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Saturday, 17 February 2018
02:26:19 AM (GMT)
I totally stole this from pussydestroyer and I did it because I'm vain and I like to overshare.
part 1: the basics ⇸ name: Rachael ⇸ pronouns: she/her ⇸ gender identity: cis female ⇸ sexual orientation: demisexual ⇸ romantic orientation: biromantic ⇸ year of school/college: college freshman part 2: appearance ⇸ height: 5' 7" i think? ⇸ weight: i'm a T H I C C bih ⇸ hair colour: v dark brown with green streaks (naturally my hair is brown) ⇸ eye colour: how now brown cow part 3: personality ⇸ mbti type: INFJ, -A/-T ⇸ Empathy quotient: 23 ⇸ lover or fighter?: idk, lover maybe? ⇸ violent?: i wouldn't say violent, but i'm a physical person ⇸ introvert or extrovert: introvert ⇸ narcissism quotient: 12 part 4: this or that ⇸ dogs or cats: FUCK this question, comparing cats and dogs is like comparing apples and avocados ⇸ coke or pepsi: bepis (pepsi) ⇸ iphone or android: iphone but i hate apple sm ⇸ sweet or savoury: sweet ⇸ phone call or text: text pls ⇸ skype or discord: idc ⇸ instagram or snapchat: snapchaaaat ⇸ ice cream or frozen yogurt: ice cream ⇸ bath or shower: shower ⇸ converse or vans: converse ⇸ small groups or big parties: small groups ⇸ mcdonalds or wendys: mcdonalds but wendys' frosties are cheap n so good ⇸ burgers or chicken nuggets: NUGG NUGGS ⇸ coffee or tea: i take a little coffee with my cream and sugar ⇸ art or science: art ⇸ friends or family: idk? ⇸ opptimist or pessimist: i am such a fucking optimist ⇸ milkshakes or smoothies: milkshakes ⇸ casual or fancy: casual but i love to be extra ⇸ candy or pastries: candy ⇸ youtube or netflix: youtube ⇸ fashion or function: mostly function ⇸ beanies or baseball caps: HHH BOTH I HAVE A COLLECTION OF 20 HATS AND COUNTING ⇸ movie theatres or drive ins: theatres, but drive-ins are aesthetic af ⇸ book smart or street smart: meme smart part 5: favourites ⇸ colour: tyrian purple and purples that have more blue in them ⇸ animal: i can't... i lov them all... but when i was a kid my favorite was zebras ⇸ food: chinese (american chinese to be specific) ⇸ belonging: idfk ⇸ piece of clothing: my denim jacket with patches and pins ⇸ tv show: JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE ⇸ movie: The Incredibles ⇸ book: Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbit ⇸ drink: brown cow milk (i don't do alcohol but i'd probably have a pina colada?) ⇸ school subject: digital illustration ⇸ restaurant: uuhhhhhhhhhhhh i guess my local chinese buffet? ⇸ fast food place: Chick Fil A ⇸ band: Rammstein <3 ⇸ song: i would literally explode if i tried to pick a fav song, but rn i'm listening to Dress by Buck-Tick ⇸ album: Currents by Tame Impala or The Wall by Pink Floyd ⇸ season: winter! ⇸ emoji: idc abt emojis really, but i guess these 🐳 🎠 part 6: random questions ⇸ are you religious? i was raised Very Christian™, i'm pretty neutral now but i still believe in most of the morals n stuff ⇸ are you a forgiving person? yeah? i trust pretty easily, but break that trust and Y E E T ⇸ if you haven't gone to college yet, do you plan to go? im in community college rn for an associates in graphic design ⇸ if you could marry any of your mutuals, who would you marry and why? idk maybe andrew so i could pet his dog and see his fish ⇸ what do you want to contribute to the world? high quality M E M E S ⇸ what do you see for yourself in the future? being alive, hopefully. also a lot of chickens and pigeons ⇸ what is your relationship with your family like? pretty great until my dad fucking lost his marbles. other than that still p great. ⇸ what is your relationship with your friends like? i lov my friends so much i could cry ⇸ who do you trust most in the world? my goldfish and hermit crabs ⇸ what do you enjoy doing the most? laughing ⇸ do you play an instrument? i play trumpet and some piano ⇸ do you play any sports? i ride horses, but i don't compete or anything ⇸ what kind of music do you listen to? asdlsdh; so much. alternative rock, vaporwave/vaportrap, metal, shit from the 80s. that's only SOME ⇸ are you an affectionate person? ya n i'm so fuckign clingy i'm sorry to anyone to whom i've clung. i crave love and validation ⇸ do you consider yourself a good student (if you're in school)? ya i stay on top of my work and get shit done for the grade, but if im not emotionally invested i'll do like the Bare Minimum™ ⇸ are you vegetarian/vegan? nah. i'm all for animal welfare tho. like if we're gonna eat them they at least deserve a happy life until they're killed. ⇸ if you could be anywhere right now, where would it be? rural maine, my gr. grand's old farmhouse ⇸ what's the kindest thing anyone's ever said to you? i don't remember and now i feel bad :-( ⇸ when was the last time you said "i love you" to someone (platonic or