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Kupika's Most Fashionable Girls Club--sign up, test, rulesCategory: Kupika's Most Fashionable Girls Club
Thursday, 4 January 2007
03:54:51 PM (GMT)
Kupika's Most Fashionable Girls Club is for the girls of Kupika who really have
an incredible fashion sense. Wanna join? You must pass the test and follow the


1.) What should boots be worn with?

A. Shorts.

B. Skirts.

2.) What other pattern matches polka dots?

A. Stripes.

B. Plaid.

The next part of the test is to describe an outfit you think would look really
good together.


1.) Follow these rules!

2.) Must be a girl.

3.) Must be fashionable.

4.) Must not say bad words or you will be kicked out.

bunny16820 says:   4 January 2007   147558  
cool, but i don't like fashion.
Yah_Sure_WHATEVER_LOSER says:   4 January 2007   819383  
Will some one join my club? It will be fun!!! Just take the test!
shampoorox says:   4 January 2007   585937  
1. A
2. B
3. ummm a brown t-shirt w/green short skirt and short brown uggs
‹♥Star_Dust♥› says:   4 January 2007   131545  
1. b
2. a
3. pink tangtop with long black skirt and hot pink sandles
Twizzlers says:   4 January 2007   961698  
1. B-Skirts
2. B-Plaid
3. Top:brown sweater
    Bottom:khaki pants
    Footwear:black high-heels (not too high)
Yah_Sure_WHATEVER_LOSER says:   4 January 2007   222518  
Any one else want to join????????
Yah_Sure_WHATEVER_LOSER says:   4 January 2007   412884  
ANY ONE!!!!???????
quackquack says:   4 January 2007   594975  
1. b skirts
2. b plaid
3. pink halter top w/ light purple sparkle gauchos.  Louis Vutton
designer purse and a clear umbrella.
bubbly573 says:   4 January 2007   539788  
1. (b)   2. (a)   3. a cropped white sweater with a baby blue tee
under.(long) and a pair of dark hipster jeans. with a pair of dc
poppoppopcorn says:   4 January 2007   216979  
.b .a    a black and white t shirt and a black skirt
funny_chick says:   4 January 2007   515398  
(1) B
(2) A
Pastel green halter with pink out line, and green, pink, white, and
mello yellow plaid bermuda shorts. To top it off a yellow and pink
funny_chick says:   4 January 2007   825181  
Oh ya the shoes would have to be white and pink convors.
LafyTafy101 says:   4 January 2007   797734  
3.A shirt thats comfurtble and that u like.A minie skirt or jeans.W/ a
belt that is sooooooooooooo cute and some shoes that match w/ the
LafyTafy101 says:   4 January 2007   315259  
opps i went belt not bely.
spikerfor says:   4 January 2007   181816  
 silver hippy hat/black shirt/tan camprees/and black dcs 
awsome fashion makes you look like you have your hip hop goin on!!!
spikerfor says:   5 January 2007   159685  
so am i in????
spikerfor says:   5 January 2007   244747  
If you want to be a singer or dancer of the club:
Singer-You have to make up a half of a song.
Dancer-You have to make up half a a dance routine.
Both-make up a dance routine and a half of a song.
1.You cant say a bad word or kicked
2.Always have to be singing or dancing lol...
3.Always be kind or help people out.
4.Always be yourself
Their will be lots of things like:
missions or tasks
and many other things
Leolin says:   5 January 2007   844943  
I have my own fashion line. 8'D  Nobody can follow mines, I'll bet.
So why are so many people following others when they could make their
own? I don't get humans. o_o
xoFallenAngelzxo says:   5 January 2007   156613  
hershey105 says:   5 January 2007   818892  
1.) B.
3.)Red headband. top:Brown short-sleeved shirt. bottoms:Brown long
skirt with waves. Shoes:Red boots
lugi565 says:   5 January 2007   748938  
can i plz join
STORYTIME says:   5 January 2007   954868  
1) b
2) a
3) jean miniskirt with red v-neck sweater and cream lace tank top
underneath with brown uggs and a red plaid headband.
shopping_girl says:   6 January 2007   981989  
3)ummmm, pink t-shirt(have the stomach showing)very short white skirt
and white boots.
shopping_girl says:   6 January 2007   224285  
i am very fashionable
Alygirl52 says:   6 January 2007   365641  
1.B   2.A     3.  Denim skirt with multipul layers going down to just
above of your knees with light pink, (small)  ribbon around the hems
of each layer. The pockets would be located only in the back of the
skirt with a dark blue stitched design on them. White cami with a
short V-shaped neck. Around the hem of the V-shaped neck would be
light pink beads placed randomly around and the beads should go no
farther than an inch from the hem. Dash it off with some pink and
glitter bangels going maybe an inch above the wrist on one arm. It
will look messy with some on both and you need glitter to make the
outfit's design stand out more.... Maybe some sandals made by sand
colored material. The toes and heels should be open. Your hair should
be pulled back behind your ear or in some light colored clip. Leave
short bangs hanging down and for long bangs, pulled back with a clip.
Maybe a white belt that hanges loose around your waist. No bright
colors! White, pink, and a very light yellow at the most. The belt
should have white or pink jewels along the hem. 
That is my outfit! It is bad, but I might wear it. Sorry for the
uncorrect words. My spelling is not the best......
Angellady says:   6 January 2007   515788  
3}. must be fashonabole
kjsimmo says:   6 January 2007   643339  
1. B
2. B
3. A plain white tee with a black vest top over he top, a dark blue
denim mini (slightly frayed at the bottom), black footless tights,
blue pumps and blue beads and earrings.
picklestar06 says:   6 January 2007   193842  

