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A KOTOR based storyCategory: KOTOR
Tuesday, 1 May 2007
08:11:02 PM (GMT)
this is based on the 2 kotor games, and it is assuming all the characters in your
party survived. this has been floating around in my hed, so i am now writing it
down.and Faira, Jintar and there's going to be som mor that i just made up for the
sake of the story

Chapter I

"Hello?" asked a young female voice at the former Admiral Carth Onasi's door.
"Hello!" she asked a little more forcefully.
Carth hurriedly went to the door. He lived in a simple apartment on Citadel Station,
which had been rebuilding for a few years since the Jedi Exile had fought a war
against Darth Nhilus's forces.
He opened the door, and saw a human girl, about twenty years of age. She had a
finely sculpted face, and looked carefree and fun loving, but Carth saw what was in
her eyes. A terrible rage, that didnt match her beautiful soft brown eyes, but her
stance somewhat suggested the anger that was built up inside of her. She had brown
hair tied up into a spiky ponytail, and a red Ossus Keeper robe, which showed she
had powerful friends. He would have to be careful.
She smiled, showing white,even teeth. "Hello, I am Faira Skye. I expect you are
Carth Onasi, former companion of Revan, and the Jedi Exile Mallaya Jaques?"
He started "Well, yes. How did you know that?" She smiled a secret smile. "They told
me themselves."
Carth shook his head. "That's impossible. They left known space..." He counted up
for a second "10 years ago."
Faira looked at him, almost checking him over. Then she said carefully "Would you
believe me if I said you can meet your former shipmates?"
Carth again shook his head, saying "Well, I would if you showed them to me."
She beamed "Lucky for you then" She looked around the small apartment, asking "I
don't suppose you have any valuables?"
He shook his head. All of a sudden Faira started rummaging around in her robe,
pulling out a double-bladed lightsaber, then a familiar looking gun that Carth
immediately recognized. She hid the lightsaber again, and presented the blaster to
Carth. He gaped. "That's my old blaster...I thought I had lost it at the Star
Faira, if possible, grinned even more. "I found it on Dantooine, in the hands of a
filthy trader. I modified it some, so it's much more powerful."
He nodded thoughtful "Lead me to my companions. I would trust anyone with the kind
of knowledge to upgrade my blaster." He paused and shot the chair he had been
sitting on, and it exploded into small pieces. "Wow. You did a good job. So, where
are they, at the cantina?"
She shook her head. "Only some of them, waiting for you. The rest are on the Ebon
Just hearing the name brought back memories, and for a second, a few tears. Those
had been the good days...now, he wasn't sure. Maybe it had been for the best when
all of his companions split up after Revan defeated Malak. One thing was for sure,
if this beautiful, perhaps dangerous, girl had found them, he would follow her to
the end of the world, for he had searched for many,many months for them. He had to
admit, this girl had talent.

Chapter II

Atton ordered another round of juma juice. "I wonder when that girl Faira is gonna
get here. By time she gets here, she's gonna be looking like Kreia. Lucky us."
Mical looked sternly at him. "Atton, it would be impossible for that beauty of a
girl look like that old scow." The two men started laughing. After Kreia had been
defeated, they had gone to restore the Jedi Order on Dantooine,  Mical had grown a
sense of humor, and Atton had gained at least a small bit af respect.
While they were laughing, Zaalbar told something to Mission, and she told the
laughing men, "Big Z says that beauty of a girl is right behind you." They instantly
stopped laughing and turned around. Faira merely laughed and punched Atton's arm,
and introduced, and in some cases, re-introduced Carth to the new crew of the Ebon
Hawk. Mission ran up to him and gave him a hug. "Hey look, you've certainly changed.
You look alot older, old man!" Carth glared at her. "And I see that you, little
havn't gotten any respect for your elders."
Mission looked down at the floor, until Carth laughed and hugged her back. "I'm
kidding. It's good to be back with you. Where's the rest of the crew?" Faira
answered for Mission. "They're at the ship. I suggest we get going, they are
probably ready to go. After all, they've been waiting since I found them, and you're
the last. Atton was the first." She nodded toward Atton, who stopped rubbing his arm
where she had punched him. "Well, we are missing Bao-Dur. A real shame. Well, let's
get going." Atton started to complain. "But it would be such a shame to waste this
shot of juma juice!" Faira rolled her eyes, grabbed the cup, and swallowed the
entire thing at once. Atton looked shocked, but yet impressed. Faira heard him
saying something about that's what he liked in women, and turned around, and
reprimanded him. "We have a mission. Romance absolutely cannot get in the way!" But
her eyes sparkled, and she added, "But go ahead and admire me from a distance." This
comment made all of the small company burst into laughter. Carth smiled. He knew
everyone was thinking the same thing, that whatever was to come, whether it was
tough or not, they would have not traded anything in the world to have it any other
way. They all had their own reasons, but they were all glad to be with their old
companions, the new ones, and apparently, the leader, Faira. Carth grinned. This
was gonna be fun.

