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Sunday, 18 March 2007
07:55:36 AM (GMT)
The next morning, as I was brushing my teeth, I was very very wary of the bathroom.
What was that thing that I had seen?
"Gemini, breakfast is ready!" My mum called me from downstairs. It was Sunday. I spat
in the sink and went downstairs, carefully holding onto the banister. When I got into
the dining room, Mum was already there, eating her bacon and eggs.
"Have you found me a school yet, Mum?" I asked a little too eagerly.
"Why are you so excited about school? You used to hate it in Wales!" Mum asked,
swallowing some orange juice.
"Oh, I just...can't wait to meet new American friends!" I said, pausing a little as
Mum's expression changed.
"Are you feeling OK now? Maybe you've still got a temperature like last night."
I dodged Mum's hand that was nearly on my forehead. "I'm fine, stop fussing. I'm just
a bit lonely, yeah. Lonely."
I finished my breakfast quickly and rushed outside, grabbing my cap as I ran past the
hallway coat rack.
A girl around my age was cycling around on her bike. I smiled at her, and she rode
"Hi, my name's Kati. Are you the new kid everyone's been talking about?"
"Yeah, I guess. Has everyone really been talking about me?"
"Yeah. Well someone saw you. No one knows your name so they call you 'Welsh Girl'."
"How do they know I'm Welsh?" I asked.
"Oh, rumours," answered Kati. "So where do you live?"
I pointed towards my house. She slowly backed away. "Number 12?"
She suddenly screamed and rode crazily back to her house. I saw her slam the door.
Mum looked out the window and banged on it.
"Have you been upsetting that girl?" she asked.
"No, it's just she remembered she had to do something...and her Mum was gonna
My Mum sighed and tugged at the nets to get them back in shape. I sat on the edge of
the pavement, sighing.
If this was the holidays, what was school going to be like? I'll just have to pretend
I live somewhere else. But what if Kati goes to my school? What if she tells
I looked down at the ground. There was a pool of red liquid below me. Was it blood? I
checked myself for wounds. No, nothing. Then a voice echoed around in my head.
"Bad things... you....."
This time I screamed. I leapt up and frantically looked around for a place to run. My
house? No, that would be to obvious, and Mum would notice something. Kati's house?
No, she was already scared stiff of me. Behind a bush? Okay, whatever. Just a place
to hide!
I ran at full pelt down the road and behind a bush. I peeped over the top. I saw the
same creature that I had seen on telly last night on the pavement. I held my breath.
He was looking down at the puddle of blood and laughing evily. He turned my way. I
ducked down further behind the bush. I could hear his shrill laugh in my head as
well. Was this the creatures that Mrs Honeyberry had told me about? My palms were
sweaty. I peeked through the bush, hardly daring to breath. The creature was gone. I
sighed fearfully and turned round to lean against the bush. And that's when I saw

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