This really long, detailed dream in which my father hires a hit-man to
kill me.
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This really long, detailed dream in which my father hires a hit-man to
kill me.
Category: Dreams
Sunday, 21 July 2013
03:43:23 PM (GMT)
So, at the start of the dream, I was in this weird building, that was like a huge
complex maze of one-room apartments in which all my friends and anyone I'd ever been
friends with lived.  It was my eighteenth birthday.  My hair and makeup was like
professionally done or something, because I looked really, really good.  My eyes were
super bright blue, my hair was white-blonde and cute, I had perfect makeup. I was
wearing some sort of blue dress, and I don't remember it exactly but it looked good.
Also, I was really skinny lol. Basically I had adopted a more socially acceptable
kind of appearance. (Tan, blonde, skinny, no black clothing.) All my friends were
stopping by to tell me happy birthday. It was really cool because all the people who
had had fights with me in the past, or fought with me, talked to me, and I basically
reconciled every disagreement I'd ever had with a friend, and I felt so good.
Basically everyone who had ever been my friend before was on good terms with me
again. And I was so happy. Then this one girl, Madison, who is the shortest, tiniest
girl I know, gave me a hug, and I was teasing her and told her I couldn't' even feel
her hug.  So then she squeezed me as hard as she could, and I said, "Okay, that
Then my dad came in out of no where.  And he said, "It's okay, you can hurt her. Alex
loves pain. Just look at her arms." And all the girls turned and stared at my
scars (which are really faded and they hadn't noticed them before then.)
I was really angry at him, so I started fighting with him. I yelled, "You've ruined
my birthdays three years in a row by saying stupid things like that, and you're not
ruining this one. Just get out." 
But he wouldn't; he said, "You don't tell me what to do" and basically dragged me out
of my party. He said I had to spend the weekend with him, because it was his "right"
to see me on my birthday. 
He lives with his mom, so basically I was going to my grandmother's house. And for
some reason, Jordan was there. (Jordan used to be my step-sister, and we were as
close as real sisters, but then my dad and her mom got divorced, and Jordan stopped
talking to me, and recently she moved to Arizona so I'll never get to see her again.)

Jordan and I were lying on the floor in the hallway talking. Someone came by and set
a mostly empty laundry hamper beside me, and I didn't think anything of it. I tipped
it over so I could lean my head against on it, and we kept talking. Then, this weird
guy came out of the library. He was ugly, and short, wearing a stained suit. He
mumbled something like, "Hey, I'm your dad's..uh...assistant." He told Jordan that
her mom wanted her downstairs, which is weird because Paula wasn't even there. Then
once she was gone, he grabbed me and shoved me inside the laundry hamper. He carried
me into the bathroom and filled the bathtub with water. Then he put the laundry
hamper upside-down in the water, so that my face was submerged, and held down the
hamper so I would drown. Well obviously, this didn't work, I just struggled until
eventually it tipped over, and I got out, and was like, "What the hell, dude?!" 
Then I ran to the living room. My dad and my grandma came into the hallway to talk to
the guy who tried to kill me. My grandma was having some sort of demonic fit of rage,
growling and shaking her fists. My dad picked her up and moved out of the way, and
said, "Calm down," and then started yelling at the guy, for not killing me. I ran to
the backyard, intending to hide in the trees and call my mom on my cell phone. But my
grandma followed me out there. I said, "Did my dad send you out here to spy on me?"
She said no. I asked her why she didn't stop my dad from trying to kill me. She
sighed and said, "Well, I can't stop him from doing anything. But I'm going to miss
you, dear." 
Then my dad came out and said we had to hurry and go, because my mom was waiting for
us at the mall. I thought, okay, I'll just wait to tell her when I see her there. But
my dad drove to an amusement park instead. It was small, and no one was there; the
park wasn't even open. But he threw me out of the car and said, "Get a job." 
He drove away, and I entered the park, not knowing what else to do. The whole place
was creepy; the rides were old with chipped paint and creepy clowns statues. The ride
closest to the entrance was a small roller coster. I climbed up, and looked inside
the place where you get in the cars. It was creepy, but kind of cool. (And somehow, I
still looked really good, like I did at the beginning of the dream.) Then I saw the
hit man guy, the one who tried to kill me earlier, standing in the shadows. He
stepped out, and he had some sort of box thing. I saw that one of the roller coster
cars had been gutted of its seats and seatbelts, and filled with the
bathtub. He tied me up, shoved me into the box, and put it in the water. Once again I
was submerged, and couldn't breathe. He went to the controls and started the roller
coster. I was so scared; the car started moving, and went down a huge drop. For a
moment, the water went up, (inertia?˘) and I could breathe; but the box rolled
around as the roller coster went, and I had to keep trying to find the air bubble to
breathe. I didn't know which way was up.Then I started kicking and punching, (yeah,
while tied up) and one of the sides of the box popped open. The water splashed out,
and I could breathe, just as the roller coster came to a stop. I looked up and there
was a lady standing over me. She said, "What the HELL are you doing in my roller
coster!? The park's not even open yet! And what... Did someone tie you up in here?
What?!" I just stared at her for a few minutes, then I stood up, and the ropes fell
off me. I ran to the window of the roller coster building thing, and climbed out. The
lady yelled, "Oh HELL no! You're not going anywhere! I'm calling the POLICE." But I
said, "Not yet okay? I have to tell my mom before I tell the police." (Dream logic.)

