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Wednesday, 15 June 2011
03:28:41 PM (GMT)
Does your character see the half glass of water as half empty or half full?
Johnny is a pessimist. He wants what he is sure he can't have and is dragged down by
the knowledge that he will never be anything more than what he is. He daydreams,
drifts away on a wisp of thought to somewhere he can fly but is always brought back
down. Sometimes he drops further than ever and is pulled into lethargy by his
cynicism yet he is ever hopeful for something more. The single reason he wakes up is
because there is a grain of hope permanently lodged in his mind. The hope for
everything that won't happen, everyone he won't have, everything he won't see is what
keeps the breath in his lungs and prevents his eyelids shutting out the world. The
glass is half empty; he'll drink what he has and be left thirsty, with a taste for
something there's nothing more of.

Does your character have sexual inhibitions? 
He is frightened of everything. He'll waste hours imagining his first time, last
time, any time but can't see himself going through with it, despite what he wants.

How does your character define success?
Success is independence. In his dreams he has left home, he has an infinite sum of
money but no job, no responsibilities and he and Cas do whatever they fucking please
all day every day.

What are the political beliefs of your character?
Anarchist. He barely understands the British government but instictively rebels
against power.

What are your characters religious views? 
He fears the God he was never raised to believe in. In uncertainty he finds terror
and in moments of desparation will catch his lips forming a prayer to a God he
doesn't trust. Behind the lids of his eyes he can see himself burning in Hell but
can't bring himself to believe the licks of flame will ever singe his skin.

What is your character's best quality?
Johnny is loving. He loves everything, he'll fall in love a hundred times a day - and
out of it again - with everyone he meets, everything he sees. He loves the warm
breeze on June afternoon that tangles plastic bags around his ankles and sweeps
summer showers into his eyes. He loves the kids who drink with him in the blue
twilight on the recreation ground and he loves the defiant laughter catching in his
throat as they sprint away from the police. He loves the darkness against his eyes,
the heat against his skin and the hazy, grey thoughts like morning fog in his mind.
His love fades in and out like a match on a windy day but always and forever he'll
hold a candle for Cas. His closest friend, a diamond in the mud, a firework. If you
were to ask Johnny what his best quality was, he'd say instantly that it was Cas.

What is your character's worst quality?
Johnny is a nervous flower. He'll panic at the first sign of anything being wrong.
He's prone to panic attacks and is ruled by anxiety, not without cause. He can't deal
with stress or fear and tends to run away from whatever he sees as a threat. Like a
rabbit caught in the headlights he's terrified of what he can't stop and doesn't know
where to run to get away. Despite trying to hide his anxiety, he watches people
gravitate away from him over time and blames his nervous demeanor. Without Cas to
reassure him, he'd crumble.

What part of your character's personality would s/he like to change? 
Everything. Johnny cannot abide himself. If he should catch his eye in the reflection
of a window, he'd stare back without recognition and turn away. He's sick of himself,
he wants to get out of his head. He's covered in bruises. He wishes he was brand new.
He wants to be who he sees in his mind, not who he sees looking back at him in the
bathroom mirror.

Is your character a neat freak or a messy person?
Messy. Johnny is entirely ruled by disorder, he's the king of chaos.

Ugh more later, gotta go to the gym.

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