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The Island Tribe (1)Category: (general)
Saturday, 20 January 2007
05:37:09 PM (GMT)
A small family was heading to America to visit their dying grandparents. They were
sailing across the ocean on their small house boat. They sailed everywhere together
on this boat, but one night, there was a storm, and this wasn’t a storm that the
family had ever had to deal with, it was a very dangerous storm. Somewhere, not far
from where they were, a cyclone was forming, and the sea was getting very rough. The
small house boat wouldn’t be able to take much more of the thrashing waves. The
family of four clung tight, hoping to make it through the night. Sara, the youngest
of the family, saw it first, the wave that would change her life forever. She never
reached her parents to warn them before the wave hit, and till this day she still
blames herself for her parent’s death on that tragic night. After the wave hit,
Sara was washed up on an island somewhere in the Indian Ocean. She is still there,
waiting, hoping that her parents would sail over the horizon and find her. She cries
herself to sleep, because she knows, deep in her heart, that she will never be able
to see them again, to sail with them, or celebrate her birthdays with them. She was

Chapter 1

 "Get up Sara, you have to get breakfast before the birds eat all the nice, ripe
berries, and you’ll have to get coconuts to eat instead." Sara mumbled to herself
as she lay in bed. "The early bird catches the worm." She reminded herself again and
again when she finally managed to get herself up. It was a nice sunny morning, and
everything was green from the rain the night before, and from where she was standing,
it looked like every creature was up early. Great, she thought, irritably. Looks like
I'm not going to be eating any berries for breakfast today! Though I'll go and look
anyway, she sighed. As she was walking to where the berries grew, she saw something
moving from the corner of her eye. She glanced quickly over, but thought nothing of
it. When she got to the berries, she found that there was still plenty there for
breakfast. She was glad that she had come and checked. When she started walking back,
she stopped and listened. Then, from a clearing she saw that a man was walking toward
her. Her heart skipped a beat. A man! A man on the island that she had been living on
for years now. How could this be?
"Sara?" The man asked when he saw her. 
"Jack!" She cried as she ran into his arms, “is it really you? I missed you so
much! Do you know what happened to mother and father?”
“No, I lost sight of them when the wave hit,” replied Jack.
They held each other in their arms for long while.
“I am just glad you’re safe,” cried Sara. 
“It’s so good to see you again,” Jack held Sara tight in his strong arms.
“I missed you so much,” Sara exclaimed again.
Jack slowly released Sara from his grip.  
“Do you think mother and father are…” she couldn’t go on.
Jack put his arms around her again. “No.” He didn’t admit that he had given up
all hope of ever finding them. Seeing that she was going to ask another question, he
quickly changed the subject. “I’m starved and I can see that you have berries for
your breakfast, can we talk some more over breakfast?”
 “Please, I am very hungry.”
Sara hesitated then slowly nodded her head. “My shelter’s this way.” She
started walking in the direction of the shore. There was silence on the way back to
Sara’s shelter; both were in deep thought of what happened to their parents. When
they got back Jack stared at how much Sara had done.
“It’s a nice place you have got here,” Jack complemented Sara when they sat
down to eat.
“Thanks, I built it myself,” Sara joked, and after awhile added, “so where did
you camp?”
“Way over the other side of the island,” replied Jack.
“What made you come all the way over here?”
“I just wanted to explore a bit.” Jack’s eyes sparkled. Sara smiled as she
remembered his adventurous spirit. She looked out at the sea; it seemed to sparkle
like a crystal in the morning sun. Jack followed her gaze.
“It’s beautiful isn’t it?” Jack remarked. 
“Yes, father would have been happy to die at sea,” Sara replied.
After a while Jack looked back at Sara. 
“You know,” he said as he got up, “you are absolutely right! I am going to stop
feeling sorry for myself, and go and pick up a few things from my campsite.” He
started walking toward the forest. “I will be back before lunch,” he called over
his shoulder. 

By lunch, Sara had cleaned the whole campsite, and was waiting for her brother to
return. After an hour of waiting, she decided to go and look for him, but before she
even reached the forest, she saw him stumbling through some bushes.
“You’re finally back, I was getting worried!” Sara managed to say.
“You know you shouldn’t worry, I always find my way back! Is lunch ready?”
asked Jack, while his stomach rumbled.
“Yes, go sit down and eat it before the ants get it,” she replied. 
“Thanks, Sara.” Jack replied gratefully. After they had finished their lunch,
Sara started cleaning up.
“What did you get from your campsite?” Sara asked.
“It’s a surprise!” Jack said, his eyes glowing. He walked back into the forest,
but came straight back with what looked like a box.
“Here, it was the only thing that I could save.” Jack said as he handed the
small, pink box to Sara.
Sara stared at the box for a while before saying, “My jewellery box!” she looked
back at him, “Thank you!” She hugged him tightly, and then opened it. She pulled
out a locket and looked inside. She showed Jack.
“Its Mother and Father when they were first married.” She told him.
“They look so happy.” Replied Jack, as if to himself. Sara put it back in her
jewellery box. She held the box tightly for a while, and then went to put it away.
“I will go find something for dinner.” Sara said as she walked into the forest. 


When Sara returned, she found Jack sitting on some rocks a bit further down from
where the camp was. She slowly strolled over, enjoying the salty ocean breeze on her
tanned skin. 
“If I could choose anywhere on earth to be, I would choose right here with you.”
Jack said when she got there.
“Me too, I love it here; free from everything, no rules, nothing.” Sara agreed.
“I don’t want to ever leave,” Jack said so softly that Sara had to listen
carefully to every word that escaped his lips. 
“Ever? You don’t want to get married; start a family?” Sara asked in
astonishment. Jack looked at her. 
“Maybe, but it’s just so nice out here,” 
“It may be nice, but there are more important things to be done, and who knows,
maybe someday you will move back out here with you very own family.”
Jack looked down at his feet. 
“Would you come back with me?” asked Jack
“I don’t know what the future will bring,” with that, Sara walked back to the
camp to start dinner. Jack sat there, staring out at sea, wonder what his future
would be like; what it would bring. After a few minutes, he got up and walked back to
camp to see if Sara needed any help. When he got there, he noticed Sara was gone. 
“Where could she have gone?” Jack thought aloud. “Sara?” Jack called. She
wouldn’t have gone anywhere without telling me. “This isn’t funny! Where are

mad4u says:   20 January 2007   713496  
Great story
Cerise wonders:   20 January 2007   413915  
awesome story! Did you write it by yourself?
Sammyjane60 says :   22 January 2007   942467  
Thanx, and yea, I did.


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