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Thursday, 16 June 2011
01:16:30 PM (GMT)
hey, you suck. (:
Hey it just occurred to me... How come we aren't even friends after the whole breakup??? I'm just curious?
Uh, because you practically called me a whore and then told me you'd wait forever and then fucked an eigth grader shortly after saying that. And you annoy me because you whine too much. Feed your curiousity? Plus don't get my hopes up about me hearing the last from you, and then talking to me after sayng such.
I screwed an 8th grader?? Who told u that?! I heard couple weeks after u fucked some kid and still are screwing him. And I said all those things cuz I was hurt. I mean when we were together I tried to treat u amazingly then afterwords I'm treated like shit? Not cool.
who told me is irrelevant. and yea, actually, what you heard there is true. although, not a "couple weeks" after. That's a new thing. no, you said them because you didn't want me fucking around with other guys, and you said them because at the time- you believed them. and yes Alex, you did treat me awesome. Except whenever I did the tiniest thing wrong and "I don't think I wanna take you home anymore..." or, "I don't like how your fat sticks out of those jeans." Yea! Let's tell the former anorexic kid that her fat sticks out! but no see, you've always annoyed me. even when we dated. you act like a middle schooler half the time and I don't have the time for that. and also, I really don't like being friends with someone every single one of the people I know, even people I've JUST met, say they hate. it's just hard to keep a friendship like that.
I typed a really long message and it was deleted and however If you couldn't take me for who I was then I deserve way better then what you gave me. Also idgaf about what other people say and think about me. I am here for everyone and anyone if their going through hard time. Even if they dislike me. Also If I acte like a middle schoolers and annoyed you.. you wouldn't have cried breaking up with me and I only joked about you being fat and I normally said sorry afterwords because i felt bad. And the not wanting to take you home? I mighta said that a couple times because I was annoyed ( not by you) or busy. also don't say bs like everyone you know hates me, I know people who're friends with you and me and they dot hate me so don't say shit like that. And I didn't want it yeah however I just ASKED as a favor not to fuck other kids and yeah I did believe them because I was HURT. 4/5 kids after a break up say irrational things. Just saying miss I'm always right.
awh, cute! that first statement! no, actually, I did take you as you were, I didn't attempt to change you, and you know what - I always told you that you could do better than me, but not better than what I gave. How many girls would still date you after those breaks and the constant worry that you'd just suddenly fall out of love. You obviously DO give a fuck about what people say because you do your best to prove them wrong, and you constantly asked me when we were dating how people thought about you or how you looked. So you care, don't feed me that bullshit. and oh no honey, I'm a sympathy crier. You cry, I cry, I can't help it. After we stopped talking I honestly never EVER thought about you until someone brought your name up. My heart was not broken and you did annoy the hell outta me. and you never said sorry about the "fat" thing. and you know what, about the whole "if you couldn't take me for who I was..." crap, You always would tell me, if I weighed anymore, you wouldn't date me. That's not liking me for who I am, that's liking me for how I look- so I obviously deserved better. And no, when you were mad, you were mad- at me, over the tiniest shit. I felt like I was dating a girl, seriously, at how easy you got mad. I TOLD people that I was the guy in the relationship, because it was true and they all agreed. and I don't bullshit, people are just too nice to tell you to fuck off because you're so fucking annoying and you get in everyone's business and it pisses people off. Most of your friends that are my friends too? Honestly can't stand you but not a one would tell you that. And A L L of my friends DO hate you. I hung out with a kid for the first time on Sunday and he said that, someone I'd JUST met. You think you're high and mighty and that you can fix everything but honestly you're just an annoying little fuck. (: Just saying, mister - wait why are you still breathing? how about you fuck off and don't try to argue with me because I'll prove all your fucking points wrong. I don't have time to waste on someone who thinks he's so fantastic and can't take it when a girl who knows him pretty damn well, finally tells the truth. Suck it up. Also, I'm probably gonna block you from facebook, because as much fun as it was to prove all your points wrong and tear down that huge ego of yours, again- I don't have time for it.
uh, fuck you (:

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