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Monday, 22 October 2012
03:29:25 PM (GMT)
The wind was chilly as I opened the double doors to my new school. I was always a
sheltered lamb in the eyes of the world. I have always went to private school, always
had good grades, and I always did as said. I was a modest, shy girl, and going to
public school; was like being sentenced to lethal injection. 

I stood at the double doors and quickly observed the student behaviors. I looked at
the football team carry there beautiful cheerleader girlfriends around on there
backs. I watched the teacher, the mean girls, and the normal girls walk around.
Watching there behavior eased my timidness for a while as I entered the school. I
walked slow down th e hall and looked on each side to see people starring at me. I
entered the classroom I had homeroom in and sat down and buried my head in my hands,
crying. This year wasn't going to be good.

I did what I was told. I finished my work efficiently and had time to sit and think.
I though about how I could be "cool". I though long and hard until a small timid tap
interpreted my train of though. It was a small girl, about 16. She had long brown
hair, creamy skin, and she was pretty short. when i first saw her I though of her as
another girl, but then my mind started to wander elsewhere. Her breast were big and
plump, but not too large. Her backside was...large, but firm, and her eyes were
mysterious and calm. As i drooled over her appearance, she spoke.

"Hi, my name is Andrea. Are you new." she said in a small voice. I nodded, still
collecting my wandering mind. 

"My name is Matise." I said. I spoke slowly. My mind was still coming to correct
terms, but she was beautiful.  I have always been heterosexual. All I knew was
heterosexual, but now my feelings shifted from hetero to in between. Andrea made me
feel like...new. She invited me for lunch over at her house, since neither of us had
anything to do. I quickly accepted her invite. She smiled and took my hand to show me
around the school. I followed her like a lost puppy and marveled at her beauty as I
trailed bwhind her.

   After school, I called my mother to tell her I was eating at Andrea's house. She
confirmed and hung up. I though about Andrea while walking towards her house. When I
arrived, I knocked on the door and she answered, and she lead me to her bedroom. She
had fast food from McDonals already ordered. We talked about small things like school
and friends.

"You really can;t find friends when you are liked me." she said during or
conversation. I was confused. I asked why.

"I am a lesbian. I came out 2 months ago and now people won't even talk to me. Afraid
I might love them or something." My ears perked up. I was happy to see and hear her
utter the word" lesbian", since i wanted her to be. I started to become attracted to
her sexually. So much, before I noticed, I said i was a lesbian right after.

"Oh really?" she said with her arms crossed. "or are you?" 

I said yes. She didn't believe me, thinking I was only saying that to make her feel
better.  She then touched my hand. My heart stopped.

"If you are a lesbian, i will do everything that a lesbian will do to a girl, and you
won't say anything?" she said. I gulped and nodded. She then grabbed my breast. I sat
still, waiting for the next thing. I wanted her to touch me. I wanted her to do
things to me, but a part of me cried NONONO. She began to take my shirt off. After
she did that, se locked the door and took hers off. i marveled at her large breast. I
began to drip wet. i wanted her. My body was yearning for her sweetness. before she
could walk by, I pushed her on the bed and took her underwear and pants off. She
looked into my eyes. I stared at her cute little pussy. it was pink and it looked
neat. her clit was big and round and her labia partially covered her clit. I buried
my face into her sweet smelling pussy and gently licked. if felt her body tense as
she worked her hips circular around my mouth. I held her hips, working my touch
around her big round clit. I began to get faster and faster as he screamed and
moaned. She grabbed the bed sheets and I stuck my tounge in and out of her pussy
until a sweet flow of her girl cum dispersed over my tongue. I spit it out on her
clit and rubbed. She looked at me and smile. 

" More" she said, biting her lip. I then went low and began to play with her sweet
pussy. I dildo-ed it and fingered. i plucked her clit until she cummed all over my
hand. After she was pleased, she then said: "Your turn, Matise."

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