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The era of being fastCategory: (general)
Monday, 7 December 2015
06:31:46 AM (GMT)
In the era of techonologies, it’s all about the speed. Do we like it? Oh, well, we
probably don’t, but we most probably have to try to adjust it if we are planning to
fit the needs and the requirements of society.
One small part of being fast is very topical in our everyday life. So topical that it
is what I’m doing right now - typing! When we look around in our workplaces, we
most probably see people who are well prepared to work with computers, but there is a
great amount of people who are not. Maybe it is our grandmother, who wants to be
up-to-date, maybe it is a friend who has never had the necessity to work fast with a
computer, maybe it is a kid who wants to learn to type correctly and efficiently.
Thanks to some enthusiasts, there are many great free resources, which can help
people to improve their skills.
Personally my favourite tool is
• is a simple, free web-based tool for learning to
•	It has a great daily demand from users all over the world; mostly library users
and scholars.
•	Typing Study contains 15 well prepared and carefully designed lessons, a speed
test and games from which one can learn to type step-by-step, monitor his or her own
progress and have fun.
•	It is translated into 24 languages.
•	It supports QWERTY, QWERTZ, AZERTY and even DVORAK keyboard layouts.
•	It is developing each day and soon will be available in many more languages as

There are a lot more other free resources who offer similar service. However,
simplicity and meanwhile great functionality wins over among all the resources. Below
you can see a compilation and comparison of different free touch typing websites,
which may be useful.

Whichever one chooses is up to him or her. However, one thing is clear – being good
at typing is not irrelevant. Some employers may even ask about the speed of typing in
the interview, while many employees indicate the number of words per minute in their
CV. Although it most probably won’t be a game changing skill, it is important
enough to try to test yourself or develop current capabilities.
You may think – and this is it? I don’t think it’s important! Maybe the reasons
below will convince you! Typing faster means you can:
1)	Socialize online – tests show that people, who type faster can communicate at
least 2 times more effectively in chats and social media
2)	Saving time – depending on the specification of your job, type faster can save
you 4-46 hours per month. Nowadays, as we know, time is money. Or you can just spend
the saved time with your family eating icecream  
3)	Being up-to-date – When you type fast and can manage to work with the
technologies in a persuasive manner, people will perceive you as a professional and
efficient worker. 
4)	Love your fingers – using the right techniques will eliminate chances of getting
inflammation, Carpal Tunnel syndrome and other illnesses connected with non-ergonomic

No matter what one’s reasons are, these free touch typing services can help many
people – whether it is your friend, grandmother or a colleague. In conclusion
let’s mention the words of Henry Ford:

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps
learning stays young.”

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