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My story! :D - untitled but you guys could help that! :D part 1Category: Stories <3
Thursday, 21 April 2011
10:33:25 AM (GMT)
well i thought i'd let you get to grips with the charaters first and what they look

Charlotte, heart broken, out going girl, always having to work hard to make it in the
world, still in love with matthew but he doesnt know it....

Matthew, also out going, musical, shy about his feelings, doesnt work too hard
because everything is always given to him because of his father, whos rich...

Zoe, Charlotte's best friend, friendly person, always smiling, paraiod about what
people think of her but always there for charlotte....

Ria, out going, player, horrible person, spoiled, pretty much not a very nice person

Story so far ( well where im going to start the story from but other shizz has
already happend so yeah :3 )

Charlotte and Matthew met at school in year 7 ( btw im going to use the english
school thingy because well i dont know the grades so sorry - huggles- )  when both of
them when to the same secondary school, They became really good friends, Secertly
Charlotte was falling head over heels for him but she didnt tell, after a month or
so, Charlotte and matthew are best of friends, charlotte still is in love with him,
but he is dating this other girl, Ria, who all together isnt very nice, and well she
hates Charlotte hanging around with Matthew and confronts her about it, she says to
charlotte leave him alone or i will make your life a living hell! Charlotte tell
matthew this and has a arguement with Ria and they break up..... the story begins
about a year later, they are in year 8 and charlotte hasnt told him yet.....

The Story begins!

Charlotte is walking down the hallway of Greenway secondary school for the gifted and
talented, Charlotte sees zoe and waves, zoe waves back and runs other, "hi!" zoe says
running over, Charlotte thinks to herself ' what would i do without zoe?' Zoe says to
charlotte " you seen Matthew today?" "no i havent, but he said he had piano lessons
for the first two lessons of today so he will be turning up soon" charlotte responds,
Zoe laughs "Well you know matthew always in some type of musical lesson!" charlotte
Smiles and laughs "yeah", Zoe Stomach growls "Lets hurry up and get him, im hungry!"
Charlotte laughs "come on then" running to the music block to find Matthew, they
found him walking out of the piano room... charlottes runs and jumps on him and
shouts " AWKWARD KOALA!" Matthew catches her and laughs " hi Charlotte" Matthews puts
her down and smiles at her, Zoe catches up with Charlotte, out of breath "jeezez,
Charlotte you dont half run!" she says out of breath, Charlotte smiles at matthew and
turns to zoe and sighs " maybe if you DID p.e like everyone else you be more fit!"
says charlotte smiling,  Zoe looks up and gets her the evilies and then laughs and
smiles "nah, im good" she responds, they all laugh, "now come on, IM STARVING!" says
zoe, as her stomach growls once again!,

 they all had lunch and sat on the field, they skipped history because mr geko said
they could, "your so far ahead of eveyone, Skip the lesson! go sit on the field, GO
ENJOY YOURSELVES!" he says happily, mr geko was a chilled back teacher really cool,
they all sat on the field daydreaming, Charlotte was daydreaming about Matthew,
charlotte thinks to herself 'Haven't You ever just wanted to Feel that one moment
again , where the World stops , And its just you ++ Him.', she sighs ' she remember
that day, when he kissed her, she re lives that moment everyday of her life....
matthew was dreaming about ria, he sighs, thinking 'why would she think that
charlotte was a threat to her and i?' 

Anime Couple Pictures, Images and Photos

Well thats part one, there will be other parts at some point!

okayy byes :P Xx

Little_brown_boots says:   25 April 2011   349412  
Hey excuse me but the part where you put-
Haven't You ever just wanted to Feel that one moment
again , where the World stops , And its just you ++ Him
is copyrighted ! :L
Little_cotton_socks says :   26 April 2011   438481  
shuttup :L xx


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