story of the death of Robyn, that made the news in Bristol and
Western- Super- Mare (its not true dont cry)
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story of the death of Robyn, that made the news in Bristol and
Western- Super- Mare (its not true dont cry)
Category: shame
Saturday, 10 March 2007
01:38:48 PM (GMT)
I kicked the door of Robyn`s bedroom open, he was sat on his bed eating spag bol, I
jumped up and sat next to him. "Watch out, you nearly had my eye out then with the
size of those spikes", he wined. I shrugged and took them off, "Whatever m8,
whatever". He laughed and put his spag bol down. "Want to nip across the road and get
some real food from the take-away?" He asked. I nodded and picked up my coat. As we
sauntered down the stairs he slipped and hurt his foot and back. I ran to him as fast
as I could but he said he would be ok. He limped to the end of the driveway with his
arm draped round my neck. "Why did the crab blush?" He asked me trying to make a
joke, "Because the sea-weed!" He continued despite the look of disamusment on my
face. He fell about laughing. 

From no-where came the sound of car brakes screaming trying to stop. My heart skipped
a beat or two as I knew what was coming. I heard Robyn yelp in desperation as the car
whacked him into me, the crack of bones sent prickling hot tears from my eyes and in
a split second I was underneath the exhaust of the car. *BANG BANG THUD* I heard the
sound of a body tumbling over the back of the car and landing face down on the
crumbly tar-mac... ROBYN!!! I desperatley tried to move to get him to breathe but I
could feel myself becoming light headed and dizzy.

The next thing I remeber is that I was lying on a hospital bed with Robyn next to me
in his bed, I let my arm drop to touch hid fingers one last time, I knew that even if
I did pull through, he took the brunt of the force and wouldnt get to see next week.
I couldnt even look at his face, it was to hard. My eyes filled up with tears, but I
had to be strong, for Robyn. The only person I had ever truly loved, was lying next
to me in a state of fear. "Can you hear me?" I whistbered to him. "Yes, I can." He
had a weak voice and hearing him like this made me want to give it all up. "I do
appreciate you dont you know," He told me. "Dont die", I said to him "dont die
because I need you here with me, I love you too much, and you know it." I couldnt
hold back any longer and I just sobbed. 

"I will pull through wont I?" He asked me. I pulled one of my hands up to my mouth to
stop myself from telling the truth and grasped his hand even tighter than before. I
couldnt answer him with the words he wanted to hear, I couldnt lie to him, not this
time. I could not kiss him, because the hardest part of this, was letting go of him.
"No", I told it to him straight,"I want to say yes, but I cant". I plucked up the
courage to look at him. "Thanks", he said,"I would rather know the truth than be here
thinking I wont die". I wanted to tell him that I would be there when he died, but I
couldnt watch him leave me. 

Part of me wanted to slap him for leaving me, and part of me wanted to hug him for
staying while he could. I wanted to turn back time and tell him how I felt earlier. I
felt his hand go weak and his face went grey. "Dont let me go", he shouted to
me,"please, Im terrified! Dont let me go, I cant die!!!" I could not kiss him,
because the hardest part of this, is leaving him.

lilmissmarie says:   10 March 2007   792449  
thats long!
rollz809 says:   16 March 2007   523288  
that is long but the story is beautiful
freakyfairy says :   17 March 2007   544821  
hehehe, I always could make a sad story


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