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Sunday, 1 May 2011
12:45:55 PM (GMT)
Okay, so I missed quite a few ays due to my birthday, my art exam, various social arrangements, the Royal Wedding and far too much Pokemon Black. I've had the game less than the week... and I've already defeated the Elite Four. Oh dear. Day11 – Most Epic Moment Lots to choose from for this prompt... and I think I covered a few back in the previous meme. The entirity of the Aizen fight is just full of win, but I basically have talked about all of that - particular epicness of mention has to be when Isshin arrives in the fight, or when Urahara seals the biatch at the end... But, for this one, I'll go for something a little earlier on in the manga, that was just plain awesome. When it turns out that Yoruichi is neither male nor a cat... and then is naked in front of Ichigo. Yeah, that was pretty epic. Plus, when we discovered her background - that she is probably the strongest female shinigami ever. She's just plain badass. Day 12 – Favorite Vizard Lol, I don't really like the Visored much (yes, that's the correct spelling), but I at least vaguely respect Shinji, so I'll choose him. I guess the only reason I like him is that he shows the true brilliance of Kubo-sensei's mind. Have a look at the first title page of Bleach ever... and who is that behind Ichigo? Yes, it's Shinji. In chapter one. Shinji doesn't even arrive 'till after the Aizen!Betrayal Arc. Kubo-sensei had him planned all along! And also, when Shinji joins Ichigo's high school, he writes his name backwards on the board, proclaiming that he is "good at reversing things". What does it turn out his zanpaku-to's ability is? Yeah, reversing things. Kubo-sensei, you evil genius. Of course, he can also stand upside-down in the sky. Because that's totally normal. Day 13 – A Scene that made you happy Gah... I'm not sure about this one - basically all the epic moments make me happy, just because they're epic. But if we're going for something genuinely heart-warming, then I choose this. /TROLOLOL WHY COULDN'T SHE DIE. THAT SORT OF THING KILLS YOU. Day 14 – A Scene that made you sad God, only one scene in Bleach has ever made me cry... and that's pretty damn obvious what it is. Kubo you evil bitch. Day 15 – Favorite Zanpakutō Spirit Huh, I already covered Sode no Shirayuki earlier on, so I'll switch for this one... I quite like Senbonsakura because his personality is really, really funny - he tries to be like Byakuya, but he's rather idiotic, but without realizing it. And I bet he's hot under his mask But I also like Tensa Zangetsu... because he's so cute. I thought he was Rukia to begin with. When he excalims that he doesn't want Ichigo to get hurt... that was a really emotional moment.

‹lottecookies› says:   1 May 2011   960577  
Sugar. I need to get playing Black.
btw i'm learning the ukulele 4 realzlol
Bootheghost says:   1 May 2011   178875  
The final conflict with N is the biggest mind fuck ever. You should be
at least levelo 45 across the board to even stand the faintest of
chances... I was terrified.

Team Plasma's castle sprung up from the ground. WTF SRSLY.

And after the Elite Four, instead of the Champion, you've gotta fight
N and Ghetis one after the other WITH NO HEALING BREAKS. DX

On the plus side, I caught the legendary with my first ultra ball. XD 
Bootheghost says:   1 May 2011   296408  
Also invest in a dozen max revives/revival herbs and hyper potions. 
‹lottecookies› says:   1 May 2011   848860  
Oh shit then. I'll take my sweet time and get them all to at least 60
then kthnx screw becoming the champion in 60 hours. 
I'm currently enjoying the cover of the Pokémon theme tune the
singers for "The Warblers" did: link


HOW. IN THE HELL-? How weak did you get it? 
‹lottecookies› says:   1 May 2011   574127  
Well, not the current people, but the club they've continued xD 
Bootheghost says:   1 May 2011   616363  
Gosh, that's made of quite a lot of win. 

It's an fire type, so I blasted it with high-power water attacks like
surf and aqua tail - they're effective, but they don't take out enough
HP, because it's got a high defense... but then the water type got
killed, so I brought out my electric type, zapped it with mid-level
electric, before using thunder wave to paralyze it once it's HP was
right in the red zone.

And then just a dose of pure luck and you're good. ;D 
‹colours and carousels♥› says:   2 May 2011   962425  
Bootheghost says:   2 May 2011   245085  
Why am I a fail? ;________________; 
‹colours and carousels♥› says :   2 May 2011   202325  
Because you're so good at updating 

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