I somehow made it back to the mall, and found my mom. She was with my sisters, and
Connor. (Connor is my best friend Wyatt's little brother.) They were all wearing
mermaid costumes, and Hallie, Kate and Connor were lying in a pile by the door,
sleeping. Connor's pants were pulled down and hit butt was showing. I said, "Connor,
pull up your pants." He said, "Can you see my wiener?" I said, "No, just your butt."
He said, "Okay good. I'm mooning the people in that store." Then he got up and went
into the store, and started mooning the store manager. She went over to him and said,
"Excuse me young sir. Would you please stop mooning me and pull your pants up?" He
said, "No. I'm showing my butt because I hate you." Then she said, "Well, if you're
not going to stop, then your family has to clean my tiles." 
So then my mom, my sisters, and Connor and I all were given mops and had to clean the
floor of the store. The tiles were brown, red, yellow, and muddy colors, but when we
mopped them, they turned a bright, shimmering crystal blue with swirls of yellow
glitter and flecks of gold. (Then a voice said, this represents a person's soul
changing, and for some reason I screamed, "YES!") I said, "Wow, these tiles are
beautiful!" And the manager said, "Thanks. The Texas heat and the Mississippi mud
turns them ugly." I said, "But this is Nebraska." She said, "Did I ask your
When we finished cleaning the store, I told my mom I needed to talk to her alone for
a minute. She said, "Okay, I know a store where your dad won't find us." We went into
this Asian store that had tigers everywhere, on tapestries and clothing and statues.
(This is ironic, because my dad LOVES tigers.) Then I told her all about the hit man
trying to kill me. She wasn't surprised, for some reason. And I said, "I can't go
back with him. I have to go home with you, NOW." She was like, "Hmm... I can see your
point. Okay." 

Before we left the mall, I saw a store that was full of boots. The were really cool,
all different colors. Mostly Doc Martins, and some others. I was looking around, and
the cashier said, "All of these were once worn by Lady Gaga." I said, "Wow! I have
some boots that Lady Gaga used to have, too! I got them at a garage sale." (I had
obtained these in a previous dream.) The boots I had were white and yellow splatter
painted, and weren't as in good a condition as the ones in the store. "They're a
little worn," I said. And she said, "Pfft. Lady Gaga NEVER wore those." And I showed
her a picture of Gaga wearing them. "The people I bought these from gave me this
picture, too." 
And then she freaked out and started yelling at me. She said, "You don't know
ANYTHING about FASHION!!!!!!" And we got into some weird fight. 

Then I had to go back to school. It was my first day of school as a senior in high
school. I was sitting in my first class of the day, and I looked up and saw that the
teacher was the crazy hit man guy. I started to panic. I also noticed that Levi was
in the class. (Levi is my ex-step-brother, my mom used to be married to his psycho
For some reason the teacher said we were going to the gym. As we left the class, he
wiped something on my arm. It itched and burned, and I kept scratching, then it went
away. We went to the gym, and for some reason there were all these little kids in
there. This one little black kid came up to me and said, "What's on your arm?" I
looked, and my arm had a hole in it. There was a string coming out of the hole, and I
pulled the string, and this little purple creature with a shell came out from where
it had burrowed into my flesh. I screamed. The kid said, "Look I have one too" and he
pointed to a little black dot on his skin, but it was just a mole or something. I ran
to the bathroom, and tried to wash the wound, but my arm was completely hollow now,
because all these little creatures were eating my insides. I washed some of them down
the sink, and they screamed in a high pitch tiny voice, "nnnnoooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!"
as they went down the drain. I had these weird pouchy flaps of skin falling off me,
and I kept finding new holes in me where there bugs were eating me, and freaking out.
Somehow, I could still move and control my hands even tho the muscles had all been
eaten. Then Levi came into the girl's bathroom. He reached into my ear and pulled out
a Luna moth and a cecropia moth, and threw them into the trash can. I freaked out and
told him to get out of the girl's room and he left. Then some people wearing
hazardous-material suits came and arrested me. They took me to a quarantine so no one
else would be infected with the bugs. They said there was no cure, I just had to wait
until I died. 

I was in one little room, lying on a bed, listening to the sound of tiny bug teeth
drilling through my bones. Then I looked over and the hit man was standing at the
window waving at me and grinning, and my dad came over and handed him a big pile of

The end.

kuroko says:   21 July 2013   952110  
I laughed at the Madison hug part :P

Either your dad really is a dick, or you've got things with him you
have to fix.

Your dad lives with your grandmother? o.O'

You should add Jordan to FB and keep in touch there.

Or maybe your grandma is also part of the problem.

Why does drowning comes up so often?

Connor made me laugh too XD

I don't like the ending. Change it. T_T
‹stickyvaporeon› says:   21 July 2013   596254  

I don't think Jordan wants to keep in touch.

The ending is okay because it was only a dream lol 
kuroko says :   21 July 2013   971312  
Why not? 


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