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Yeahsure just read it, kay?Category: (general)
Sunday, 19 June 2011
05:12:27 PM (GMT)
okayso. I write short stories aside from drawing. So, leik, I'm post them here, kay?
And if you steal them, you will die. These are mine. So don't touch them with your
grimy little fingers. They are for your reading entertainment and only that.
No, not all my stories are this dumb and chick-flicky. This was some variety
practice. So if you don't like it, you can shut up. So, leik, I'll post the next one
some time. kaysohere
I walked down the steps of the school building. Another Friday had passed. I strode
down the sidewalk in the direction of my family's shop. I live in a small town, not
far from a large city. The wind always seems to be blowing all the smog and pollution
to us, so the air sucks. Two out of every five kids at my middle school had asthma.
I barely got halfway down the block when Adriana caught up to me. She jogged up to
me, panting like a fat dog after a five-mile run. That's what the air here does to
"You really need to wait for me sometimes," she gasped out. She looked up at the grey
sky. "It's a nice day. Well, nicer than usual." I shrugged. There was no such thing
as a nice day here, unless, of course, the wind changes direction.
I continued walking down the windy sidewalk until I reached the door to "Gaurdin Arts
Supplies." That was the shop. And by the way, my name is Daniel Gaurdin. I'm an
ordinary middle school boy, in the awkward transition between boy and teenager. But
somehow I got stuck. It's feeling like a lifetime, but enough about me.
I opened the door, greeted immediately by a huge hug from my mom. I could swear she
waits by the door for me. She kissed my forehead with a welcome, and I shrugged her
"Ma, I'm fourteen. Please stop treating me like I'm five," I whined. Adriana
chuckled. I spun around and he stopped abruptly stopped, her hands behind her back
whistling. I narrowed my eyes.
"Oh, you don't have to be ashamed of it," my mom said, clasping her hands together.
"It's only because I love you." Adriana laughed again.
"Well, Love bug, I have to go. See you Monday," she said waving and walking out the
door. I waved back half-heartedly and walked through to the back room. I waved to my
dad as I walked past, who was sorting canvases by size and brand.
I sat on the bench in the back room and pulled out my laptop. I opened my journal
document and started typing out the events of my day. There wasn't much though.
"Today was another school day. For the most part, it was pretty clear weather. But
that's not important. What is important is the school dance, and I can't get the guts
to ask Adriana."
I sighed sadly. When it came to girls, I could barely talk. I'm lucky I got Adriana
to be my friend. It was hard for me.
I logged on to my e-mail then deleted all the spam. I had a new e-mail from Adriana.
I opened it, and my eyes popped out of my skull. It read:
"Daniel, I know it's not really natural for the girl to ask out the guy, but you took
too long. Want to go to the dance?"
I jumped up in excitement, nearly dropping my laptop. I quickly clicked the "REPLY"
button and put my hands over the keyboard. Then I froze.
Of course, I didn't even have the courage to say yes. My hand twitched eager to type
the few short words confirming her offer. But my mind told it not to. I wanted to
scream. I wanted to throw my laptop at the wall. I hated myself for being so
cowardly. Why couldn't I simply type, "Well duh? Why wouldn't I say yes?" But I
couldn't. I was too weak.
I opened my journal document tab and started typing.
"Adriana e-mailed me. She asked me what I have wanted to ask her for the past week.
But this time, I have a different problem. I can't say yes. I'm such a coward. I'm
too weak, too small. While she's strong, enduring. We are two opposite minds,
separated by strength of heart. We will never work."
I closed my laptop, and then put it back in its case. I couldn't take this anymore. I
had to do something. I left my stuff on the bench then stomped out of the back room,
through the shop, and out the door. My parents just watched. I ran down the block and
turned onto Adriana's street. I rapped on the door and the answered a few seconds
later to find my panting.
"Oh my God, Daniel, what's going on?" she asked, concerned. I lifted my hand to my
chest, gasping for breath.
"Yes," I gasped. She gave me a confused look. "Yes, I…want… to go to… the
dance… with you," I said between pant after pant. Again, the air sucks here. She
smiled, and I smiled.
I went home and typed, "I think next Friday will be a good one."
So ther ya go. The first of many to come.

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