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Tuesday, 5 June 2007
04:21:01 PM (GMT)
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"umm, mom, is it okay if i don't tell?"
"yes, but i d rather you did,"
"okay," i paused...
"Mrs. Faltern can we get some drinks and go outside," Caylah said. I always was
suprised when caylah called my mom mrs. faltern, because usually people called, Lila,
and my last name wasnt faltern, it was Blazee,  (Kale Blazee).
"sure, have two people get drinks,"
"Kale, and dalton," caylah and haily said. Just then kayley and Jason, followed by
keith came in the door.
"oh, crap," i muttered. "hey Kayley keith, jason" i said
"hey," they said then i walked into the kitchen

(so far...

1) me and Kayley are twins
2) Keith and Jason are twins
3) Haily and Caylah are my best friends
4) Brook is Kayleys best friend
5) Jason goes out with Kayley
6) Keith and Dalton like me
7) I like Keith and Dalton  
 I like dalton more
9) moms strict
10) I am shy)

I poked my head out of the kitchen, tea, dr. pepper, or water

"Dr. pepper" everyone said.
I made 4 Dalton made 3. we went out the back and everone met, and we handed them
thier drinks. we all walked out into the wood, "I sat down on the trunk of a tree
that had been cut down because it had been in danger of falling on our house. I
breathed,"okay"i said,"instead of putting this on a note, ill go ahead and say it
okay," I paused,"Keith you are awsome, and i do like you, before we moved and i've
known you forever," i let out some breath puffing my hair out my face," Dalton i do
like you you have so many of the same traits as me," this was it, " sorry keith but,
i closed my eyes, i've liked dalton longer, and more," Just then a bolt of lightning
flashed, when did it start raining i thought i heard a crack, very loud, a tree was
falling, i blinked, a tree was falling torwards all of us, I stood in horrer, when
did i stand up, why wasn't i running, just then the tree stopped and dalton hurtled
torwards me, i crashed to the ground, as the tree hit directly where i had been
moments earlyer, i lay there dazed, then i jumped i up, "dalton, did you make that
tree, stop?" i asked.
" follow me." he said hurridly. everyone followed, "no just Kale," i kept following,

"whats going on" jason said.
"i'm not sure but if it's what i think the only one safe, should be kale. so don't
come" amaizingly they stayed. "1st of all, will you be my girlfriend" he said
"not till you tell me whats going on,"
"I cant, not yet, you have to be my girlfriend for me tell you,"
I breathed "okay, I'll be your girlfriend."

now he breathed " this is whats up,"

End of chapter 2!!!

Caddi says :   9 June 2007   496531  
omfg omfg hurry


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