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Just a dream... 1/?Category: OCs
Friday, 11 January 2013
07:18:37 PM (GMT)
It has been reported that some victims will retreat into a world from which they
could not wake up.  In this catatonic state, the victim would live in a world just
like a real one, only they're not a victim.  Their subconscious mind would try to
wake them by leaving hints for them to WAKE UP, but even after they knew they were
asleep, some would remain that way.  Their mind forever telling them to

"Jared... Jared?"
A gentle voice reached with careful tendrils into the boy's mind, and he smiled
drowsily as he felt soft fingertips smooth his bed-tousled hair away from his face. 
Jared opened his eyes slowly, his sky blue eyes meeting familiar dark brown ones
merely inches from his own.
"Morning sleepyhead."  The eyes smiled, and the sensation of touch kicked in as there
was pressure against his lips, "You sleep like a log, took me ages to wake you." 
Lukasz smiled, sitting up on the edge of his boyfriend's bed as Jared shuffled up
with a yawn, resting his head against his shoulder
"You're only awake because of Quidditch... You're asleep every other minute of the
"Well... I suppose that's true enough!"  The Gryffindor smiled, giving him a hug
before taking his hand and pulling him out of bed, "Come on then, we'll have
breakfast and then go out to the pitch?"
"Sure..."  Jared mumbled, not really paying full attention as he pulled his jeans on,
followed by a jumper and Skye's scarf that he had forgotten to give back, "Is Kari
watching too?"
"I think so.  Val's pretty keen to win, anyway!"
"One day, the other Houses are going to wake up and actually win against you..."
"Ha!"  Lukasz grinned, "I'd like to see that happen!  You ready?"  He asked, heading
towards the door when Jared nodded an affirmative.  "Besides, Slytherin won the other
day!  Not very fairly, though..."
Jared frowned, tugging at the scarf, "You don't know that."
"Huh?  Since when have you been supporting Slytherin?!"
"I don't -of course not!- but you haven't played them yet.  You might not lose!"
"But..."  Lukasz shook his head as the image of a green blur flying past him as he
fell-  No.  It had gone.  "Sorry, yeah..."
"Lukasz, are you alright?"  Jared slipped a supportive arm around his waist, which
encouraged him to lean on as his knees shook, "You've gone kinda pale... Maybe you
should rest?  Get some sleep.  Someone can take your place for Quiddit-"
"No!  Er... no.  I have to play."
"Not if you're feeling unwell..."  Jared started, but Lukasz shook his head, taking
his own weight again, but walking with cautious steps.
"I'm fine.  I need to play."  He chewed on his lip, a horrid tingling sensation
piercing his stomach, "Sorry... but y'know when you get a feeling that you just
/have/ to do something?"
"Oh, like your essay that was due yesterday?"  Jared replied with a small smirk.
Lukasz rolled his eyes, answering by lightly hitting his friend's arm, "I'll do it

For the first time that year, the weather was perfect- no rain, sun, but not too
bright, not cold enough to bite at Lukasz's skin as he flew, yet not hot enough that
he would overheat.  They were twenty-five points above Slytherin, and just as the
green side of the stadium started to look despondent, there was a cheer from among
the red and gold that pulled Lukasz up short.


The Beater froze in midair, ears training in on the solitary voice that seemed to cut
though everything.  Although it didn't speak again, Lukasz could somehow feel its
presence closing in around him.  His eyes flickered open after not having realised
that they had drifted closed, and one thought drifted through his mind.
'I'm falling, and I'm going to die.'
He sighed, closing his eyes again as the ground approached.  He must have slipped off
his broom.  And now he was hurtling towards the earth.
So why wasn't he panicking?
Because it wouldn't matter.
Only when Lukasz sensed he was close to the ground (his eyes were still shut) did he

-awoke with a cry of acute pain, dark brown eyes flying open, wet with tears of pure
agony.  A doctor from St Mungo's Hospital was holding his shoulders to keep him from
sitting up.
"Lukasz.  Calm down, I know it probably hurts, but we're doing all we can-" 
"Where's Jared?"
The doctor paused, piecing a few facts together before speaking, "There's a black
haired Ravenclaw boy outside?  Says he really likes you, but you probably don't know
his name...  It's Jared?"

‹mÿlö xÿlötö› says:   12 January 2013   751152  
‹defineMANIAC› says :   12 January 2013   426902  
TOTALLY.  I'm gonna do them for the others, too! 


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