      *          *          *

At the ship, Faira watched as Carth was bombarded with hugs, smacks on the back,
and 'good to see you" 's by Juhani, Jolee, who had finally gotten away from Mical's
questions, and Canderous Ordo, now Mandalore of an entire planet of Mandalorians.
Finally, when it was over, Bastila came up with her hands behind her back. She
grinned and hugged him, which totally startled him. "It's good to be back isn't
He looked into her eyes. Faira knew what he would see. Sorrow, grief, and
self-loathing, because Bastila could not go with Revan into the Outer-Rim. Faira
knew, because Bastila and Revan had been lovers for their brief time together. That
was only known by Faira, because she had met both Revan and the Exile. But that
story was to be told next.
She stepped in, saying "I think all of you know this isn't a simple reunion. This is
basically a council of war." All of the chatter stopped. Faira took a deep breath.
"Revan and the Exile have started a war against the Ultimate Sith Lord. He is the
worst anyone has ever seen, worse than Freedom Nadd, Darth Sion and Darth Nhilus put
together and multiplied 5,000 times. I have seen this with my own eyes. He has
conquered every planet he has even laid a foot on. No one has figured out how, but
he spreads a mold through the minds of the inhabitants of the planet he is on.His
name is Nevar Kalam,and Atton and I have noticed that he took the names Revan and
Malak, and simply turned them backwards. Revan and the Exile are currently on an
underwater planet, so they are safe. For now." She paused to let it sink in. "You
might be wondering how I know this. It is because my parents fell to the mold, but
the Exile managed to save me. Unfortunately, Nevar found me, but spared me, for some
reason. He treated me cruely, and that day I swore to end the horror he had brought
to my homeplanet. I escaped, and rescued Revan and Mallaya, and asked them to help
me get away and find help. They sent me with a message to tell all of you, a list of
who to ask to help us, and this," At this point, she brought out a deep
violet,double-bladed lightsaber. "The message was this, but bear with me, it is
long" She straightened, and put her hands behind her back, and recited the message
she had carried with her for 2 full years. "Our dear companions, we have to ask you
for your assistance once again. The situation here is terrible. We desperately need
help from you all, our friends, companions," Faira paused " and in some cases,
lovers. We trusted you with our lives, and you trusted yours with us. Will you do so
again for us? Will you travel to the end of the galaxy as you would do once before?
We beg of you this, or else, we will perish without our closest friends. It brings
us pain, but hope, when we remember the good times." Faira had closed her eyes and
leaned her head back. "This girl is our last hope. You must help her as your helped
us, or the entire universe will perish, and millenia of Jedi will have wasted their
lives for nothing." She looked at them and said "That was their message, before they
to leave. I sugg-" She crouched down, signaling the others to be quiet. She pushed
something underneath her robe, and vanished under a stealth field. They waited a few
minutes, and Mira and HK-47 started speaking in low tones with GO-TO and Visas. All
of a sudden, a shriek of delight came from the boarding ramp. Faira appeared,
dragging Bao-Dur with his remote following him. Faira hugged him. "I can't believe
it! I thought you were somewhere near Iridonia?" Bao-Dur smiled and said in his
melancholy voice, "I can tell the rest of you are surprised. She found me first, but
I had business to finish up, so I had to refuse. But, I thought about it, and
there was more stuff for me to do with Faira. And you don't have to repeat
everything you just said. I've been here since you found Visas." Faira nodded and
let him go. "Well, first we need to go to Dxun, for a Mandalorian Jedi, and to speak
to Queen Talia on Iziz. Yes, I know a Jedi like that is strange, but he would be a
great asset. Atton and Carth, I trust you two can pilot. The rest of you can do what
you want. I'm going to the starboard dormitories to meditate." She walked off, while
everyone went about their business. Atton and Carth went to the cockpit, and Atton
took first shift, and Carth asked him "Well, is she a good leader?"
Atton started to check meters "Who, Faira? Yeah, she's decent." Carth stared at
him pointedly. He sighed. "Okay,okay, she's very good. She had more talents that
I've ever seen, even for a Jedi." Carth nodded, and lay back and went to sleep until
his shift started. When it was his turn, Atton shook him. "Hey, I'm gonna go check
Faira. Well, it's not like I care or anything, but I wanted to see if she has any
extra juma juice." Carth rolled his eyes. "Fine, go ahead."
Atton walked back to the starboard dormitory. Faira was looking out of one of the
newly installed window. He decided to leave, but Faira had already noticed him.
"Aren't the stars beautiful?" Atton scratched his head. "Yeah I suppose so."  Faira
laughed at something seemingly only known to her. "Bao-Dur could use your help. He
told me he needed some assistance with something explosive. You're good at that stuff
right?" "Uh, yeah I guess so...and now I'll be leaving....." And he crept out leaving
Faira to stargaze.
Chapter III

