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What's the worst thing you've ever done?Category: 
Sunday, 8 March 2015
02:00:34 PM (GMT)
I once stole a pink bunny from my best friend at the time because I really, really wanted it. ;c TL;DR: Stole my friend's hard-earned bunny and helped her "search" for it the next day. The story is that in grade 2, we used to get "billets" or tickets for speaking French in class (I went to a French Immersion school). At the end of each month, the teacher would bring in toys and what-not that you could "purchase" with your tickets. But, she didn't want like a crowd of kids fighting over toys at the same time, so she'd draw names from a hat and kids would go up one at a time to make things more organized. The end of the month came and I had quite a bit of tickets. The teacher spread out all the toys on the table, and my eyes caught the bunny. I wanted that bunny. That bunny was mine. I claimed it right then and there. She starts calling kids up, and I am anxiety-ridden, hoping no one takes it. One after the other, kids are picking this and that, and my bunny remains unchosen. Then, my best friend is called up. I watch in horror as she walks over to the pink bunny, picks it up and makes the exchange. I am devastated (not really, but I'm just being dramatic for the story), and when my turn comes, I half-heartedly choose a puzzle book from the table (I still have this book, by the way and I still haven't finished it, lol). The whole day I think about that bunny and how much I wanted it, seeing it peeking out of my best friends desk in front of me. And then, I decided that I was going to have that bunny, one way or another. At the end of the day, kids were filing out of the classroom, and I lagged behind until the class was empty. Then, I reached into her desk and snagged it, stuffing it into my jacket. As I go outside to get in the bus line, I feel unbelievably guilty. How could I steal from my best friend? I go up to my sister and tell her what I had done, and seeing my best friend a few feet away, I made the choice that I was going to give it back to her and confess what I had done. But, my sister was a terribly mean child then, and she had a particular grudge again my best friend at the time (that's another story, aha), and told me not to do it. I was scared of my friend hating me for what I did, so I decided to not go through with it. The next day, my best friend looks in her desk and her bunny is missing. She is frantic and tells the teacher, who then asks the class if anyone had taken it. I am silent and stone-faced. And that's not even the worst part of it all. I helped her look for the bunny. I went on a search around the school, pretending as though the bunny wasn't safely tucked away in my house. The bunny was never found. Yes, I'm terrible. Yes, I still have the pink bunny.
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MiriTrilla says:   8 March 2015   733234  

this story is golden.
i mean reaaally.
"I decided that I was going to have that bunny, one way or another."
you have me weaaak :[[[
‹Pâtisserie› says :   8 March 2015   733250  
Hahaha, I'm glad you enjoyed it. ;p
ILY, boo. ❤️‍ 


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