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Sunday, 13 February 2011
09:23:13 AM (GMT)
Hello kupika! I've been going to secondary school for 6 months now. Yeah I'm 11 it's
my first year! So I just wanted to tell somebody about the troubles and such.
Somebody whom didn't know me in real life so wouldn't make fun of me and I also find
it easier to not tell someone I know. If you wouldn't like to read just click the
back button -_-. The only people I know on here in real life is Abby (Ecoabby)
and my sister Alexandra (Alex911).


This isn't excactly a 'trouble' but I would still like your help. I have a  HUGE
 crush on a boy called Adam. He's around my height, brown hair, brown eyes. So
like... we are kind of friends but I don't know. I don't talk to him often but when I
do he is really sweet. The trouble is that he and this girl Izzy are really close but
they are also friends... I think. Also people say he is dating a girl called Lydia
but he denies it. Also he might be moving schools soon... So should I tell him or
not? Any suggestions.

It doesn't feel like bullying as the boys who 'bully' me are only playing around.
Also they defend me when other people make fun of me but they always make me upset
when they throw my pencil and planner to the ground or call me names. I/ just joke
around and punch them on the arm but secretly I'm hurting alot inside. Once I started
crying in a science  lesson when they did it. Luckily the teacher saw and moved me
next to another person. Now though I sit near those boys in English, Geography and
French. What do I do there? Cry again? I don't want to be known as the class crybaby
or something. 

My parents unlike most normal parents are always putting me under pressure for my
school work. When my teacher says something good about me and something bad. My
parents always focus on the bad thing and tell me off. Never reward me for doing
well. The good thing is that I'm good at schoolwork and are usually in the top 5 for
tests. I also have the highest target scores in Science, English and Geography. I'm
top of the set in Technology but my parents don't say well done for that. They focus
on me not putting my hand up enough in lessons or I'm below my expected level. My mum
even said and I quote "I will be very dissapointed in you if you don't get A. B is
alright but C or any lower is unacceptable."

|Parent's evening|
This isn't acturally a trouble this is just something I would like to gloat about.
^_^. Skip this paragraph if you want.

I came first in Technology, second in English, Science and Geography, third in
french, R.E and P.E. AND SO ON!

Thanks for reading it means alot. If you could help me with any of these problems
then don't hesitate to post a comment. All comments will be taken into mind. Thanks


Im_a_dreamer says:   13 February 2011   206988  
*cough* Err sis, My account is acturally Im_a_dreamer. Ooo! You've
got a crush on Adam! Hehe! Next time I drop you off/pick you up from
school I am soo going to tell him that. If I see him that is.

Sorry. This is meant to be serious. Listen 'Disney' if you feel like
you're being bullied then tell the teacher or someone you trust. There
is no point trying to hide it. If they are making you upset then tell
someone. Oh and mom and dad are always like that. They mean the best
for us.

From Alex, your kind and caring sister whom is going to tell Adam that
you have a crush on him!
Bornwriting says:   13 February 2011   935186  
Hmmmmmmm. This stuff is usually tough. I would help you with your
crush, but I am stuck there as well. I know I am tired of waiting
DisneyFan says:   17 February 2011   612660  
Don't you dare! Next time I see Brandon I'll tell him YOU have a CRUSH

. Thanks for trying though . 
Bornwriting says :   21 February 2011   931703  
Your welcome


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