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dream songCategory: (general)
Monday, 4 December 2006
02:27:06 PM (GMT)
dream dream dreeam dream,dream a dream get us out,hit the hay fast asleep dream a
dream you little bleep,dream dream dream dream,want some water hears the milk dream
dream dream dream,STOP THAT NIGHTMARE!

kelsie11 says:   4 December 2006   598643  
ok this is really sad as in the mean way cause its really freaky
beckybuety says:   4 December 2006   266171  
I tried my best you know
beckybuety sings:   11 December 2006   252252  
and it is sopposed to be:close your eyes shut your mouth dream a
dream and get us out(fast)dream dream dream dream dream dream,hit the
hay fast asleepgo to sleep you little bleep,dream dream dream dream
dream dream!take your time just beware theres darkness in the air
dream dream dream dream dream dream!
Spam says:   9 December 2008   172879  
‹GOINGINSANE› says:   26 December 2008   247473  
i know where that's from i think
‹<$Heartz4romJesse<3› says:   19 January 2009   977293  
it just repeats dream like other stupid songs
Scene_Star suggests:   22 February 2009   273174  
Are you sure the auther isn't four?
Demi_lovato_hugest_fan says:   13 April 2009   453712  
its souns like the song from shark boy an lava girl??i think??I heard
it befdore!
money_lisa says:   8 May 2009   224664  
Hay isn't that the song from sharkboy and lavagirl the movie?
XxCutMyWristAndBlackMyEyesxX says:   17 August 2009   945119  
Image and video 

hosting by TinyPic
xXLurancyVennumXx says:   26 June 2010   524235  
Mmm...i think it might repeat dream a little too much.
‹BlakeMichael#1Fan› says:   22 July 2010   227202  
this song is from sharkboy and lavagirl!!!!!!!
‹TheLittleCrazyHider› says:   18 September 2010   351637  
This song is from sharkboy and lavagirl! heheheheh Taylor Lautner
seems really retarded when he sings this. But heso hot............
‹:XxIma_MonsterxX:› says:   20 October 2010   372305  
DIE TONIGHT AT 10:35 P.M.9 years ago a person named Jerry got dared to
sleep in a house that was belived haunted.The next day his friends
waited for him out side the house..................................
They had to go inside and search for him. They went through every room
exept the attic. He wasn't supposed... See More... See More...
M04R.... See More... See more ... See Moreto sleep there.He was
SUpposed to sleep in the living room They went into the attic. They
saw Jerry's corpse and they just left because they were scared. But
that night they all died because of their friend. He killed them all
for making him sleep in that houseIf you don't send this to 11
comments you will die tonight by Jerry.Example 1:A man named Stewart
Read this and didn't belive it. He shut off his computer and went
through his day. That night while he was in bed he heard something
outside of his door. He got up to look. And now he's dead.eXample 2:A
Girl named Haley Read this in the morning and she got scared but she
didn't send it. She wanted to know if it was true. She went to school
(She was only 13 years old) and that night she died.If you don't post
this on 11 comments See More
firefly09 says:   25 December 2010   721779  
No chain letters on Kupika, please. If you were somehow threatened by
this, causing you to post it on other diaries, you should know that
these are made to slow down Kupika and annoy the crap out of people.
Please don't post chainletters. They're retarted. 
‹:XxIma_MonsterxX:› says:   2 January 2011   299738  
I'm sorry,i know that. I was was just really jumpy and freaking out
at the time. It won't happen again,I promise!!
stir_fry whispers :   16 April 2014   234532  
this is cute i like it


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