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Saturday, 17 September 2011
05:01:27 AM (GMT)
ok. my name is Robyn Leigh Cunningham. my most common nick name is Rose. i am also often called Rosey. i am a quite sweet person actually and i aim to make people happy. i am very sensitive and i really do get hurt easily, just because i don't always show it doesn't mean it doesn't hurt. i hate drama, it's not needed in my life. i am a natural actress, i am very good at theater arts. i am a horrible singer... please don't make me prove that. i love my friends and i will do everything in my power to try to keep them here as my friends. i am brutally honest, the brutality of my honesty varies. pretty much i just say the truth. i don't aim to put people down at all ever. like i said earlier, i am a sweet person and i TRY to be as kind as i can but in my opinion, lying to make someone feel good is worse than telling the truth and making someone feel bad. i am pretty quiet until you get to know me. alot of things are happening in my life that are hurting me alot and stressing me out for a while now and still are but i'm trying to stay strong. i adore blonde boys with blue eyes who are about 5'5"ish and have a cute face. =^-^= in a BOY i look for someone older than me by atleast a year usually. i currently don't really know how to handle a relationship (my last one failed horribly because of my emotions and stress) so right now, it may be best to not date. i have a identical twin sister who died when i was 3 as i remember but my mother said she was never born, so she said exactly, "i was still pregnant after i had Robyn and she never came." her name was Lilly Grace Cunningham. she is a big part of me since i go by the theory that if your twin dies their soul merges with the alive twin. i just think it makes sense because i can feel her presence in me. though APPARENTLY i never met her i still love her with all my heart. i like females and males but it more depends on the person. in a girl i haven't really figured out my 'type' yet. i strongly love anchors. i love navy blue and white striped shirts and dresses and such. i absolutely love sailors and i admire them so much, it's like a fetish or something. i have many friends and i treat them all very kindly and fairly. i love photography. i do some photography but where i live there's nothing all that pretty to photograph. </3 it's very plain here. i live in Lubbock Texas. it's kind of a medium sized town. it's very flat and dry. it barely rains... ever. i go to a school called Evans. i am in 8th grade... sadly. my mother held me back in 1st grade. i am suppose to be a Freshman in highschool (here highschool starts in 9th grade.) we have 35 Elementary schools. 10 Middle schools. 5 High schools. Buddy Holly grew up here. xD Robert Pattinson visited here for a few days!! C: well i think that's all other than the additional information that's down there below this. lol :3 my ULTIMATE best friends (idk what else to call them) : -Andy Mendoza -Brett Smith -Elijah Guttierrez -Isaiah Deleon (Izzy, Isa, Isiah) -Taylor Freeman my best friends: -Andy Mendoza -Brett Smith -Elijah Guttierrez -Isaiah Deleon (Izzy, Isa, Isiah) -Taylor Freeman -Brook Gore -Bryan Lobstein -Caitlin Denny -Jake Barker -Jasmine Gonzales -Kelsey Reid -Marin Ramos -Brandon Greer (Nate) -Stephanie Ramirez -Theresa Mendoza -Sarah Baker (Barah Saker) -Angie Rodriguez -Jacob Gonzalez FAMILY(real) : -Mother (Carol) -Father (Rod) -Big Brother (Chris) FAMILY(not real) : -Cole Richardson/father -Brett Smith/mother -Jacob Gonzales/Father -Isaiah Deleon/father -Marissa Scott/sister -Theresa Mendoza/sister -Courtney Cash/son -Taylor Freeman/daughter -Jordynn (can't spell real last name)/box Aunt -Sabre Reynolds/granddaughter -Caitlin Denny/granddaughter -Kaci Rojas/grandmother -Angie Rodriquez/wife FAVORITE THINGS: favorite parent- Father C: icecram flavor- strawberry ♥ colors- Violet, light blue, light pink thing to do- paint. instrument- violin school subject- History best school subject- English weather- cloudy, cold, misty, wet, lack of sun. scent- French Vanilla style- vintage store- Forever 21 online store- tv shows- Vampire Diaries, Degrassi, True blood song- Cellar Door - Escape the Fate band- Alesana genre of music- Indie, screamo/hardcore, electronic author- Alyson Noel book- Breaking Dawn (last book of Twilight saga) movie- The Lovely Bones sport- Fut-ball (Soccer) historical figure- Marie Antoinette artist- Vincent Willem van Gogh video game- Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep or Alice: Madness Returns cartoon/anime- Adventure time, Black Butler country- France movie genre- Comedy, Romance animal- Ferret Basic Info.: BOD: October 1, 1996 Languages- English, French, Japanese, Russian(not fluently) hometown- Manchester, UK current- Lubbock Texas, USA Religion- Agnostic (i don't think i need to worry about it right now) Political Party: Anarchy Sex/Gender- Female Sexual Orientation- Pan-Sexual Relationship Status: Single Education- Waters Elementary, Evans Middle School, Monterey High School, New York Film Academy(University) Major- Film/Directing and here's some pictures of my life and such. :D these 2 pictures are me. these aren't on facebook. just here and photobucket (yes i lack life, i have a photobucket) REALIZATION-- i am not perfect. i have flaws like everyone else. i know i am pretty, i will admit that. i am NOT the prettiest girl though. i know i'm not. this is my big brother x3 i really just went in his room and took this picture of him sleeping for this. this kid i've known my whole life pretty much. he's my dad's best friend's son, Ryan. this is me and Ryan when i was like.. 5 i think. this was my 11th birthday party.. i'm the girl sitting over there looking like a hipster with the orange shirt xD me and my dad (who kinda looks like a vampire) when i was like 1 my brother when he was younger. me just chillin. my dad's drunk ass friend Tony. my brother and me when he was 14. (i know he was 14 because i'm half his age.) me when i was 5 i think. being all cute and stuff. :3 and this is me and my best friend Brett (yes Brett Smith, i have known her for a VERY very long time) my face was kinda cut out. i was 7. this is my beautiful cat :3 his name is Cheese this guy, was my first true love. i dated him for two and a half years. my longest relationship. i still love him too :/ his name is Gerald umm idk i feel like i was attempting murder on this child, Averey 6th grade. first time i ever curled my hair. i loved it. this is my beautiful friend Sabre :3 she's a little scene kid but it's all cool ^-^ i love her to death. she is so funny. :P this picture was taken during last summer, this was only taken to show how short and tiny i am.. the guy is Cole (my 'father') and the other girl is Bethany when i first started stretching. size 14 gauges. :3 my hair dying fail... this was suppose to be different but it's ok cause my hair is different now :3 idk why my bangs where doing that retarded thing there.. but these where my very best friends last year. they where the ones i hung out with all the time. Elijah and Anastasia. i don't hang out with either as often anymore. this is my ex boyfriend Lionel c: he made me a sign when i dated him. it made me happy. this girl used to live in my house... Deziree :D the only proof sign i could find in my pictures (i KNOW i had more) i remember my mom making me take this picture. this was the FIRST time i had blue hair.(looks black) i really like this picture.. i miss back then umm well Deziree moved away from my house and i was happy as hell to see her again so i hugged her to death. this was the day of my second concert. technically first because the actual first one was for someones church and it was boring. this one wasn't. a picture of the second concert i've ever been to. i forgot who was playing at that exact time.. i just remember Abandon All Ships playing. i don't remember the others. that's all c: to be honest, i made this entirely out of boredom and i didn't want to go to bed and my computer kept crashing so i had to redo it like 4 times and it took about 5 hours D:<
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