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Oekaki ProblemsCategory: (general)
Sunday, 3 July 2011
03:50:56 AM (GMT)
Due to the recent developement with problematics on the oekaki, I've begun to wonder if it is the program itself that is causing these 'breaks', if you will, with images. You may have seen some oekaki's show up black but only with a little bit showing at the top, completely black, or a 'No Icon' sign with 'oekaki' written next to it. Recently this includes templates going blank, like it was unsaved. I have yet to suffer this problem, therefore, I don't honestly understand how it works. But considering this and how most other's don't have the problem, it may or may not be involving your browser, or as Riks had brought the skeptical up, the 'view' you have on the image, as in coming closer or further from the images. These two questions are for those who have suffered the nightmare of possibly 'oekaki' lately, if you haven't, it's nothing to worry about at the moment. Question 1; What internet browser do you use? Internet Explorer, Firefox, GoogleChrome, or so on? Question 2; Before you uploaded the image, did you bring the view closer and didn't bring it back to the correct size? If you know anyone whose experienced these problems, ask them and inform me, or tell me and I'll ask them myself, or link them to this. If you have had the problems, please leave a comment below. Other [legit] ideas for what it might be, feel free to leave below in the comments. They're well appreciated. This is just to see whether it is or isn't oekaki's fault, or at least, figure. I'm no genius and it's not like I can fix the problem, but I don't want people to be cursing oekaki if it isn't its fault. As results of those who've dealt with oekaki issues, I will write down here what I've gained; Q 1; Internet Explorer: - Firefox: 2 GoogleChrome: 2 Q 2: Yes: 2 No: 1 Thank you guys. C:
Last edited: 3 July 2011

‹??????› says:   3 July 2011   616311  
This is so well organized and a brilliant idea, and okay,
here's mine:
Q1: I use Firefox.
Q2: Yes.
‹šŸŽ¼kittiderešŸŽ¶› says:   3 July 2011   496766  
Thank you very much, Yan-Yan. I'll tally that in. 
I'm very partial to Riks idea at the moment considering your answer.
For all your oekaki's that have experienced these problems, did you
all have them at a closer view before submition? :o 
‹??????› says:   3 July 2011   687354  
All of them? Hmmm. I think no, just these last two. Sorry, I can't
remember. :c 
‹šŸŽ¼kittiderešŸŽ¶› says:   3 July 2011   190614  
It's okay, it'll help anyways. c: There's still other's out there who
could have done the same. 
DoOp says:   3 July 2011   219071  
I use Firefox and I don't remember haha. Oekaki on here is super
laggy for me so I don't use very often anymore. I like to set my
oekakies on Float but I can't on here... so bleh XD Don't know if
thats helpful.
‹šŸŽ¼kittiderešŸŽ¶› says:   3 July 2011   230802  
I'll add you to firefox. D: So far I haven't heard anything about
Internet Explorer, which is what I have. But, I can't make
assumptions. It is? Hmm, well, that might be apart of the issue, you
never know. c:
It is. C: Thank you very much. <3 
DoOp says:   3 July 2011   784546  
I use a mac too IF that makes any difference. I know oekaki jtablet
works weird on my mac. XD so so yah.
‹šŸŽ¼kittiderešŸŽ¶› says:   3 July 2011   670043  
I never thought about it being the kind of computer you have. So MAC
has problems with this - however, it hasn't effected your oekaki's at
all before, has it? At least nothing in this manner? C: 
DoOp says:   3 July 2011   213079  
haha I had windows before, thats why I notice the difference XD But I
haven't had my oekaki black out on me before til noooww
‹šŸŽ¼kittiderešŸŽ¶› says:   3 July 2011   710794  
Oh, why did you switch to MAC? xD I hear that one's a lot worse. LOL.

