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Sex/Bondage StoryCategory: Sex,sex,sex
Sunday, 29 July 2012
06:04:25 PM (GMT)
This is a strange story for me, so it it is poorly written then I am sorry. :/

Andy was taking her girlfriend, April, to go meet her family, well acutally just her
father and uncle who were getting drunk at her place. She walked in and saw that they
were sitting on the couch. "Dad, uncle I would like you to meet April." Andy said as
she smilied as the two. April walked in and smilied at the two as well, who got a
malcious look in their eyes. "Oh she is cute." his dad said as he walked up to the
two and touched Aprils shoulder, "I think we might just need her for ourselves." Her
dad said as her uncle grabbed Andy from behind and started to tie her to a chair, "No
hard feelings, we just get horny when were drunk." he said as he tied her up. April
was shocked but diddnt have much tim to react as she felt Andys father grab her from
behind and started to play with her breast. "Perfect tits." He said as he started to
kiss Aprils neck. Andys uncle was holding her head so she was being forced to watch
this. April started to cry as this was not what she had not expected at all. "Oh poor
baby." Her father said as he moved his hand down to her pants and started to unbutton
them. "No.. no no..." April yelled as she felt his hand slip into her pants, going
over her panties and towards her pussy, it was warm and wet. "Oh looks like you
warmed up a bit, like your Going to enjoy this." The father said as he uncle walked
over, and unzipped his pants. The noise made April cry even harder, knowing what was
going to happen to her as soon as they both got naked. She heard the men getting
naked and her tears ran down her face, wondering if screaming would even be helpful
at this point. 
The father walked up behind her and lifted her shirt up, moving his hands up to her
breasts. "Oh these are nice, real?" He asked as he chuckled and massaged them over
her bra. The uncle walked up and started to unzip her pants, "Oh these are some nice
panties, where did you get them?" He asked as he roughly pulled her pants down. "No..
please don't!" April yelled as she felt them touching her, it diddnt feel the way it
was supposed to feel, it felt like she was dirty. "Don't touch me there!" She cried
out as she felt the uncle move his hand down towards her pussy, moving the panties to
the side. "We'll touch you wherever we want." Thefather yelled at her before slapping
her and leaving a red mark on her face. April looked shocked, but stayed quiet for
the time being. 
The father smilied as they got her down on all fours, totally stripped. He moved
behind her, the father that is-Frank was his name- and rubbed his cock along her
pussy, teasing himself more then her because he knew that she wouldnt enjoy this and
that was half the turn on for him. 
The unlce-Jerry-Moved himself in front of her, slapping his dick on her face. Frank
moved his cock inside of her pussy, "Oh it's so wet for me." He said as he laughed
and started thrusting himself inside of her, while tears ran down her face. Jerry put
his cock near her mouth, "Open that pretty little mouth for me." He said as he looked
at her, when she diddnt do it he slapped her. "I said open your mouth, bitch." He
said as she obediently did and he moved his whole length into her mouth as
punishment. "Now suck it you whore." He said as he started pumping himself in and out
of her mouth, "thats a good little girl." He said as he felt her start sucking on his
cock, "You are enjoying this arnt you?" He asked as he moved his hand to the back of
her head and pulled on her hair.
The two kept thrusting into her, before they decided to change positions. Jerry went
to move his cock inside of her, while Frank was making her suck her juices off of his
cock, "That's a good girl." He smirked as they continued, "Now drink my cum you
slut!" he yelled at her as he felt himself going over the edge, and started to cum
into the back of her throat, "Drink it all." he said as he continued to pump into
Jerry watched this and it turned him on beyond belif, so he too started to cum inside
of the girl. The two smilied at each other, and Jerry got some more rope. "Now you
two stay here while we go buy some new things." Frank said as he started to tie April
up, "Be a good little whore while we are gone." He said as the two started getting
dressed and walked out.
Last edited: 16 August 2012

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