?
Have AOL? no
Have a GPA higher than 3.9? i dont know...

* Music * 

Do you listen to Rap? heck no. i hate rap
R & B? Not really.
Blues and/or Jazz? sometimes
Classical? Heck no
Pop? Yes some.
Country? Yeah some
Emo/Scremo? Not really
Heavy Metal? Not really.
Christian? Not much 
Techno? yea
Reggae? no
Broadway Musical songs? Heh no. 
Oldies? Hmmm some.

* In A Boyfriend/Girlfriend *

Hair color? DON'T CARE
Eye color? DON'T CARE
Tattoos? They BETTER not have any.
Piercings? Heh no.
Favorite Music? DON'T CARE
Style of clothing? DON'T CARE
Body Type? DON'T CARE
Personality or Looks? Personality definitely. 
Would you go out with someone just for their money? Uh no! That's rude!
Does size matter? NO
Do they have to be popular? NO
Does the guy ask the girl or the other way around? I dont care.
Where do you go on the first date? To my house 
Kiss on the first date? Uh NO!
DATE!! > > >

* Right Now * 

Do you think you look good right now? Pretty good. Could be better.
Are you eating something? Not now.
Are you drinking something? no
Are you IMing anyone? Im not allowed.
Are you talking on the phone with someone? No i dont like talking on the phone..
Are you talking face to face with someone? naah
Is anyone at your house who doesn't live there? no
What song are you listening to? In the end- linkin park
What are you watching on TV? Nothing sob sob
What other websites do you have open? Veoh and kupika
Why are you taking this survey? To puton my kupika ^^
Where are you going to post it? Kupika i said..
What are you going to do after this? Going to a fall festval ^^

* What do you Believe? * 

Do you believe in ghosts? no 
The afterlife? yes
Aliens? no
God? yes
The devil? Yes but dont worship him
Heaven? yes
Hell? yes
Scientology? Huh?
Hinduism? no
Buddhism? no
Christianity? yes
Taoism? whut?
Judism? no
Jesus? yes
Nothing? Is this a trick question? ;D
Reincarnation? no
Yourself? Lol yeah

* Randoms * 

Have you been on an airplane before? yes
Where were you going? florida!
Have you been to another country? Not really. If you call the bahamas a country..
Have you ever went on a roadtrip with your friends? Not with my friends. 
Ever stayed online more than 10 hours straight? Hmm i might have...
Pretended to like someone just to get popular? never
Talked about someone behind their back? of course
Had someone talk about you behind your back? all the time
Been in a fight online? no.
Been in a fight face to face? Yeah lol with my siblings
Gotten yourself involved in a fight that wasn't about you? nope 
Been called a bitch? Nope ^^
Been to Australia? nope
Do you like snakes? No eww!
Ever cried to get your own way? Hee hee... 
Ever broken a bone? Nope ^-^
Ever had to stay in the hospital for more than a week? no 
Ever had serious surgery? Ughh i hope i never have to
Ever looked at porn online? UGH SICK SICK SICK! NO!!!
Ever went to one of those "adult" stores? NO!!!
Ever bought clothes at Walmart? duh!
Ever gotten clothes from the Salvation Army? no 
Ever paid more than $100 on a pair of jeans? Um no
Ever been on stage for any reason? Yeah- talent shows and such.
Ever been in a play? Hmm no.
Ever been in a choir? Yep ^_^ i even had to audition.
Ever been in a band? School band
Waxed your eyebrows? no
Waxed your legs? Well i shave..
Cut yourself shaving? When i first started
Have you ever died? Uh what do you think?
Was this survey an good at all? It could have left out a few parts... 
What time is it right now? 3:07 pm

‹ikaeros› says :   25 September 2007   475246  
Interesting XD

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