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Sunday, 9 December 2012
09:51:11 AM (GMT)
As the front door clicked open, so did the Marine's eyes.  Robyn would no doubt give
him a hard time if he'd fallen asleep while babysitting.  Especially since the girls
were fast asleep sprawled across his lap as opposed to tucked up in bed.  He shifted
slightly, stretching his back as he stroked Em's hair and watched the doorway as
Robyn stepped into view.  Immediately, Flynt's expression changed to one of concern,
and he regretted not putting the girls to bed.  "Robyn...  Hey, c'mere, what's
wrong?"  He frowned, reaching a hand towards him.  The poor boy looked like he was
about to break down into tears, and his face was pale as he stood stiffly in the
doorway. Half reluctantly, Flynt moved Emilie off his shoulder, and lifted Lynette
(who was curled up in a tight ball on his lap) away, placing her on a spare settee
cushion.  He stepped over, wordlessly pulling Robyn into a secure hug, into which, he
yeilded, closing his eyes and resting his head against Flynt's chest.  "What's
wrong?"  Flynt asked quietly, kissing the top of Robyn's head.
"I... Flynt, I need to tell you something..."
He nodded, "I'll put the girls to bed, and make you hot chocolate, okay?  Then you
can tell me."  He murmured, ducking his head to look at Robyn's damp eyes, "Alright? 
It's okay, Robyn, whatever it is.  I love you, I won't be long."  He smiled
encouragingly, pecking him on the lips.
"K-kay..."  Robyn whispered, looking at the floor as Flynt let go, scooping the girls
up with ease, one in each arm and heading up to their room.  The baker rubbed at his
eyes fruitlessly, knowing that more tears were still to come, and sat down on the
settee.  He heard Flynt rummaging in the kitchen, and couldn't resist the tiniest of
smiles as his boyfriend hissed a curse having no doubt broken something.  Moments
later, a rather sorry-looking Flynt returned with an equally pitiful mug of hot
chocolate.  What would happen, Robyn wondered, if he lost Flynt tonight?  Never again
tell him off for breaking a plate, or spraying tomato juice all over the kitchen...
He sat down next to him, handing the mug over, "Sorry... It's a bit... well,
Robyn shook his head, placing it on the coffee table next to him so that he could
feel safe and warm, wrapped in his arms.
"What did you want to say?"  Flynt prompted, resting his head on top of Robyn's.
"Something's been... I need to tell you something... That happened when I was
younger..."  He started, and after several hesitations, and breaks for Flynt to calm
him down or dry his eyes, the entire story was recounted.

After fifteen agonising moments of silence with Flynt, although still hugging him,
stiff and tense as he worked through the story again, piecing it together.
"I'm so sorry, please don't hate me, I didn't mean to!"  He cried, bursting into a
fresh wave of tears as he clung to Flynt's arm, "I'm not a murderer, you know I'm
"I know-"
"I didn't want to tell you because you'd hate me, but I couldn't lie to you, and- 
"Robyn, this changes nothing."  Flynt interrupted, lifting his face carefully to meet
his eyes, "I love you.  Even I wanted to, I could never stop.  It's in the past. 
I... I can't say I'm not surprised, or shocked, but I still love you.  It's
different, y'know... From how my parents were killed.  That was cold blood.  You had
a reason.  Good or bad, a reason, nonetheless."  He reached up, brushing a tear
tenderly from Robyn's cheek, even though (for once), his own eyes were shining with
tears, "I've known you for a year now, and I don't think anything, ever, can
change how much I love you."
"R-really?  You don't hate me..?"
"Not a bit."  Flynt smiled slightly, leaning forwards to press his lips to Robyn's,
"And besides, I'm a Marine.  I've killed countless people."
"But that's different... They're bad people..."
"They still have homes.  Maybe famillies, friends.  Lives.  Robyn, I'd say we're
A smile flickered over Robyn's features, and he threw his arms around Flynt's neck, a
fresh wave of tears overcoming him.
"It's okay"  Flynt murmured, holding him close, "I promise, and you don't have to
tell me you're going to the shops next time you want to see the psychiatrist. 
Especially if you forget the shopping..."
"You're so wonderful."
"I know"  He smirked, "Good job I've got you to keep my head a normal size, eh?"

‹mÿlö xÿlötö› says:   9 December 2012   534634  
<33333333333333333333333333333333333333 :'DDDDDD
‹defineMANIAC› says:   9 December 2012   872737  
Pfft xDDD
Is it okai?! CB 
‹mÿlö xÿlötö› says:   10 December 2012   962207  
‹defineMANIAC› says :   12 December 2012   658542  


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