romantic)? to my mom yesterday ⇸ when was the last time someone said it back? my mom, yesterday ⇸ do you like halloween? fucking LOV it ⇸ are you afraid of spiders? i respect em. but if it's one large boy in it is Too Close, gotta go ⇸ do you dye your hair? ye ⇸ if you answered yes to the last question, what colour is your favourite colour i really enjoyed my hair when it was firey orange ⇸ do you like making crafts? ya as long as it's like a functional diy thing or a gift ⇸ do you believe in aliens? fuckgn YES and i'm pretty sure i've seen a ufo. ⇸ ghosts? ya but idk if they're actually people. idk ¯_(ツ)_/¯ ⇸ Cryptids? only ironically ⇸ angels/demons? ye ⇸ magic? nah ⇸ do you have siblings? two ⇸ if so, are they younger or older? describe them a bit! both are older brothers. Jason is 33 and needs to fucking Get His Life Together. Justin is 25?maybe and went from being the Mean Brother™ to being all around p great. ⇸ do you like physical affection (platonic or romantic)? bruh i crave it. my love language is definitely phyiscal affection. friends? hug. family? hug. romantic interest? pls hug. ⇸ do you like verbal affection (platonic or romantic)? that, too. fucking validate me, bitch. ⇸ what is one thing that you want to tell your friends but have trouble saying? i'm bi. idk how to just say it but most of them already know by other means lmao ⇸ if you could have one superpower, what would it be and why? the power to have any fucking power ⇸ what is your biggest insecurity? fear that i'm really just giving people affection and making friends to gain sympathy and manipulate them. which is unrealistic for me but god i'm so Paranoid™ ⇸ what is your favourite part about yourself (physical)? my hair and eyes also thicc thighs save lives but they murder my pants, so ⇸ what is your favourite part about yourself (personality)? i'm so funny. that sounds vain and selfish i know, but i just am lmao. i make my friends laugh and i make myself laugh all the time ⇸ what is your hidden talent? p good hearing? ⇸ what is your passion? chickens ⇸ do you act the same way you think? (basically, do you act like your real self in situations?) kinda??? it depends. i don't go Weird until we're friends. ⇸ what is your biggest fear? hhhhh f i n a n c i a l i n s t a b i l i t y also the dark ⇸ do you speak your mind when you have a problem with someone? not to their face, because i hate making enemies unless i really have to. but i totally vent about it to a friend lmao ⇸ do you have plans for the future? ya but idk how to get there. ⇸ if you're not married, do you want to get married? yeah but i'm in no rush. ⇸ if you don't already have kids, do you want kids? at some point. again, very much not in a rush. ⇸ do you like roller coasters? holy FUCK i love roller coasters ⇸ have you ever been on a plane? if so, where was the last place you went on a plane? yeah only twice. 1st time to Germany, 2nd time to Orlando, FL. ⇸ have you ever taken a road trip? ya i love em ⇸ are you afraid of death? ironically i embrace the sweet release, but really i fear an untimely death. ⇸ do you recycle? ya ⇸ what's your ideal career? idk... storyboard artist? or animal educator ⇸ are you happy? rn i'm p neutral ⇸ are you confident? at least i act like it ⇸ do you act like yourself around other people or do you hide it? i hide it when i'm alone in public or when i'm still just getting to know somebody ⇸ what's the weirdest thing you've ever done to impress someone? in first grade i faked an irish accent ⇸ what's your most awkward moment? T O O M A N Y ™ ⇸ what's your happiest memory? idk.... prolly all the times i spent with my chickens Bab and Henny Penny. they were angels part 7: have you ever's put a // next to things you've done ⇸ gotten drunk? ⇸ gotten high? ⇸ smoked cigarettes? ⇸ smoked weed? ⇸ did any other kind of drug? ⇸ gotten all a's? // ⇸ cried in public? // ⇸ questioned your sexuality? // ⇸ questioned your gender identity? // ⇸ been out of the country? // ⇸ fallen in love? // ⇸ with a best friend? ⇸ fallen out of love? // ⇸ been rejected? (no only bcos i dont have the balls to ask anyone out lmao) ⇸ had a one night stand? ⇸ ate a bug (not by accident)? ⇸ ate something disgusting? // ⇸ liked that disgusting thing? ⇸ went hiking? // ⇸ played a sport? // ⇸ gone to the hospital? (not for myself) ⇸ had surgery? ⇸ broken a bone? ⇸ stolen something? // ⇸ hated someone? // ⇸ lied to a friend? // ⇸ hugged a stranger? ⇸ hurt someone? // ⇸ won something? // ⇸ came out as lgbt? // ⇸ cussed someone out? ⇸ gotten in a fistfight?

pussydestroyer says:   17 February 2018   960565  
fuck yeah cunt
steal my diaries
i love to pry
overshare for me bro
rem says:   17 February 2018   108720  
haha you like jjba
‹totodile› says :   17 February 2018   469280  
ya i'm a weeb 

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