A white undershirt with a brown v neck sweater over it going over a
really short skirt with brown leggings and ugs and a abercrombie belt
sideways over the belt and a whit knit scarf
angel1155 says:   6 January 2007   482258  
a pair of sandals , leggins , skirt , short or longs sleeve shirt 
(looks best with short sleeve short to me)
angel1155 says:   6 January 2007   914936  
i mean the short sleeve looks best to me
trippinout98 says:   6 January 2007   567749  
a,and neither pokatdots are good with a plain design that was a trick
question XD
fashionqueen19 says:   6 January 2007   497552  
1. b 
2. i agree w/ trippinout98. neither stripes or plaid go w/ polka dots.
at least not on 2 separate articles of clothing. if on a shirt, and
shirt only(depending on the colors)had the 2 patterns, it could work.
but that would mean the bottoms had to be a solid color that matches 1
of the colors in the shirt. 
3. the shirt: a long(about just below ur hip) black deep v tee(short
sleeve). put a soft pink lacy tank top under it. put a sparkly silver
belt on the very bottom of ur stomach, outside of the shirt(make sure
it is the proper kind of belt to go outside of a shirt)  
 the bottoms: a sparkly denim mini w/ black leggings that go a few
inches below ur knee. 
the shoes: silver flip flops w/ sequins on the part that goes over ur
the accesories:with all the sparkles in this outfit, it is better to
go w/ no other accesories 
the hair: wear it down (and unless already fairly straight)
straightened. do not make it pin staight. right between wavy and
Iesha210 says:   6 January 2007   566362  

Blue tank top with short jean sweater with 2 quarter pants with long
nice leather boots with designs on them.
hottie101D says:   6 January 2007   942472  
pink spegetti strapped shirt withs stripes black mini skirt  a goochy
purse and those black boots your accesories should be creative and
angelstar847 says:   6 January 2007   385928  
3. pink t-shirt with brown undershirt,brown pin strip(pink pin
stripes) bermuda shorts with pink flip flops
sealagoon2733 says:   6 January 2007   495986  
3. White spegetti strapped shirt with gold beaded design. Dark jeans
with gold design and white boots. any acsesories as long as they're
gold white or brown
‹Jamssy› says:   6 January 2007   188724  
i would say 

i'm kinda a girl who is very fashionable, i like to dress up,
sometimes when i go shopping by myself, many boys look at
me.......espiaclly when my bf looks very jeolous
Danie_qt_93 says:   6 January 2007   685864  

and my outfit is
i short jean skirt 
with a long pink tanktop with a blue (or a diff color)
over the top of it
and the shirt that goes over it has sleeves 3/4 length

yep thanks hope i get in
Danie_qt_93 says:   6 January 2007   335728  
sorry my charactor was ugly up there..
frog_luver9 says :   7 August 2007   782426  

1.) What should boots be worn with?

B. Skirts.

2.) What other pattern matches polka dots?

B. Plaid.

am i in? my person i guess is in fashion?!?!?!


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