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Chapter 1:Velvet AwakeningCategory: (general)
Saturday, 23 July 2016
08:13:02 PM (GMT)
The school bell rang, signaling the end of the school day.I couldn't have been any
happier, the class I was coming from was geometry and I wasn't understanding many of
the concepts that were being taught today.It wasn't necessarily because I had trouble
comprehending mathmathetical concepts as much as because I was too tired to pay
adequate attention.I had been having strange dreams lately that had the effect of
causing me to loose sleep.I can't even remember much about them besides the fact I
see a red sky and a blood colored ocean in them but regardless I've been waking up in
the middle of the night feeling terrified.

It's sort of embarassing considering my 18th birthday was a few short days
ago.Furthermore, I hear a sky event called a blood moon is happening soon on
September 27th, I'm not particurly interested in getting to see it since it'll just
remind me too much of my nightmares.

I make my way out of school and onto the school bus I take to get to and from school
on a daily basis.I sit in my usual seat and put in my ear buds, listening to some of
my favorite songs to take my mind off things.Things like the nightmares I've been
having or the geometry test I will likely end up failing.

I guess this is a good time to describe my appearance.I'm African American with light
brown skin, dark brown eyes and shoulder length jet black hair with strands of it
appearing brown when bathed in sunlight.I consider myself to be average looking, some
have told me I'm pretty but I know I'm no super model.

The school bus finally reaches my house and I step down off the steps.I get the
immediate odd sense something isn't right as the bus drives off behind me to continue
dropping off more kids.I walk the path forward to the front door of my house and
tentatively begin unlocking it, utilizing my house key as I proceed to twist the knob

Suddenly, I feel a hand being placed over my mouth and I attempt to scream to no
avail, my voice is too muffled for me to make a significant cry of distress.I
continue to panic, all the while hoping some kids from school recognized me and
decided to inact some sort of sick joke.Suddenly, a voice begins to speak, the voice
of the person who has ambushed me."Okay, I'll be straightforward, I'm here to rob
your house and you just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, for
you.For me, you're in the right place at the right time because now you get to be my

I couldn't believe the situation, and hostage?I would typically be the only person
home during this time of day.The burglar, as I guess would be apt to call him, began
searching my pockets before producing the house key I always carry around with me.At
that moment, as he was using the key to unlock the door of my house, something I
never felt before snapped inside of me.

How dare this man attempt to rob the place I call home?Have the audacity to do
something that could harm my mom and dad?Try to intimidate me into being his
"hostage?"Next thing I knew, I completely understood the saying "seeing red" and
everything that happened during that time became a blur.When I was fully aware again,
I wasn't completely sure what had happened.Something told me to turn around and when
I did I saw the man that must've ambushed me, laying on the ground unconscious.

He was a caucasian man with auburn hair, I couldn't help noticing two small holes on
the left side of his neck.There was no blood coming from them as somehow I knew that
they were recent."Hey, what's going on here?Ma'am, do you need me to call some kind
of emergency service?", asked an elderly man who had just walked outside his house.

I thought for a moment, my mind still clouded in confusion."Yes, I want you to call

I wasn't sure how much time had passed between my stating that to the elderly man and
the arrival of not only the cops but my parents as well.I have a phone and I had
called them at about the same time the elderly man had phoned the police.Both had
arrived relatively quickly."Aleisha, are you okay?That man didn't hurt you, did he?",
questioned my father in a worried tone.I assured him was alright and he allowed me to
go inside the house.

Upon going inside, I immediately headed for the bathroom, feeling the need to splash
water in my face.I turned the bathroom light on, staring at my reflection thoughts
began running through my head, why did that man rob our house?Why did he feel he had
the right to rob anyone's house?

The cops had already questioned me to make sure I knew nothing that could explain why
he chose to target our house.A familiar sensation of rage began to rise in me, I
never wanted to experience something like that again.Initially, I merely felt upset
as anyone would after going through something like that.But there was another, more
inexplicable feeling rising in me.

Suddenly, I heard a voice and I distinctly knew it was coming fron inside my head
somehow.I could sense that it was communicating to me telepathically."Aleisha, listen
to my voice.You are even more special than you realize, you are a princess, I
communicate with you now because you are experiencing an awakening".

Part of me tried to focus on what was being communicated but a larger part of me was
trying to get the voice in my head to stop.Suddenly, I felt my consciousness slipping
away and everything went black.

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