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Saturday, 22 September 2018
04:19:22 AM (GMT)
nobody checks this list but me
so i'm gonna talk abt bits i liked and didnt like in the films i have watched
solely bc its good practice for class and i like it
still after suggestions tho

also obvs this might include spoilers lmao

Vera Drake
12 Angry Men
Training Day
Mommie Dearest
Devil's Advocate - i fucking loved this movie. i really loved the subtlety
of the inclusion of the sins through characters. i can see why this film is a
classic. the set design was absolutely beautiful and i thought using lawyers as
advocates of the devil was pretty fucking great (bc i hate lawyers LOL). the thing i
didn't like was the fact it was called devil's advocate. it probably would've been
better if i wasn't expecting the devil to show up and it was more of a mystery
thriller where u slowly piece together the fact it's the devil and stuff. apart from
that, 10/10 will watch again.
Cape Fear - omg this movie was fucking excellent. holy shit, i thought it
was so well paced and scary and effective. constantly fearing what the fuckin crazy
might do next or who he'd affect. my favourite scene was that awful scene with the
lawyer's daughter in the drama theatre, where he grooms her. de niro was so good in
this, really taking his hardass personality to the next level in this role. my
biggest gripe is the fact they don't lace the story with more violations of the
lawyer's life, just a few small bits until the final "showdown". i think i'll be
convincing my mum to watch this because i love it.
Dirty Dancing
What's Eating Gilbert Grape
Brokeback Mountain
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
The Nice Guys
Blue Valentine
The Fifth Element
Requiem for a Dream
Good Will Hunting - this movie was amazing and made me cry like a little
bitch. i adored will's character and whilst the whole genius thing was a bit gay and
melodramatic i was grateful to see that it wasnt actually the focus of his character
throughout, but more of a narrative tool. that scene where sean kept telling will "it
wasn't your fault" really struck a chord with me and i just fell apart. my biggest
gripe would just be with the whole mathematic genius and his autistic outbursts of
correcting people and trying to one-up them with his intelligence, although i can
agree that it made sense in the narrative and tbh wasn't that annoying, just kind of
stereotypical. either way, great movie, absolutely loved it.
Rocky Balboa
The 25th Hour
Network - this film was weird but also interesting. it was some hefty
anti-american propaganda and i liked it a lot. the technological mumbo jumbo of
camera work and economic policy and politics was kind of a headache, but howard's
excessive rants and even how he was made into a commodity was amazing. the romance
was stupid and unnecessary, but its kind of a product of its time. overall the
constant moral propaganda was kind of lame but it was decent. i dont think id watch
it again unless i really wanted to analyse it but eh
Rachel Getting Married
Apocalypse Now
Independence Day
To Kill a Mockingbird
A Few Good Men
The Deer Hunter
Sicario 2
The Master
Blade Runner
Blade Runner 2049
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
Black Mass
John Wick
La La Land - ok so i had to study this film for class and tbh i had this
belief already it was gonna suck but boy was i wrong. the colours, the constant odes
to classical hollywood (even tho i don't classic hollywood movies tbh), the music.
beautiful. however, this film is also rude. it talks about old-school jazz with zero
mention of black history, and black people were solely used as background characters
in a narrative that should've been about them tbh. i also found the romance so
painfully stereotypical and kind of boring but tbh that's just me reading so much
into it (thanks college xo). i still love the film and i've already watched it three
times now so yes i would probs watch again,, just please not any time soon.
The Truman Show
I, Tonya
Mystics in Bali
Lord of the Rings
The Hobbit
Under the Skin
Usual Suspects
Spike Island - this movie was cuuuuute, and i liked it. i love me a british
film. i thought the poverty-stricken manchester backdrop was incredibly effective,
and the characters were incredibly realistic and relatable. however this film's
actual quality is kinda poor. none of the characters are actually explored in-depth
even tho that would make the film richer, albeit sadder. only tits is given any
attention, whilst we see snippets of the lives of his gang. ibiza ste should've
gotten more attention as well. he had potential to be a beautifully heartbreaking
character with a great side story on his fucked-up methods of dealing with his issues
that so many working-class and poorer people do. it would've been far more
interesting than "ste's a prick, he stole their tickets and flaked". I probably will
watch this again but eh, i was pretty disappointed.
Pacific Rim
Pirates of the Caribbean
A Clockwork Orange
Django Unchained
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
Sausage Party
Raggedy Anne and Andy
Billy Elliott
Murdered for Being Different
Murdered by my Father
Murdered by my Boyfriend
Fish Tank
Whip It
Bohemian Rhapsody
Fullmetal Jacket
Moulin Rouge
500 Days of Summer
American Beauty
The Aviator
The Curse of the Golden Flower
The Last Samurai
Only God Forgives
The Shining
The Grand Budapest Hotel - i love it. the colour, the design, the
unbeatable wes anderson style. great great great. again, can't really think of
anything i dislike about this film. i find the characters incredibly compelling and
hilarious, the star-studded cast was pretty interesting. it was nice to see such
famous actors playing caricatures of characters and having small, offhanded roles. i
loved it. i love the episodic narrative style too, separating it by parts. this is my
second time watching the film and wont be the last.
The Greasy Strangler
You, The Living
In the Mood for Love
Phone Booth
The Shape of Water
A Quiet Place
Red Dragon
The Fighter
Place Beyond the Pines
Tropic Thunder
Wayne's World
Dallas Buyers Club
I'm Not There
Shaun of the Dead
Thelma and Louise
Point Break
End of Watch
The Master
The Departed
Saving Private Ryan
Ocean's 11
Fahrenheit 9/11
Natural Born Killers
The Da Vinci Code
Angels and Demons
The Passion of the Christ
The Last Temptations of Christ
Catch Me If You Can
Reservoir Dogs
The Big Lebowski
In Bruges - this movie is fucking excellent and theres no way to convince
me otherwise. the hilarious and heartbreaking tale of a hitman fucking up his very
first job in the most harrowing way imaginable was not how i expected to spend two
hours in heartache. whilst bruge is a weird city of choice to use as a backdrop for
this story, it really somehow makes sense in the narrative. they even joke about it
in the film. whoever thought they could side with murderers either? it's absolutely
amazing. usually i can find something in a film that i dislike or disagree with but
honestly i cant think of anything i dont like. i love the open ending, i love the
drama, i love how everything is set up as a prank and then literally everything turns
out to be true. it's probably one of the best watches you could have. you'll be
laughing and crying in the same heartbeat.
I Am Legend
Fruitvale Station
Million Dollar Baby
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Little Miss Sunshine
School of Rock
Let the Right One In
Hard Candy
Inside Llewyn Davis
Synecdoche, New York
Children of Men
A Nightmare on Elm Street
There Will Be Blood
The Dark Knight Series
Funny Games (2007)
No Country for Old Men
Saw Series
Blue Velvet
Whip It
Charlie's Angels
Kill Bill vol. 1, vol. 2
Mr. Brooks
One Hour Photo
Taxi Driver
Inside Man
Road to Perdition
The Godfather Trilogy
Days of Glory
Last edited: 4 February 2019

