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Thursday, 5 May 2011
06:51:16 PM (GMT)
If a statue in the park of a person on a horse has both front legs in the air, the
person died in battle; If The Horse Has One Front Leg In The Air, The Person Died As
A Result Of Wounds Received In Battle; If The Horse Has All Four Legs On The Ground,
The Person Died Of Natural Causes.

The Very First Bomb Dropped By The Allies On Berlin During World War II Killed The
Only Elephant In The Berlin Zoo.

More People Are Killed Annually By Donkeys Than Die In Air Crashes.

Money Isn't Made Out Of Paper, It's Made Out Of Cotton.

The Phrase "Rule Of Thumb" Is Derived From And Old English Law Which Stated That You
Couldn't Beat Your Wife With Anything Wider Than Your Thumb.

Banging Your Head Against A Wall Uses 150 Calories An Hour.

On Average People Fear Spiders More Than They Do Death.

You Can't Kill Yourself By Holding Your Breath.

Right-Handed People Live, On Average, Nine Years Longer Than Left-Handed People Do.

Every Year, Mexico City Sinks About 10 Inches.

In Downtown Lima, Peru, There Is A Large Brass Statue Dedicated To Winnie-The-Pooh.

There Is A City Called Rome In Every Continent.

160 Cars Can Drive Side By Side On The Monumental Axis In Brazil, The World's Widest

Buckingham Palace Has Over 600 Rooms.

In 1980, A Las Vegas Hospital Suspended Workers For Betting On When Patients Would

A Blind Chameleon Still Changes Colors To Match His Environment

A Chameleon's Tongue Is Twice The Length Of Its Body.

A Deer Cannot Eat Hay.

A Donkey Will Sink In Quicksand But A Mule Won't.

A Mole Can Dig Over 250 Feet Of Tunnel In A Single Night.

A Rhinoceros' Horn Is Made Of Compacted Hair.

A Rat Can Last Longer Without Water Than A Camel.

A Snail Takes 33 Hours To Crawl One Mile.

A Species Of Earthworm In Australia Grows Up To 10 Feet In Length.

A Squirrel Cannot Contract Or Carry The Rabies Virus.

All The Swans In England Are Property Of The Queen.

107 Incorrect Medical Procedures Will Be Performed By The End Of The Day Today.

A Lightning Bolt Generates Temperatures Five Times Hotter Than Those Found On The
Sun's Surface.

A Rainbow Can Only Occur When The Sun Is 40 Degrees Or Less Above The Horizon.

According To The Texas Department Of Transportation, One Person Is Killed Annually
Painting Stripes On The State's Highways And Roads.

Bamboo (The World's Tallest Grass) Can Grow Up To 90 Cm In A Day.

Albert Einstein Was Offered The Presidency Of Israel In 1952.

Alexander Hamilton Was Shot By Aaron Burr In The Groin.

At A Fair In Maine, A Boy Spit A Watermelon Seed 38 Ft.

Buzz Aldrin Was The First Man To Pee His Pants On The Moon.

By Age 16, Andre The Giant (Who's Real Name Is Andre Russimof) Was 6'10' Tall. He Had
A Rare Glandular Disorder That Made His Body Continue To Grow. Even As He Died, His
Body Was Still Growing.

Issac Asimov Is The Only Author To Have A Book In Every Dewey-Decimal Category.

Walt Disney's Autograph Bears No Resemblance To The Famous Disney Logo.

There Are Only Four Words In The English Language Which End In '-Dous': Tremendous,
Horrendous, Stupendous, And Hazardous.

More Than 2500 Left Handed People Are Killed Every Year From Using Right Handed

The Number Of Cars On The Planet Is Increasing Three Times Faster Than The Population

George Washington Grew Marijuana In His Garden.

George Washington Was Deathly Afraid Of Being Buried Alive. After He Died, He Wanted
To Be Laid Out For Three Days Just To Make Sure He Was Dead.

Grapes Explode When You Put Them In The Microwave.

Green Bay Packers Backup Quarterback, Matt Hasselbeck, Has Been Struck By Lightning
Twice In His Life.

Hallmark Makes Cards For 105 Different Relationships.

Hard Rock Music Makes Termites Chew Through Wood Twice Their Usual Speed.

Honey Is Used As A Center For Golf Balls And In Antifreeze Mixtures.

The Fat Molecules In Goat Milk Are 5 Times Smaller Than Those Found In Cow Milk. It
Takes 20 Mins For The Stomach To Breakdown As Opposed To The Hour That It Takes To
Break Down Cow Milk.

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