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definitions for my name from urban dictionary (was bored)Category: (general)
Thursday, 1 December 2011
08:25:23 PM (GMT)
some definitions for my name from urban dictionary  hahaha 

 A Dylan is quite possibly one of the sweetest people
alive. Finding a Dylan is like an epiphany. A fun, cute, country boy that knows how
to treat a woman. Dylan's tend to get along with everyone, because everyone likes a
Dylan. Dylan's are smart, funny, and kind. If you get a hold of a Dylan, don't let
because you'll regret it. Sometimes spelled Dillon, sometimes you can refer to a
Dylan as Dyll (or Dill)<3. by hippiekittykeg Aug 14, 2009 
Dylan:If a girl:
Very beautiful and sexual, yet kindhearted and loving. She is good in bed and knows
how to play it rough. She will always want to please that one lover and she is very
devoted and committed. She doesnt fall in love easily. If she falls for you, then
youre lucky. she is a keeper.
If a boy:
A stud but sometimes a jerk. Very flirty and outgoing. He is a "do it my way or the
highway" kind of guy. Definitely will do a one-night stand, without question. Very
charming but beware of his girl craziness.
Example 1: "Man that girl Dylan is the best girlfriend in the world." Example 2:
"WOW! That guy Dylan is such a flirt but he is SO sexy! 
by Dylan Baby Feb 18, 2009 lol^

Dylan:Any Dylan you know is typically the cool guy around. He knows how to treat a
lady, and is very appreciative of things. Most Dylan's are very courteous and do
things. Any Dylan you know will always be there for you, because he's a Dylan, duh.
by Perfzzz Mar 13, 2010 some of these apply to me so well its kinda creepy o.0

this one is tooo funny xD!!! 	
dylan:Noun: a ridiculously long shower, usually exceeding thirty minutes.
Verb: to shower endlessly.
Adjective: long in duration, but only relating to showers.
Noun Examples: "I feel so sweaty and gross, when I get home I'm gonna take a dylan
straight away!" or "After three weeks of not showering at boyscout camp, when I got
home I took a dylan."
Verb Examples: "When I get in the shower I'm going to dylan, so I won't be out until
this evening.
adjective Examples: "Yeah, that was a pretty dylan shower you just took." Or "Yeah,
that ten hour shower was awfully dylan."
shower excess long rediculous stuff insane
by Eric, not the other one. Mar 3, 2007 

yea im bored so imma just keep looking at definitions

heres one that fits well the dancers always telling me i smell good lol
Dylan:One who can be irresistable, funny, true, good natured, creative, chill and
smells way good.
Usually Dylan comes with a fun package. No not that kind. But he always makes your
day better. Dylan's are usually very cute and easy to have a crush on. Most people
this name are also very real, true, down to earth, and also know how to make you
the heat of the moment when it's right. Of course, they give you the choice to try
something.That's fairness. Flirty and seductiveness is their natural talent.
by chocolate booty Nov 3, 2010 
oh heres one yea dont mess with me or ill hit u with a blast of water lol
 The name's meaning is related to power with the seas or water meaning 'sea god',
'great sea', or 'ocean'. Dylan can be a girl or guys name. Usually it is a guy's
Dude 1:"Omg, is that a tsunami?"
Dude 2: "No it's just a dylan surfing on a dylan."
by onewonderforlife Nov 11, 2010 

Dylan:The most amazing guy to walk this earth. He is sweet, funny, caring, gorgeous,
happy and sweet. He would walk to the ends of the world for the people he cares
about. He isn't one to get jealous and he's always there to listen or offer you a
shoulder to cry on. He will send you flowers on your birthday or ask you to the
homecoming dance by writing on your driveway. He will never ever let you forget how
much he cares about you or how lucky he is to have you. He is the guy every girl
should want.
by ronaldmacdonald Jan 18, 2011 

Dylan;The most amazing guy you will ever meet, he will make you smile like you have
never smiled before, he is the sweetest guy you will ever encounter. He is an
endangered species of true gentlemen. No amount of words would ever be enough to
describe such an amazing person and he is my eighth wonder of the world.
by xohollywoodriotox Nov 28, 2011
Last edited: 3 December 2011

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