The next standard day, they were at the dwelling of the Mandalorian Jedi, Jarken, on
Dxun. They had to wait, because he was meditating. When he finally got up, Faira
stepped forward. "Hello, Jintar. We have come to....ask you for your assistance." He
was in regular Neo-Crusader Mandalorian outfit, but with a cape to signify his
importance. The
only problem was that he was arrogant, being the first Mandalorian Jedi in many
millenia. He glared at them. "Why have you disturbed my meditations? I do not have
time to waste! This planet will fall out of orbit if I do not meditate a certain
amount of time!" Atton snorted. "This planet has been in orbit for a long time."
Atton laughed "I think you only say that because you don't have anything else to
do." Faira glared at him, and opened her mouth to say something, but Jintar beat
her to it.  "You ignorant fool! I think you only say that because you don't know how
imprtant the Jedi are, and how powerful the Force is! I was born and trained to keep
it in orbit, because it is falling out of orbit!" Faira pulled out her vibroblade,
which she always carried because lightsabers wer too powerful and would cut easily
a mistake was made. She flicked it up to Jarken's neck, where his armor was weak.
"Never call him a fool around me, or anywhere else. He is not a fool. He is a Jedi,
so he actually does know just how powerful it is. And every Jedi knows that not even
a supreme Jedi Master could control a planet. Have you already forgotten you have
just left being a Padawan?" Jintar looked uncomfortably down at his feet, saying
nothing. Faira sheathed the sword with a satisfaction. "Now, we have to come to
ask you of your assistance. I know the Mandalorians gain honor from battle. Would
you like to help us and gain your honor?" Jarken looked back up at her. If she could
have seen his face, it would have been twisted in rage. She gave a hint of a smile.
Perfect. "I have gained my honor! I do not need a...a fool of a Jedi saying I have
not!" She smiled enough for him to see, and again flicked up her vibroblade. "And
have you thought that maybe I have gained my honor? Ask Mandalore. I have
much more honor than you. Do you think a fool would be able to gain honor? No, they
would not. And if you refuse to listen to our offer, you will lose honor, because it
would would be cowardice. Now, will you listen to us in a civilized way?" Jintar
nodded. "Good. Now, we are going to fight a great battle soon, maybe in the next few
months. We are gathering powerful allies, and we want you to be one of them. Will
agree?" Jintar nodded. "Yes, yes I shall. On one condition. There are other
Jedi on this moon. But I have become aware of a person who kills them off. They can
detect Jedi, so only non-Jedi can hunt him. If you can find him, I shall go with
you. He is part of the Mandalorians, so it will be hard to find him. Only three of
you  should go so he will not notice you" Faira nodded "Mira...GO-TO...and HK-47
can go with them."

*          *          *

Mira sighed. She had been one of the best bounty hunters on Nar Shadaa, but this guy
was good. She had been searching for a couple of days, but she hadn't even found a
trace of the assassin. They had entered a newly-built cantina and sat down in a
vacant corner table. HK-47 was looking around, and listening to every conversation
to protect Mira, under his new master, Faira's, orders. "Statement: I believe you
will find information of interest if you 'go' to the refresher, and listen
nonchalanty to table 4 on your way by." Mira didn't even question him, and got up
and walked past the table to the refresher. She hurriedly turned on her stealth
field, which was vital to a bounty hunter, and snuck up behind them. One in blue
armor said "So who's the next lucky Jedi?" The one in red looked around."Well,
Mandalore has come by for a visit with a Jedi. I believe her name is Faira Skye.
With her are five or six Jedi. Easy pickings." Mira had the sense not to gasp. She
crept back to her table across the cantina and turned off her field. "GO-TO, contact
the ship. Warn them that they're the next targets. We need-" There was a blaster
against the back of her head. "GO-TO, go to the ship!" The Mandalorian shoved the
blaster harder against her head. "Shut up. We're taking you back to our
headquarters. Is the droid going to go peacefully behind us?" Mira nodded. POING!
HK-47 shot off a blaster and it richoted off the walls. No one even looked up.
"Threat: I believe you are the Jedi Assassin. Suggestion: Let her go, and I will
spare you, even though it pains me to do so." The Mandalorian snarled. "You said he
would go peacefully. Now you die." He shot, but HK was quicker, and he shot the
Mandalorian in the head, and the Mandalorian missed and hit Mira in the arm. She
crouched over in pain. HK picked her up, and started to run to the ship, where Mical
could fix her up.

