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The Mistake (pt.1)Category: The Mistake
Friday, 25 November 2011
12:11:05 PM (GMT)
“Alfina!  You must listen to your mother for once in your life.  I won't be here
forever.”  Kari said as she tried talking to her daughter in a calming voice. 
“Feirriah will need a ruler once me and your dad are gone.  Everyone's counting on
	Alpha scratched her head and rolled her eyes.  She took off the heavy silver helmet
covering her luscious brown hair and green eyes and slammed it on the table in front
of her.  “It's Alpha!” she yelled at her mom, trying to get her point across. 
Alpha had just gotten back from her target practice so she was beginning to undress. 
Alpha tended to not be feminine.  She liked to fight, eat, and speak bad words;
everything a man didn't want.  Since she was the Princess of Feirriah, however, she
could get any man she wanted.
	“I named you Alfina, my dear.  Why do you insist on going by such a hideous name
like Alpha?” Her mother asked.  Kari had no hope in Alpha what so ever.  Once she
said that Alpha gave her a sharp glance and continued to remove her armor.  Kari knew
that she didn't have much time left, so she was trying to convince Alpha to get
married.  If Alpha got married hopefully somebody more responsible than her would be
able to care for Feirriah.
	“Why do you insist on me getting married?  Mother, you know I don't want to have a
man taking control over me!”  Alpha wined.  She got into this argument with her
mother everyday.  Deep down she knew the day to rule Feirriah would come, but she
didn't want to worry about it now.  
	Kari sighed and began to look gloomy.  “Alpha, I need to explain something to
you.” Alpha sat down and gave her mother full attention.  She knew something was
wrong, she could hear it in her voice. 
	“Yes?” Alpha asked.
	“I'm really sick, and your father is getting old.  The day will come sooner than
you think.” Kari attempted to explain.  Tears began to roll down Alpha's face as
she leaned into her mother.  Kari cradled her head, “Darling, please don't cry.” 
Kari's voice became shaky as if she was about to cry too. 
	“Mother, don't say that!  I'm only seventeen, and there's medicines out there that
can help you.”  Alpha stated.  You could hardly understand her because she was
crying.  Everything sound mushed together.
	Kari looked away as one tear trickled down her cheek.  There was no medicine that
could help her.  She didn't want to explain that Alpha yet.  Kari had gotten very
weak over the past couple years, and she had began  growing tumors in her body.  The
doctor told her all people could is pray.  “Hope for the best, and expect the
worst.” Kari said sharply as she pushed Alpha off of her.  She got up from her
chair and grabbed the stick she used to support herself.  She quickly walked to the
door, almost falling over a few times.  “I must go now.” Kari mumbled as she
walked out the door trying to hide her tears from Alpha.
	Alpha got up and walked to the window staring out of it.  She clutched the curtains
and used them to wipe off her face.  As she stared out of her window she heard the
galloping of horses.  “Shit!” she whispered to herself.  Her father was about to
arrive home.  She hurried to her closet to pick out a presentable dress to wear.  She
fingered through all of her clothes and stopped on a simple green colored dress. 
This was one of her of her only dresses that wasn't stained. 
	She quickly put the dress on and ran to her water closet.  The maid must have
already had her water and washcloth sitting out for her.  Alpha brushed through her
ratty hair and put it in a sloppy bun real quickly.  She drenched the washcloth in
water and was scrubbing her face.  As she leaned into the mirror to get a closeup she
accidentally knocked the water over.  It spilled all over the skirt of her dress.
“Ahhh!” Alpha screamed as she threw the washcloth around the room. 
	The maid Gerdy ran up the stairs into Alphas room, to the water closet.  She opened
the door “Alpha!  You're father is almost here hurr...” She paused as she seen
the big spill on Alpha's dress. “Oh Lord!” 
	“I spilled the damn water you sat out!  What am I supposed to do now?”  Alpha
asked, trying not to unleash the anger she had building up.  
	“Just go!” Gerdy said as she grabbed a towel from the shelf and began to wipe up
the floor.  Alpha ran out of the room and quickly down the stairs.  She finally
arrived to the main lobby but her father was already here.  He glistened in silver
and stood six foot, seven inches tall. 
	The family was lined up.  Kari on the left end holding herself up with her stick,
and Paiya in the middle with a glorious purple and blue gown on.  Paiya was only
fifteen, but probably more fit to rule Feirriah than Alpha.  Paiya spoke very proper
and held herself like a woman.  Paiya glanced at Alpha as she ran up to stand next to
her and giggled.  “Look at you!” she whispered, just loud enough for Alpha to
hear.  Alpha rolled her eyes and straighten her posture for her father. 
	King Roulf stood in front of his wife Kari and greeted her with a kiss.  The he
walked five paces and stood in front of Paiya.  She keeled and began to speak,
“Welcome back Father!  For I, and all of Feirrah missed you greatly.” Paiya stood
back up and smiled.
	Finally King Roulf stood in front of his oldest daughter.  He sighed in
disappointment just from seeing Alpha's appearance.  Alpha held her head down “I
can explain.” she said.  She looked up into her dads green eyes and appeared just
as disappointed as he did.  King Roulf shook his head no, and patted her head.
	“Alpha!  You're the future of Feirrah and this is how you hold yourself.  Look at
you!” He stated. Alpha began to get emotional.  Her father said the same thing as
her sister, Look at you...
	“You're dirty, your hair's a mess, and you've split something on your dress.  I'll
never marry you off!” He yelled.  At this point tears started to fall from Alpha's
eyes heavily.  She picked up her skirt and ran up to the top of the stair case.  She
stopped looking down at her family, staring back up at her in disappointment.
	“This is not a life for me,” she paused to wipe tears off of her face, “and it
never will be!” Alpha yelled.
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