Well, then if that's the case, I really don't think that it. My belief
is that oekaki and your browser is not fixing together for some
Then again, if you've ever used omgme.com for random oekaki drawings,
then you probably notice that it's fudged up somehow [I'm not sure if
it still is or not]. So maybe that's happening to this one.
Iunno, it's a mess. xD 
DoOp says:   3 July 2011   827004  
haha I switched to Mac cause I unno. I'm loserpants. But I go on
other oekaki sites too. Kupika is the worst of them at the moment.
Just because it has a hard time scrolling around and stuff just on the
oekaki canvas.
‹šŸŽ¼kittiderešŸŽ¶› says:   3 July 2011   149538  
FUUUUUUU- You should've not done that! LOL.
Wait, are all the oekaki's sites doing that though? Maybe it is oekaki
if so then. You're having a had time with that? Hm, I haven't had that
issue though... :/
DoOp says:   3 July 2011   279658  
haha I have. It might also be the version of Java I have? I know I
had issues with that before.
‹šŸŽ¼kittiderešŸŽ¶› says:   3 July 2011   335466  
Java could be the problem as well in this. D:
There's several things that could be an issue with this happening... 
DoOp says:   3 July 2011   254125  
haha yah XD I managed to get an oekaki submitted a bit ago without
problems. so that's good I guess :D.
‹šŸŽ¼kittiderešŸŽ¶› says:   3 July 2011   567726  
Well, what I see happenign is that sometimes they'll go in, other
times they'll mess up. D: Like one you do might black out, but the
next doesn't. That's what's confusing to me, man. 
DoOp says:   3 July 2011   338647  
haha Don't stress yourself out too much. But I am too scared at the
chance of me spending hours on an oekaki and having it eaten up.
‹šŸŽ¼kittiderešŸŽ¶› says:   3 July 2011   486548  
 It's not really stressing. D: Just worried. Yeah, that would really
suck, and I feel sorry for the people whose had that happened to them.
It's horrible. But if it's possible, I think a safe route is to try
and screen shoot ever picture before you upload it - but some people
say they have problems during the drawing of the image. Someone said
that even screenshooting it and having pasted it into paint or such
messed up. 
 But if it's possible, it'd probably be a good idea to be trying that,
just 'n case. Dx 
DoOp says:   3 July 2011   481612  
yah I'll have to try taking screen shots and seeing if they turn out
okay. :D
‹šŸŽ¼kittiderešŸŽ¶› says:   3 July 2011   147972  
But it's hard to be able to tell when oekaki's going to be a
completely jack ass to you. D: But when and if it ever does and you
have a screenshot before, tell me if anything happened to it. 
‹gunk› says:   3 July 2011   515042  
I used internet explorer, love//
i did notice my internet being super laggy and idiotic before it
stopped a bit so i could upload
and then it blacked out. ;-;
i've never had problems uploading if my picture was in close view
‹šŸŽ¼kittiderešŸŽ¶› says:   3 July 2011   580680  
Oh man, then I don't think it's the browser, I have the same thing. 
So it could actually be oekaki. That's not a fun matter at all -
having it be the program itself and inavoidable. Fuuu-
Okay... hmm. Well, this is pretty much the down of it. Considering all
the given Internets have veen involved
and sometimes you do have the view closer or not. 
...Argh. That means it can happen to anyone. D: 
‹gunk› says:   3 July 2011   702881  
i think this adds another reason on why i never do anything super
awesome fantastic one here LOL 
‹šŸŽ¼kittiderešŸŽ¶› says:   3 July 2011   902365  
It's hard to do awesome things with oekaki even in spite of this. LOL
I wonder what would happen if you had patience to spend five hours on
one. lD 
‹Hypochondriac› says:   29 October 2011   111589  
Q1: internet explorer
Q2: the oekaki board thing to make them doesn't even show up... 
Xima writes:   30 October 2011   148419  
@missmissthegr8 I don't know if this helps, but when mine wasn't working I updated my Java and BOOM, it started working again. But, I won't assure you that'll work, because others may have tried that. I don't know, maybe test it out and see.
‹Hypochondriac› says:   30 October 2011   668561  
idk how to update my Java o.o 
Xima writes:   30 October 2011   274881  
@missmissthegr8 http://www.java.com/en/download/index.jsp I believe that's the update I used...Hope it helps!
‹Hypochondriac› says :   30 October 2011   818582  
thank chu :D 


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