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Sunday, 29 April 2007
03:44:50 AM (GMT)
I take my knife, an tell myself "Nobody will notice im gone".
I pull up my sleeve, and say "No one will care if I die".
I open the knife, an say "They never knew I was their anyways".
I slide it gently across my skin, an say "No one ever cared about me".
I smile sadly as tears come to my eyes, an I say "They dont care about me".
I press firmer an smiles in malice, an I say "They never cared about me".
I press harder an drag the blade upwards, an I say "Im just a nobody"
I smile an press as hard as I can an watch as the ruby song starts to flow from my
and I say "Nobody will no I died, they wont even care, there will be no sad faces at
my funeraly"
I smile as my eyes roll back in my head as I lose more an more blood an everything
starts to fade, I see the faces of all those who will never know im gona and then one
stands out an I start to cry as I say "I'm what have I done?!, I never said goodbye,
I never even told her how much I love her, I smile sadly as everything fades into
darkness an I start to cry. I feel myself lift from my body I look down an see myself
lying in a red lake, I cry thinkin of what I lost. I see a dark hallway apear infront
of me, I walk along an come to a fork in the hallways it splits in two one red and
one blue, I look at one an then the other I walk towards one it falls away, so I go
for the other one I turn the knob an step through and start to fall, forever it seem
i see nothing an then it turns to flame I cringe as I start to feel the heat apon my
I laugh grimly as the flesh burns away from the bone.
I open my eyes and, I'm covered in a red liquid, I blink a few times and start to
pull myself up, but sumthing is holding me down I look around blinking as I start to
panic the haze starts to lifts from my eyes, I look around once more and there are
people sitting around me, I look at their faces but they are covered in red haze, I
hear a familiar voice, talking to me but I cant make out the words. I close my eyes
for what seems like only seconds, I open them and there is no longer people standing
over me, i hear a sound near by, I look around an there she is on a chair sitting
beside me sobbing I mumble whats goin on. and she asks "Why did you do it?".
I look her in the eyes an tell her "I thought nobody cared about me but only when i
went to hell an back did I relize you were the only one, who ever noticed me as a
person and, I love you so much and im sorry i will never do that again!". 


rubytuesday says :   29 April 2007   943288  
That is beautiful. Wanna be friends? My name's Ruby like the ruby in
the poem. Go to my profile if you want to learn more about me.


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