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Summer reading report.Category: (general)
Saturday, 8 September 2007
01:43:22 PM (GMT)
An Ugly’s world


	Ever wonder a way to end all discrimination caused by physical appearance? In
Tally’s futuristic world, everyone who turns sixteen must go through a surgery to
turn “pretty,”and live in “pretty town” where everything was provided and
recycled, which was a plan to make sure no one would be discriminated against because
everyone would look the same… pretty. Tally soon meets a girl named Shay, and they
become friends, but finds out the Shay is not normal because normal girls in the
futuristic world wants to become pretty, unlike Shay. This is the start of the
Uglies, a book told in third person by Scott Westerfeld. 
	Soon after meeting Shay, the two travel across to the land of the “rusties,”
which was where the people used to live, before most were distroyed by their own
ignorance, and the Shay introduces Tally to David. Soon, Shay runs away, to run away
to “smokes” because she liked the way she looked, and had no attention in
becoming what was called 
“pretty.” Soon, a group of pretties known as the “specials,” which are kind
of like the government, tells Tally that unless she doesn’t want to become pretty
anymore, she has to bring Shay back from smokes. This begins Tally’s adventure to
find smokes, and to bring Shay back.
	After two weeks, Tally finds the city of Smokes. She starts to enjoy the city and
questions herself whether or not it was right of her to bring Shay back because her
friend was very happy in the city. She soon faces issues keeping the trust of her new
friends, and starts to get a crush on David, and Shay likes David too. Tally wins
over the trust of her friends, and everyone is happy, but then disaster strikes, and
the friendship between Shay and Tally disolves. 
	At times like this, and throughout the book, the readers are reminded of the theme,
that life cannot be perfect. It is science fiction books like this that makes the
reader think about what will happen. In this book, the reader might also think,
“what narrow-minded person would think of making people look the same?” In all
science fiction  books, humans have created a certain doom for themselves, and the
readers will also ponder how to prevent the doom from happening. 
	Pondering this question is fun, and so is thinking of certain doom. If readers like
scientific books, they would probaby already have read this one. It doesn’t have an
intertaining writing style like in the Series of Unfortunate Events, but the story is
very interesting. The theme is interesting. And lastly, the readers will enjoy having
the secrets of this interesting society being revealed with each page. (456)

Please, do not copy and paste, or be obnoxious. Inform me of any errors in
grammar, mechanics, punctuation, spelling, and usage. I am trying to make a perfect
reading report. 

KMS people, please help me if there are any rules for the summer reading report that
I seem to be unaware of.

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