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Aryiana and LazaarCategory: The Slave Society Series
Tuesday, 30 October 2012
08:54:37 AM (GMT)
The girl cowered in the corner of the room, praying and hoping her master would not
come back. The man had often burned and cut her when she disobeyed. He had burned her
this morning when she refused to have sex with him. He'd burned her badly all over
her arm. It hurt and she could still feel the metal of the lighter melting her skin
She wrapped her shirt around it tighter, crying out when she tore the wound open. She
heard the door open and had instantly regretted making any noise, her master was
 "Master."She gasped."Please don't burn me again."She begged.
"Do not fear my dear. I've brought medicine for the wounds."He said.
The girl's master always healed her wounds because he did not want the S.S. coming to
take her away because she was being abused. She was one of the few slaves who had
only had one previous owner, and she was clean and had no diseases, so she was one of
the most expensive slaves on the market at the moment, and her master could not abuse
her or leave scars on her body. The man always tried to use the right medicine to
keep scars from forming on her but it didn't always work, and he'd been fined many
times for the scars on her breasts and inner thighs, if they saw the burn marks on
her arms they'd take her from him.
"My dear Aryiana. You know you mustn't tell, or they'll take you from me."The man
He was young, maybe 25 or 26, and very handsome. Whenver Aryiana was behaving and
doing as she was told the man treated Aryiana as if she were his girlfriend, even
though Mistress Liliyan was the Master's fiancee.
 "Master, why have you kept me, when you will be marrying Mistress Lilyan?" She
"Because Lilyan cannot have children. If the slave society deems it allowed, you will
bear her child." Master said.
 "But Master I am only 16. I cannot yet bear children. It could very well kill me,
and you could lose everything you've put into me." Aryiana said.
   "Lazaar,that dear girl is not going to bear my child. She is far too young and I
feel as though she is my daughter. I know so much about her and what you have put her
through. And I pity on the fact that her mother sold her to the Slave Society for
drug money. If you stop treating her as a slave she could be our child." Mistress
Liliyan said.
 "Mistress, is this true? You would try to free me?"Aryiana whispered.
Liliyan kneeled down and gently held the little girl's hands."Of course dear child.
It is not your will to be here, nor is it right. And Lazaar never should've kept
letting you cycle through like you are nothing but a toy meant for another man's
pleasure. Lazaar do you realize what you could do for this girl's future? She could
go and get married and live a happy live, if you let her our of the Society."
Mistress Liliyan said. Lazaar angered at this. He did not like Liliyan defending his
slave, a mere prostitute bought and sold for whatever a man pleased. He approached
his fiancee in a severe manor." You cannot defend her Liliyan! She might get the idea
that you can actually free her, as if it's possible to leave once you've been bought
and sold so many times. This girl lost her freedom the moment her mother shoved that
stroller into the S.S nursery." Lazaar growled.
  "She is going to go free Lazaar! She is going to be my daughter, and I am going to
give her every opportunity she deserves! Even if I must leave you to do it!" Liliyan
This was Lazaar's breaking point. He would not loose his slave and his fiancee. He
grabbed Aryiana by her hair and threw Liliyan out of the room.
"This is all your fucking fault you stupid disgusting bitch!" Lazaar yelled, slamming
Aryiana into the wall and kissing her. Aryiana was used to this behavior from Lazaar.
He was often angered by his fiancee and took it out on Aryiana. Sometimes it was good
sex, sometimes it was so painful Aryiana cried for hours on end, often crying herself
to sleep while holding a towel or her clothing to her bleeding vagina.
 "Master! Please!" Aryiana begged between kisses. She was not ready to face Lazaar's
angry sex with the burn still on her arm.
"Don't fight it! I'll burn you again!"Lazaar growled, ripping through Aryiana's bra
and her other cothing. He caressed her left breast in one hand and squeezed her butt
with the other, grinding against her. Aryiana moaned involuntarily. She had to admit
that it felt good, she couldn't help it. Lazaar was a very passionate man, but saved
his anger and rage for Aryiana. She'd never seen a sweet side of him. He'd only come
to her after a fight with Liliyan. Lazaar quickly undid his pants and slid Aryiana
onto the bed, spreading her legs wide. He slipped into her quickly, lifting her so he
could kiss her as he went in and out, screwing her violently. Tears dripped down
Aryiana's face as she felt the pain. This would be a day she bleeds. This would be a
day Liliyan tries to save her from passing out from blood loss. Lazaar became tense
inside her, and she began to grow tense as well. Before either of them could come,
Lazaar stopped and came out of her.
"Suck my dick you whore." He said.
Aryiana did not do this, she tried to crawl away, blood dripping down the insides of
her thighs. Lazaar caught her by her hair and pulled her back.
"I said suck my dick you ignorant bitch!"Lazaar growled, shoving his dick into her
mouth and making her choke.Lazaar did not care, he continued to fuck her mouth,
moaning out as he grew tense once again. He cummed in her mouth, moaning as he kept
fucking her mouth, his cum dripping out between her lips and his dick. Lazaar laughed
as he saw the tears streaming down her cheeks. He loving giving her pain when she did
not obey him, and loved giving her even more pain when she tried to run away from
him. Finally Lazaar decided the girl had had enough. For now. He pulled away from
her, dressed himself and walked over to the closet. He unlocked it and threw her a
new slutty outfit. It didn't matter what he tossed her, it was going to be used as a
blood rag.
"Next time you be good, or else it'll be worse." He chuckled as he walked out.

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