porcelains says:   22 September 2018   660530  
have you ever seen hachi 
i sobbed so hard 
apparently its based on a true story
pussydestroyer says:   22 September 2018   209829  
thats about the shiba inu, right?
i'll add it 
SpaceCaptainSmith says:   4 October 2018   779553  
You're not the only one who looks at this. I really like your
appraisals too, you've made me want to watch La La Land now!! Also
Cape fear, you've seen the De Niro/Nick Nolte version the Robert
Mitchum/Gregory Peck version is worth checking out too. Obviously less
graphic as it was made in 1962, but this b/w version has a real air of
pussydestroyer says:   4 October 2018   824418  
i did see a second version when i was trying to find it. i probably
won't watch the original solely because itll ruin the magic of its
watch la la land! it seems dumb at first but honestly after the first
song it's very interesting. the first song throws everyone off lmao 
‹Pâtisserie› says:   9 October 2018   541248  
I definitely want to see your reaction after watching Requiem for a
pussydestroyer says:   9 October 2018   496346  
is it a weird one? 
‹Pâtisserie› says:   9 October 2018   723160  
It's weird in the sense that most people feel empty/hollow inside
after watching it.

I remember after I watched it, I just sat there for a while, staring
off in the distance thinking, "Damn." 
pussydestroyer says:   9 October 2018   283560  
i will be somewhat emotionally prepared
i appreciate the heads up lmao 
‹Pâtisserie› says :   9 October 2018   191532  
Haha, no problem. Good luck. 

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