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Wednesday, 2 May 2007
09:03:31 PM (GMT)
The names misty mouse, and im not a will learn later on why i am named
that. Well, this is the story of my life.
i am the eigth princess and one of master yens best students and sora's older sister
too my cousin kira is master yens daughter shes strong but im stronger.but when we
combine our weaopns we are stronger than anyone in the galaxy. I have a little sister
angelica but shes a stuffed animal and i meet a girl a great girl very nice too. My
parents died when i was five and i lived with minnie and mickey or mom and dad ever
scince in the disney castle along with uncle goofy , donald and auntie daisy. i have
a boyfriend, Riku. I am normal but not normal i am the only warrior princess not
before kiari go the keyblade and i have wings and i am MAGIC LVL:91 and FIGHTING
LVL:89 i ahve been personally trained by master yen heres the rest of my story

I was a normal kid. Parents who worked all day and a little brother to take care. my
mom as a magical chef and a fashion disigner and my dad worked formaster yen and
taought magic and he also worked at my moms resturant. Me i went to magic school,
went to gymnastics, Cooked , cleaned , trained and hung out with the kid in the
nearest castle, Riku. I also liked to play with mickey and minnie and kick donald's
but in a magic contest. i lived a prettty normal life but i wasnt born a normal baby

You see when i was born i had wings, Butterfly wings and  my parents put thier (magic
and lots) of it into  a  neclace that helped control my powers because my powers are
too strong for me to handle on my own and if that neclace falls in the wrong hands te
world could be filled with darkness.

Well i was the happiest girl ever until one day i came homa and found my house
flowing with darkness i tried my best tosave everyone else but failed
when i woke up i was in the disney castle and found out my parents were swalloed by
darkness ( i forgot to say that my parent were king and queen until then and mickey
an minnie were left as king and queen after the tragic accident)  

well my life went on and i met 2 people 

 i was 10 and for my birthday my parents (minnie and mickey) gave me a small plush
rabbit who could talk and use magic. Shes the closest person to me and i consider her
my sister. We are very closeand well we have been conected for the rest of out lives

 When i was 14 i meet Bryan a magical archer trained by master yon ,master yens
brother we became quick friends scince we were going to train together i left when i
was 16 to destiny island

I went there to find my brother but my luck i was too late my chain in his memory was
broken he doesnt remember anything from when he was living with me, but i also meet
riku and kiari and well Riku i already knew and he remembered me and we always stay
together and hes my boyfriend but there was one girl who looked lonly

when i met her i learned how our lives were almost connected and well now were almost
like sisters!!! she is the fourth keblade master and she is pretty strong but she
still has a lot to learn. her and angelica also get along she saved Angelicas life
and well me and angelica love her like family she also has a tragic story but thats
why we keep eachother company. Once in a while i teach her magic and were  real
close. She has a sister who had escaped and luckily we found her

So thats my story and sara I love you (as a friend) i hope one day you can also be as
happy as me even though my life is also sad. And tell me whens the wedding with bryan
lol jk But give him a chance i know hes a nice guy heh asta la vista!! lol

Kingdom_Hearts_Lover says:   9 May 2007   965473  
Hello, Misty! I'm glad you've excepted me as family! And Henry, too.
I love you guys, too. (As a freind)   And, Bryan is my... ahem....
"special freind", not boyfreind!!! Lol
KHKiari23 says :   10 May 2007   789412  
hehe are you sure about that???


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