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Wednesday, 24 August 2011
03:54:00 PM (GMT)
Go to urbandictionary.com and type in your answers to the following questions.
Post the first definition it gives you. 

1.) Your name? Athena
a beautiful girl who always has a place in my heart. shes heartwarming and as cute as
a kitten stuck in a shoe box. she is the reason why I still believe love is real. I
do everything with her in mind. she is by far the most important person in my life,
without her, I would be lost with no way back.
first one i saw ^

2.) Your age? 13
A number commonly known for superstitious beliefs about it being unlucky. Originally
it was a holy number, but somewhere along the way it was hijacked and portrayed as
unlucky. Fear of this number is called triskaidekaphobia.

3.) One of your friends? Destynee
A girl who isn't afraid to be herself. She has a unique name that is spelled in an
equally unique way. She most likey is into music and plays some kind of instrument
like guitar. She wears dark glasses and has an edgy haircut. She may be into comic
books or manga. She also is extremely good at video games, especially guitar hero.
She is cute and short with a spunky personality. And she is by no means dumb. In fact
she is most likey quite deep and intelligent.
some of it is her except the nerdy parts ahaa^

4.) Favorite color? yes... it is most definitely referring to the marijuana... and
also, upon occassion, any substance with similar uses. too, properly, of course, it
is a golfing term, but that;s really not very much fun, now is it?

5.) Birthplace? Greece
The greatest country in all of the Mediterranean, if not all of Europe. As stated on
the other definition, Greece truly was the birthplace of Western Civilization and
much of what we know today, including math, algebra, philosophy, architecture, and
drama. This country has been rich with culture for thousands of years, and still is.
It is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, including Balos,
Myrtos, Paradise (fitting name, isn't it?), and many more. There are also cities in
Greece that are famous for the excellent food and sight-seeing, like Athens and
Thessaloniki. However, whether you visit a city or a beach, you're guaranteed an
amazing time, and of course, wonderful night life. The Greeks know exactly how to
drink, dance, and of course party well in to the wee hours of the night. The general
mood here is very different from what many people in the USA are used to. Here, you
stay up and sleep in very late, some times until noon during the summer. Everyone
here is open minded, accepting, and friendly. Yes, we are proud, and yes, we hate the
Turks. We are loud as hell and people think we're fighting when we go out. But it's
okay, because we come from the greatest country GREECE and we aren't afraid to say
1. You're last name ends in -opoulos or -akis
2. You have at least 1 person in your family named Nikos/Nikki and/or at least 1
named Yiannis/Yianna
3. You know exactly what a kolomboi is and own at least 2.
4. You own at least 1 necklace/bracelet/other piece of jewelry with the evil eye on
5. When you were a kid, you got spit on every time you saw family- or any Greek adult
you knew.
6. You attended Greek school for a minimum of 4 years.
7. You still are proud of Greece for winning the 2004 Soccer Cup and Eurovision in
8. You say My Big Fat Greek Wedding just to see if the family would remind you of
your own. It did.
9. You get Greek TV on a satellite dish.
10. 4 words: Lamb on a spit.
11. You know exactly what it means when some one says "re" "vre" "po po po" "opaa!"
12. You know Vodka is nothing compared to OUZO!
13. When dinner doesn't start until 9:30 PM at the earliest.
14. You know exactly what loukamadas, kataifi, name days, oxi day, and dolmades are.
15. When some one asks you your heritage... you stick out your chest, raise your chin
and proudly say "I am GREEK!"

6.) Month of your birth?
A left-leaning, cultured, intelligent, down-to-earth chic that has tons of friends
throughout the world. She's a lover of cinema and ethnic cuisines, has a witty sense
of humor and is a great person to get advice from. She's the friend that is always
there if you need her. She's also fantastic in the sack.
7.) Last person you talked to? my sister Roula
my fantasy woman, my manager who is so hot and i wanna do her
um o.o ^

8.) One of your nicknames?Atheny
atheny isn't defined yet. 

Alex Gaskarth:
	Alex Gaskarth 	1197 up, 66 down
1.) Lead singer of pop punk/rock band All Time Low.
2.) Obession to millions of girls world wide.

You pick.
Girl #1: Pick. Alex Gaskarth or Patrick Stump
Girl #2: Alex Gaskarth, he's such a hottie. 

	alex gaskarth 	828 up, 119 down
The amazingly gorgeous frontman for All Time Low. Most people think he's a manwhore.
Girl #1:Alex Gaskarth is so hot!
Girl #2: I heard that he's a manwhore.
Girl #1: Who cares?!?

Alex Gaskarth 	531 up, 73 down
The amazing lead singer of the bad All Time. He's extremely talented and is one of
the hottest guys ever!
"Have you heard of Alex Gaskarth?"
"That hot singer from ATL?"
"Back off, he's mine!"

Alex Gaskarth 	265 up, 69 down
The epiqly hawt lead singer and guitarist from the pop-punk band All Time Low. Not
only is he a fantastic singer and musician, he is also really hot, attractive, nice,
and HILARIOUS. All in all, perfection.

The only bad thing about him is the kind-of ugly tattoo of a skeleton on his forearm.
But everyone makes mistakes, so it's forgivable.

Loved by girls everywhere. And some guys, too.
Girl 1: Hey did you hear about Lil' Wayne and -

Girl 2: Lil' Wayne?! Pffft! Alex Gaskarth owns.

Girl 1: Who's that?

Girl 2: Um...the hottest dude alive? *shows Girl 1 a picture*

Girl 1: Dayum he IS hot! But...Lil' Wayne can sing.

Girl 2: Not only can Alex sing REALLY well, he can also play guitar.

Girl 1: Wow! Skills! He's mine!

Girl 2: Girl, you kidding me? He's taken. By me.

Guy 1: Too late. He's mine now.

Girl 1/Girl 2: o_o

	Alex Gaskarth 	121 up, 10 down
The lead singer of All Time Low. His name literally means YOU. ME SEX. NOW. He is
having a bromance with All Time Low's guitarist Jack Barakat. He wears anything he
wants and still look extremely hot, he can even pull off a skirt. He said that he
doesn't know how to swear and that all his mind are capable of is pulling two out of
nowhere and stringing them together, and he once called Matt Flyzik a dick fucker.
Me: I went and saw All Time Low yesterday.

Person: Really? How was it.

Me: How was what?

Person: It.

Me: Oh you mean 'IT'

I saw Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat making babies.

Person: Duh, his name literally means YOU. ME. SEX. NOW.

alex gaskarth 	50 up, 2 down
lead singer of punk pop band all time low; extremely fuckable; commonly seen with
gorgeous hair, super skinnies, and a beanie; voice of an angel; rockin bod; sexy to
the utmost extreme; causes erection to any male/female who witnesses his perfection.
1. wow, alex gaskarth makes me bone so much.
2. that atl guy, alex gaskarth sounds great, id totes sex him any day!


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