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Spell-part4Category: Jaz's Diary
Sunday, 21 January 2007
04:11:40 AM (GMT)
Jaz got out of the bathroom and looked very sheepish. "I've only known you half an
hour and now i'm blurting out secrets to you!" 
"Jeez, Jaz you got it rough." Muffy said, picking up Maddie's wig.
"At least your best friends with a celebrity!" Jaz forced herself a smile.
"Here, lets see if you're tellign the truth."
Jaz looked outraged. "Would i lie about this!"
"Umm." Muffy looked uncomfortable.
"It's ok." Muffy gave Jaz a hug.

"Hey Maddie Fans!" Muffy yelled and stood up.
"What are you doing?" Jaz hissed, and tugged Muffy down.
"Maddie is doing a private show, in Jaz's room!"
"I am?" Jaz asked. And pulled Muffy down, she wobbled but sat properly.
"Yes, it will cost us a fortune."
"Ehm." Said a girl, unfortunatly there was three nasty bitches of work.
"You said, you know Maddie?" Another one asked.
"Yes." Jaz stuterred.
"Ok, and i know Hannah Montana!"
"Ooooh, i love her!" Muffy said, all three girls gave her evils and she shut up.
"I'm Cleo, this is Scarlett and thats Cornet." Cleo pointed at each of them.
"I'm the richest in this group." Scarlett bragged.
"Yeah the richest red head!" Muffy snorted.
"You gotta problem with reds, Muffy?" Cornet asked.
"No!" Jaz couldn't help but laugh.
"What's funny Granger?"
"Hey, what, i'm Jaz Hepplewood."
"We know."
"Why did you call me Granger then?"
"Omigod, you don't read Harry Potter?"
"Wait, bushy haired Hermoine Granger!"
"Hell yeah."
Jaz tried to flatten her hair but all three kept cackling like crazy.
"Aww man, that wig last night," Jaz moaned.
"It was ok when i found you in the bathroom."
"Yeah, it goes frizzy when i sleep i forgot to press it, damn!"
"Language!" Susan said as she walked past.
"Sorry mum." Jaz apologized.
"See ya, losers!" Cleo, Cornet and Scarlett walked off cackling like mad.

"Left!" The dance teacher called.
"What?" Maddie asked.
"Left, Miss Hepplewood, if you go right it's gonna look bad," 
"Alexis, can we quit for now." Jaz compalined.
"Ok fine!" Alexis gave up.
Alexis was 25, she was very rich and stlyish, it was her who recongised Jaz's
talents, apart from her family, she was the only friend who knew her secret. Then
Muffy found out.
"Time to Dance!" Alexis' assitant Gary played the tape. [If you missed the 'r' out of
Gary, he would by Gay, which he is] Jaz thought, Gary was Jaz's ex boyfriend and
Alexis' son. Gary was 12, and he was very GAY [ i would be too, if my mother
was a dancer for a celebrity.] Jaz thought. Alexis burst Maddie's new song, Freedom
out and Got Jaz to stand up.
"Sing Jaz!"
@@ If your restless in your sleep,
It could be dreams of me,
When you walk around in those shoes.
It could be pain of living with me.

Hey tell me why?
You left me behind,
Oh tell me why?
You made your castle way to high.

If the future is your wish,
It's got me included,
I'm always around in town.
But never with you.

Hey tell me why?
You left me behind,
Oh tell me why?
You made your castle way to high.

I cry but i try,
I fall but i crawl,
And i'm dying inside.
When you left me behind.

Hey tell me why?
You left me way behind,
Oh tell me why?
You made your castle way to high.
Oh tell me why?
All those nights that you cried,
Hey tell me why?
You made your castle way to high!@@
Jaz ended on a spin.
"Fabulous!" Alexis clapped.
Jaz looked round and even Gary was clapping. She blushed [What the? Am i having
feelings for him again?]
"Now lets work on robot!" Alexis said, she was also the technical deviser for Maddie.
"Sing the last line Jasmine."
@@ You made your castle way to high@@
It came out in a robotic voice it was brilliant.

"Maddie! Maddie!" Girls screamed.
Jaz came in, she was wearing a dressed with jeans, her Maddie wig was curled and in
pigtails. "Am i late?"
"No." Muffy was busy counting the money.
Jaz went out there, but her wig fell off in the process. She stood in front of many
"Jaz!" Muffy hissed. Jaz looked back and saw the Maddie wig in Muffy's hand.
"Great, now i have to get changed!" Jaz rushed out the room.

Belsboys4eva56 says :   21 January 2007   155189  
lol that bits ment to be funny, lol


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