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ABORTION!!!!!!!!Category: (general)
Monday, 9 January 2012
06:52:46 PM (GMT)
This has become a thing recently on Kupika... Abortion. There have been lots of
posts and diaries about it. Most of them are just about criticizing any female who
went through abortion. I say, those people who are criticizing should put a sock in
it and put it in the rinse cycle. Abortion is not a easy choice to make. It is in
fact very difficult. 
I used to also believe that abortion was immoral and wrong on so many levels. I mean,
why would you kill a baby before it even got to live its life? It could have been
someone great. All of you who are nodding your heads in agreement of what I just
said, put yourself in their situation. You just found out that your pregnant. Let's
say your boyfriend left you because they don't want a baby on their hands.  Your
parents shunned you because of your non-innocence. Did you know, if you don't have
health insurance that giving birth costs $11000? Yeah, my eyes flew out of my head
when I first heard aboiut that. And sometimes, some peoples health insurance only
covers half of the expenses. So you would still have to pay around $6000 still. Do
you really have that kind of money laying around? Ecspecially if your a teenager? Do
you think your parents will come running to your side to pay for the baby you just
gave birth to? You had sex, you broke a rule. Now you have to juggle school and still
make straight A's with taking care of a new born baby. You still have to go to work
and pay off all the baby expenses since your parents refuse to do any of it. You
don't hang out with your old friends because you all drifted apart. I mean, you have
to take care of a baby along with school and work and chores. You have no time for
any of that....

Now many of you will say: You can just give it up for adoption. For real? Yes, thats
the logic thing to do when in a rut but what teenager can really give up their baby,
their own flesh and blood, to a strange family you don't even know? What if they
start to abuse your child or something? You will never know. 

I'm just trying to say, many people who have given their babies up for abortion...
well.. that would be the hardest descion that they would ever have to make. Abortion
is hard and it even displays their own risks. Less risks then giving birth at a young

If any of you have anything to say about this, message me or comment on this Diary.
Even those who totally disagree with me. I am so f*cking tired of everyone bagging on
those who dont do the "right thing". You know what? Just because someone isn't
exactly likeyou doesn't mean they are the devils spawn. 

HAve a nice day.
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‹RainbowBunion› says:   22 April 2012   686344  
Abortion should be completely legal. Teenagers having sex isn't a bad
thing. If you want to do it and you take all the measures to be as
safe as possible then go for it. Its not your fault if the condom
breaks, the pill doesnt work, or the injection wasn't full-proof.
Getting rid of something that hasn't formed yet is a much safer choice
than having it in your body for 9 months then giving birth or having a
cesarean. If you want to go through with the pregnancy then give it up
for adoption then great, go for it. If you don't want to risk the
health implications and finish your education then thats great too.
It's completely up to the woman if she wants to have something
leeching inside of herself for nine months or not. Anyone who judges
her can get fucked tbh. Whether it happened by rape or not its HER
choice. Not her family. Not her friend's. Not the father's. Any man
who tries to influence womans health is a moron. Plus, why are we
trying to create a situation where MORE children will be born. Is
anyone aware of the worlds state right now?
branches says:   22 April 2012   399228  
I don't personally support abortion, but it should be there for women
and girls that do. And it's all down to the people involved. It's a
lot like gay marriage: it probably won't happen to me, but it would be
childish to say that nobody else needs one.
‹Ⓐnn4☯L0vΣ☣› says :   22 April 2012   574228  
@686344 @399228
Yes, I know. It really gets on my nerves. Each person in this country
has the right to make their own choices. I agree, I am not saying
"Yeah let's all get abortions and kill our fetus's!" But I do agree it
should be there as a safety net and as an exit when there aren't any
other doors. 


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