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Saturday, 22 September 2012
01:07:15 PM (GMT)
It had been seven weeks and three days since Kari had first seen Val after he'd come
back from the war, and it had been seven weeks and three days that she had missed him
even more.  The familiar smile just wasn't the same without the very slight glimmer
of warm silver in his eyes.  The light blue she knew so well, but was only just
appreciating.  She understood now that there was far more to them- The undertones of
silver, streaks of dark blue, and the parts that just made him... Well, him.  All the
goodness and beauty from his personality was reflected in his eyes, and for four
months, seven weeks and three days, Kari had missed it.
She was holding tightly onto his hand, offering the security that he was missing and
making sure that his steps were safe ones.  The Captain had been dressed in his usual
clothes, the bronze of his rank shining dully in the sunlight.  His cap had been
pulled down a little lower than usual to cover the bandages a bit more, but other
than that, things could have almost been normal.
She led him further away from the wooden kissing gate, out into the vast greenness,
the long grass brushing lightly at their knees and meeting the hem of Kari's dress as
they plunged further into their own world, where everyone could see them, but they
couldn't se anyone but eachother.  Way out here, it was private.  Out in the open,
one man dressed in full Lovats, and one woman in a light blue dress.  A soldier and a
civilian.  Hand in hand.
Finally, Kari stopped, stepping around to face Val, who was frowning very slightly in
confusion.  Where were they?  His trousers prevented him from feeling the grass, and
the bandages held back the sunlight that was just starting to creep over the trees,
leaving the world drowned in a pinkish orange light.  The only thing he could be
certain of was that it was morning.  There was a dampness in the air, and a chill
that told of a warm day.  He opened his mouth to ask, but held back when he felt a
hand on his cheek.  It moved to his temple and paused there for a moment, pulling
slightly at his hair.  Then he realised.
She was removing the bandage.
Kari bit her lip, wrapping the long white strip around her hand as it thinned around
Val's head.  At last, he could sense the sunlight.
She let out a shakey breath, and removed the last of it from Val's eyes.
He hesitantly opened them, squinting at first at the low light, but the peak of his
cap allowed him some shade.  Gradually, his sight adjusted, coming steadily into
focus as his gaze settled on the anxious woman in front of him.  He smiled softly at
her, reaching out to place a hand on her cheek, brushing the tear away with his
thumb.  His smile spread, influencing her own as he leaned down, at the same time she
flung her arms around his neck, their lips meeting for the first time without any
confusion, without the tiniest sense of disorientation.

The soldier and the nurse.  Alone in the orange light of the sunrise, surrounded by a
lining of trees which concealed them in their own world, the rest of existance
forgotten and they were happy.  For the first time in a long while, both were

They pulled away slightly, their foreheads resting against eachother, both holding
the other up.
"I promised I'd make you better."
"Thank you.  For everything.  Thank you for waiting."
"I always will."
Influenced by this AWESOME music and film!
Last edited: 23 September 2012

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