*          *          *

Mira winced. "Alright Mira, that should do it." She was back in the Medical Bay in
the Ebon Hawk, and the rest of the crew were in the Main Hold, watching the video HK
had taped. Mical looked at her. "Will you be alright?" She could just nod and utter
thanks. She slid off the bed and walked into the Main Hold.
Faira bit her lip. "I wonder if Jintar will take this..." Atton shrugged. "He'll
have to. HK taped all of it. If he doesn't, well, like you told him, he'll lose
honor. Not that I get what that means." Faira nodded. "Yes, of course, he'd have
to. Now shall we set out?" She turned around, and almost ran Mira over. "Mira! You
should stay here with T3-M4. You took a blaster to the arm, badly. I would have
bandaged it, but HK wanted me here. Are you okay?" Mira nodded and stumbled to one
of the dormitories. She came back with something in her hand. She held it out to
Faira. "It's to make sure he's not lying." It was a visor, and when Faira put it
on, everything was strange colors. Mira sat down. "It changes color for body
temperature. It's very advanced." Faira nodded, and put it somewhere within her
volumious robes. She had seen Atton a much redder color than the rest of the crew,
even if she didn't have a clue what that meant. She would have to ask Mira later, but
she probably wasnt going to use it for the meeting with Jintar. She would look too

*          *          *

Jintar watched the hologram HK had recorded. He sighed. "I wanted him alive, but I
see there was no chance for that. Well, I suppose this means I have to go with you.
A Mandalorian, even a Jedi one, never breaks his promise." Faira nodded. "Everyone
should go back to the ship. I need to get some supplies and some information." As
everyone started to walk back to the ship, Faira went back towards the cantina.
Doing a little searching, she saw the body had already been taken, but by whom she
didn't know. She crouched down to look at where the Mandalorian had died, and that
was when everything went black.

Chapter IV

Faira opened her eyes and winced. She had been hit in the back of the head with
something, maybe a
blaster, a two handed one by the way her head felt. She sat up, and stretched to
make sure nothing had been broken, even by accident. Looking around, she saw she was
in the tomb, of Freedom Nadd. She shivered. Something wasn't right. She got up, and
heard blaster shots from outside. Faira frantically searched her robe for her
lightsaber. She sighed in relief, and switched it on. (to be continued on ano
Last edited: 24 June 2007

starwarschick says:   2 May 2007   445523  
I love your writing!
Bailz4Life says:   3 May 2007   665675  
This is really really cool.. i love it!
jessieangel10 says:   3 May 2007   819579  
Oroborus21 says:   3 May 2007   348364  
this is really well written Erin...i am a bit surprised because the
construction itself is really good...much more mature than your
age..so wow! ...as for the plot its pretty interesting..it woudl help
if i knew the KOTOR world better but since the target audience is the
KOTOR fan-base, i suppose its ok not so shy away from the technical
terms and familiar characters....  and although not knowing this
universe well..i am drawn in by the first two chapters soooo keep it
up...and i really look forward to readng the rest...
starwarschick says:   29 June 2007   476837  
Mira rocks!
KOTORgamegirl says:   29 June 2007   111321  
XD yeah she does....u should check out some of the deleted
scenes...really funny...on wookiepedia
ThatKindaGirl says:   29 July 2007   424684  
omg Erin! This is really good. I Love how descriptive u r! Carry on
with the story, Send it in to a library or something, they read it and
see if its worth publishing. Anyways, WOW! Gud luck !!
KOTORgamegirl says:   29 July 2007   818211  
:D  *bows* sank ou!
‹Wonderlust King› says :   31 December 2011   805782  
I'm going to assume you play Star Wars the Old Republic now


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