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Tuesday, 17 January 2012
06:08:01 PM (GMT)
So It seemed that I wasn't able to concentrate in school today, at all. I happened to be, distracted beyond belief. I was so distracted, that when my friend came up behind me, and hit my ass because I wouldn't pay attention to her and I was so out of it, I just reached up and slapped her because I thought it was someone else. She swears that it hurt, but as soon as I looked back and saw who it was she started laughing. xD I adore it. The way my heart pitter-patters as it thuds against my rib cage, beating hard and fast, as if I were high. As I lay in the darkness of my room, unknown to anyone else, my face flushes red; and the smile you've given me, Refuses to leave my lips. My tummy feel like it's in knots, with little butterflies fluttering around, Giving me this warm,fuzzy feeling that won't go away. Curling up under the covers, cuddling my stuffed giraffe as the happiness, bubbles inside of me, making my whole body, tingle. I adore you. The way your voice sounds, with the slight accent, it's adorable. How easy it is, just to talk to you and how amazing sweet you happen to be. You amaze me. I never thought I would feel such a way. But now that I do, and I really don't want it to go away. Oh, I feel oh so silly, giddy in fact. And as odd as it seems for me to feel this way. It feels right, and you know what? It's true. Oh. And because I ran across these today, and it made me smile. So yeah ♥

‹Vengeance› says:   17 January 2012   556045  
Yay. I adore you too. 

lol the pics or whatever at the bottome didn't show up.xD
‹Saudade› says:   17 January 2012   783701  
Murr c:

They're videos, which makes sense. 
You're on a beast thing. 
‹Vengeance› says:   17 January 2012   947819  
a beast thing?
‹Saudade› says:   17 January 2012   185160  
Dial up, and an old computer.
Together, they make a 'beast thing' xD 
‹Vengeance› says:   17 January 2012   353808  
‹Saudade› says:   17 January 2012   730795  
Exactly! C'x 
‹Vengeance› says:   17 January 2012   611337  
lol yes exactly. xD
‹Saudade› says:   17 January 2012   906230  
But I love that beast of a computer, because it makes it possible for
you to talk to me c: 
‹Vengeance› says:   17 January 2012   628464  
for that reason I love it too babe.
‹Saudade› says:   17 January 2012   663798  

You should name ittttt xD 
‹Vengeance› says:   17 January 2012   297708  
lol It's already named ProblemChild... Fits it preetty good I think
lol XD
‹Saudade› says:   17 January 2012   646296  
That poor thing 
‹Vengeance› says:   17 January 2012   199710  
lol I know right.
‹Saudade› says:   17 January 2012   647296  
Giving him such a mean name,
Gosh Milton, so mean XD 
‹Vengeance› says:   17 January 2012   203408  
lol actually the funny part is that my dad named it that.

literaly the name in the program is "problemchild"
‹Saudade› says:   17 January 2012   347722  


The poor computer probably got picked on all through computer school
or whatever xD 
‹Vengeance› says:   17 January 2012   748706  
sure did.
‹Saudade› says:   17 January 2012   328700  
aww, poor computer.

don't worry problem child, I'll kiss your modem and make it all
‹Vengeance› says:   17 January 2012   457792  

More like the whole fucking computer. It has problems. Hence its name.
‹Saudade› says:   17 January 2012   387662  
And you can be jelly xD

I'll make sure to kiss the computer.
‹Vengeance› says:   17 January 2012   265038  

whoa that was an intense moment. lol 

I got a mental image of you kissing the hard drive and sticking your
tongue in the motherboard fan and then squealing loudly when it
smacked your tongue. XD
‹Saudade› says:   17 January 2012   891180  


What the fuck? Oh goodness, you would be the one to imagine that
Milton, you would be the one XD

You make it sound soooo dirty xD
Like some weird type of computer-sexuality porno. 
‹Vengeance› says:   17 January 2012   859755  
lol that comment made my day..
"computer-sexuality porno" XD

Iz cuz i luvz jue babeh....;*
‹Saudade› says:   17 January 2012   816819  

It's not like, my daily goal to make your day once a day c:

 I love how you type it like that, gotta love Milton language 
I lovez you too ;*

Is it bad I only realized what that smiley face meant--- like a month
ago? XD 
‹Vengeance› says:   17 January 2012   719309  
lol nocuzneetherdideye!!! XD

I love you too ;D

Yeah,, totes awesome sauce and stuff.
‹Saudade› says:   17 January 2012   300854  

Pssshhh better c;

Because like.
I loaf you more than sliced bread
And you know, sliced bread is the shit.

Totes bro, totes.
I think my odd language habits might be rubbing off on youuuu c'x 
‹✖[[AntisocialButterfly]]✖› says:   17 January 2012   493850  
Ally. This background is adorable.

And it DISTRACTED me. Ha..
‹Saudade› says:   17 January 2012   765512  
Isn't it?
I like it as well, lol
Glad to know it distracted you xD 
‹✬Kaybell❣› says :   18 January 2012   158307  
I read through your comments. It made me giggle. x3

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