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Confessions of a Fuck-UpCategory: Personal
Friday, 31 January 2014
01:06:41 PM (GMT)
I made a huge mistake. I didn’t realize it until after it happened.

I was late to work. Only a minute or two. I apparently should have called but it
never really crossed my mind and it honestly would have taken me longer to find the
number to call them than it would to actually get there.

One of the managers asked why I was late, explained that I need to call if I’m
going to be late, and then let me know that my drawer for cashier was in the office.

The other manager was in the office. I went in, asked if that was my drawer, and she
immediately started lecturing me about how being late looks bad and everything. I
know that. I’m not an idiot. I told her that I had forgotten my hat at home and I
had to run back in to get it. She continued to press the issue. I told her that I’m
not the one driving the car and I didn’t understand what else I could do to get
there. She kept pushing. She said I need to call if I’m going to be late. I said I
didn’t know. She said I DID know and that I had signed some paper during
orientation (which to be honest, most of what she said was forgotten since it was
almost an hours worth of information being shoved into my head with no time to let it
sink in). I apologized and said that I had forgotten.

Then she said something about how it had happened twice already (which, honestly, the
first time shouldn’t even count. I had came in an hour early because I got what
time my shift started wrong. I wasn’t late; I was super early.) and how the next
time it would end in termination. Then she went on to say that it looks bad because
I’m new. I again stated that I knew that and that I was sorry and I didn’t know
how I could have gotten there any sooner (other than NOT forgetting my hat like the
idiot I am).

What made me finally say that enough was enough was when she wouldn’t let it go. I
had already apologized. I had already said that I would call if I was running late
again. She said something along the lines of how she was just going to fire me
because being late looks bad. It was like she was trying to threaten me with this
concept. So I just said something like, if she was just going to fire me, then do it
because I didn’t know what else I was supposed to say. (My dad, best friend, and
little sister have already let me know that this was, in fact, not the right thing to
do. Whereas in the moment I thought I was standing up for myself, I now realize I
should not have back-talked and just kept my mouth shut.)

The result was what seemed to be a mutual agreement for termination. She, of course,
had to prove her point that I had signed upon the whole knowing about calling if
you’re running late thing, and then printed the paper with the documentation of
termination and had me sign it. Then I clocked out and left.

At the present time, I feel nauseous. I’m crying off-and-on. I feel shaky. More
than all of that, I feel panicked and stupid. My dad is trying to make me feel better
(bless his soul) by letting me know that it is a shit job and I can do better than a
fast food restaurant. My other best friend is also trying to make me feel better by
saying that I will be happier with a better job (which I do agree with that. I was
already applying to other places so I could get out of this awful one).

Most of all, I’m afraid to face my mom. I don’t know what her reaction is going
to be. She’s the one that’s most stressed about money and I’m so scared to tell
her that I fucked up.

Anyway, it makes me feel a bit better to actually type this whole situation out. To
anyone who read this long thing, thank you for reading. It would be appreciated if
you did not lecture me about what I did wrong. I know now that I was in the wrong. I
misinterpreted a bit of advice someone gave me and thought I was standing up for
myself. This is a lesson I will not soon forget and now I will be working twice as
hard to get a job.
Last edited: 31 January 2014

primwhitewolf says:   31 January 2014   426356  
Technically it is your dad's fault you lost your job.
‹Pâtisserie› says:   31 January 2014   317663  
Awh, it made me sad reading this. Why do people have to be
such shitty human beings? How many times would you have to apologize
for her to finally let it go? Like, seriously.
You're not a fuck-up. It's just those people weren't
understanding and basically made it their mission (it seems) to make
you feel horrible every day. 
I hope your mom won't be too mad or mad at all. And I sincerely hope
you'll be able to find a job as soon as you can. 
Again, please stay strong and don't beat yourself up too much about
this. You just made a mistake.
Your_Worst_Nightmare says:   31 January 2014   162774  
No, I won't blame this on my dad. I forgot my hat. I made the decision
to back-talk.

Thank you so much. It really makes me feel a bit better reading that.
Bless your kind soul. ;w; 
Medication says:   31 January 2014   639792  
Technically it WAS your fault. You signed the papers which makes it
your fault legally.
Additionally it's common sense to let your employer know if you're
running late. 

This being said your employers were really out of line to make THAT
big of a deal over being 2 minutes late.
Your_Worst_Nightmare says :   31 January 2014   382265  
I do know it was my fault. I never told her it wasn't. Other than
apologizing and taking the fall for coming in late, I don't know what
else she wanted me to do. 

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