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Monday, 7 May 2007
04:08:27 PM (GMT)
I'm writing about my life story for today, well I'm gonna try my best!!!

Hello, my name is Charlotte and I am 11years old. I have two pets, they are a
Malteste dog and a chihauha. Today I woke up at 8.30 (I'm and early bird) and went
downstairs and turned the TV on. I fed Poppie and Mollie our dogs and I started
watching Thats So Raven. I like that programme because I find it really funny. At
8.45 Chanel came downstairs and we started watching it together she told me that
Aimee was up and Charmaine was getting her dressed. Trust me, when you are getting
dressed in the morning you have to book what time you have to have a shower, well we
dont book, but it is like that. I have my own room, Alicia has her own room. Kiah and
Chanel ( twins) share a room. Charmaine and her baby share a room, and the other
twins Tiffany and Ryan share a room. And of course my mom and dad have a bedroom. So
we have 6 bedrooms in our house. Charmaine came down with Aimee in her arms, Aimee is
so adorable and so cute. Charmaine was dressed and started making some toast.
Charmaine is 18 and I think she is moving out soon with her boyfriend George. I went
upstairs and got a shower ( this was at 9 o clock or 5 past) and I went back into my
bedroom. I didn't know what to wear. I put on my bra and knickers ( I'm not totally
devolped yet) and started searching for some clothes. I decided I'd put on my pink
Juicy Couture tracksuit. When I done my teeth, hair, clensed my face and put mascara
ad foundation on I went back into my bedrooom. My bedroom isn't like a typical girls
bedroom, to be pretty honest with you everyone's bedroom in our house isn't the pits.
I mean I haven't got last nights pizza on my bedroom floor. I have beige carpet and
baby pink and cream walls. I then put on my laptop and went on Kupika. I think at
this time Chanel and Kiah came downstairs to have their breakfast. Tiffany and Ryan (
who are  were still asleep I think, I'm not too sure. I went on kupika and replied
to any letters and then logged off. Every one of us has our own laptop. However,
Chanel and kIAH have to share lol. Tiffany and Ryan don't have laptops. Tiffany has a
pink Ds lite and Ryan has a PSP, However, he is begging mum to get him a Playstation
3. At  9.50 Tiffany woke up and so did mum and dad. About 10 mins after Ryan woke up.
Chanel and Kiah were in their rooms and I walked in, their room is pretty big. Kiah
was putting make-up on and Chanel was brushing her hair. I started chatting to Kiah
and I asked her if she could put someeye shadow on me. She does it so carefully. I
think she will be a beautician when she is older. Charmaine and Aimee went to the
Town shopping centre and mum and dad got dressed and went out shopping at this garden
show in Southend. They said to us we could go the the park or do what we want, but we
all stayed in apart from Kiah. She said she was going to the park, but I think she
met up with her boyfriend. Me and Chanel had to get Tiffany and Ryan ready I got
Tiffany ready, she has really cute clothes, I decided I would make her put on this
burberry skirt and top. Ryan wore his Timberland top and bottoms. ( look I'm trying
to be as detailed as I can) Charmaine then came home and put Aimee in the garden. Our
garden is pretty large coz we have a hot tub, and a big climbing frame for Tiffany
and Ryan and Aimee. Truthfully, I really like it aswell so I play with Tiffany on it.
Chanel stayed in with Charmaine and I took Aimee and Tifany out in the garden. Ryan
wa doing his homework and then went on MSN talking to his friends. Charmaine told us
all to get our coats on and shoes because we were going to the park. Ryan refused to
go because he was busy doing other things.  I am allowed out on my own but I prefer
going with family or friends, I put on my heelys and Chanel rode her bike. Tiffany
pushed Aimee in her buggy all the way there. Literally the park is at the end of our
street so it is about 2mins away. When we got there  I went in the park with Tiffany
and Aimee, I met my friend Jade over there and I started talking to her. Charmaine
got in a converstaion with her friend Kayla so we all had things to do. Chanel played
with her friends and I didn't see much of her. About half and hour later Ryan came
over and started playing football with his friends Sam, connor, tommy and Ellis and
some other boys. I'm not sure if I saw Kiah there but I beleive she was somewhere
better than we were. The Ice-Cream man came and I payed for all of our Ice-Creams.
Charmaine said I didn't have to but I refused and said it was my treat. We were over
there for about two hours and when we got home Mum and dad were there. They bought
loads of things from the garden show and they were putting it all out in our garden.
Chanel and Ryan stayed over the park but the rest of us came home. When we came home
I put Aimee on ym lap and we started watching cbeebies, she alwyas giggled when
Tweenies came on for some weird reason. After tweenies had finished Charmaine put
Aimee up to bed because she was tired from the park. Mum made up dinner, and when
Kiah came back home, which was at 4.00, she started moaning that her best friend was
going all weird on her and blablablaba. EEven though I love Kiah to bits she can get
really annoying sometimes. Well I might write a diary more about myself later on in
the week. This is rather long and feel free to comment on it, I could of typed mor
but my fingers are now aching.

Alicia233 suggests:   9 May 2007   232698  
xCHARLOTTEx says :   10 May 2007   287264  
Umm we could but I might do another one of a typical day in our house


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