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English III Short Story Assignment;Category: backups.
Wednesday, 8 December 2010
11:19:58 PM (GMT)
This is one of those stories that would start with once upon a time. However, I warn you now, there is no happily ever after. So please, don’t expect it. I will bring you to a time, where the rich and the poor rarely, if ever, merged. In a land far from where you live- I’m sure. A land that one would call imaginary, however, just because you haven’t been there doesn’t make it unreal. In this land, once upon a time, there was a girl named Maya. Let me tell you what Maya was doing on this chilly evening, in a tone most different than the narrative one I’m using now. Maya ran swiftly and sneakily down the street. She was out of breath, and the air was cold, but she still pressed onward to the castle that lay in the distance. She knew once she arrived, that her love, Prince Xavier, would be waiting for her. The fall wind blew past her, causing her to shiver. Being what one would call a “street rat”, Maya’s winter clothes were thin, and hardly kept her warm. Although Xavier offered her money, Maya always refused. She was a proud girl, and she fended for herself. The stars twinkled for her, showing Maya the way. The castle was becoming closer, and Maya did her best to hide in the shadows. People in these parts didn’t take well to street rats. They always assumed that the poor street children would steal from them. I’d never steal anything of worth from them. All I want is food. This thought was a bitter one, but it rang true. The world of the rich, and powerful, was a completely different one from the poor. That was exactly why she had to sneak about to see her love. He was a prince, and princes were not to even be seen with street rats. The cost of having affairs with the prince was your life. If a street rat was caught even trying to make conversation with the prince, they were imprisoned- for life. If that was so, how did our two lovers meet? That’s a long story, one we don’t have time to tell. Maya knew the consequences, and she did not care. She only wanted Xavier, and his love. It felt wonderful, to be loved. Maya knew what she had been missing all these years, what she never had time for, what she never intended to have. It was love, simply. The castle loomed above her, and chills ran up her spine. Something seemed different about tonight, but Maya was unconcerned. All she was thinking about was rushing into her prince’s arms, feeling his warmth chase away the fall chill, and have the stress of the day washed away from her. A street rat who was not in love, would have taken notice of the odd eerie feeling, a street rat that was not in love, would go back to the street where it belonged.
Xavier stared at the stars from his balcony, waiting to see the silhouette of his love. She meant the world to him, and just that shadow would excite him and brighten his day. He knew he was becoming too attached, and he was terrified that his independent, prideful, love would abandon him for the freedom of the streets again. He loved her though; he would risk the world for the so called “street rat”. If Queen Nadia knew however, his world would be gone- in an instant. Xavier shuddered at the thought. He knew they had to be as secretive as possible. They had to keep everything private, and careful. Of course, Maya trusted her fellow street rats, but Xavier wasn’t so sure. The idea of the public finding out worried him. A shadow crossed across the road, and Xavier’s heart leapt. He immediately slid behind a wall curtain, which led to one of many secret pathways. Many secret hallways and doorways then appeared to him, and he knew just the path to take. He wandered the path without thought; he had been through here so many times. Entering the room where he always met Maya, he gently lit the lamps in the room. There were three doors to enter the room, and Xavier and Maya only used two of them. The room was circular, and everything was a deep red color. It was rather Victorian in style, and was much more lush than what Maya was used to, Xavier was sure. As his thoughts began to clutter, the other door to the room swung open. Xavier immediately smiled, staring at his messy, yet beautiful love. She grinned back at him, and was almost instantly in his arms. They kissed, and all the worries and fears about their love seemed to disappear. Love, it seemed, took over their entire beings. It filled them to the brim, and you could see it in them. You could see it in their eyes, and smiles. There was a glow, one that they both knew was horridly difficult to disguise. They were wrapped in one another, lost in this moment of finally being together, after a long time. They had missed each other, and logical thought was not with them. They did not think it needed to be. But oh, they were wrong. They were horrendously wrong. This lovely moment, in all its passion, was instantly ruined. The door they never used suddenly opened.
Queen Nadia wanted to scream. The sight of her son, her precious son, with his arms entangled around a dirty, disgusting, street rat completely revolted her. She wanted the brat dead. She wanted to see the ugly girl’s head on a platter, and she wanted her son to be washed over and over until the filth of the rat was removed from his skin. The children’s shocked expressions made her angrier. They could not have expected to get away with this much longer, could they? Nothing went on in her castle that she did not know about. Not a whisper went unheard, and Nadia never missed anything anyone said, or did. She had eyes, everywhere. Of course, Queen Nadia had expected this little “affair” to only last a moment in time. She expected her darling Xavier to come to his senses, and tell the dirty girl that he could not see her any longer. This, however, did not happen. It disgusted her, to think of her son falling in love with such a horrendous creature. She waited for them to do something, so say something. She waited for them to at least let go of one another. “Well?” She demanded. “M-mother, I… please mother, please, don’t harm Maya. I love her.” Xavier released Maya, and pleaded with his mother. He did not want any harm to come to Maya. Maya remained silent, shivering with fear, and thinking of all the things she could have done- the feelings she should have listened to long ago, and how she should have never left the streets. “Girl. Your life is in my hands now. And I want your head on a platter, how does that sound? Lovely, yes? Good. That’s what I’ll get, your precious little head on a silver platter. And I’ll feed it to the dogs. They’ll love to eat a little street rat. It’s their favorite meal. Do you have anything to say, disgusting rat?” Nadia snarled at the girl. Her attitude was disgustingly arrogant, and all powerful. Maya shook her head, knowing she was doomed to die. “Mother! No! Please, no! Take me, mother. I’d rather die in her place, please. I couldn’t have her dead. I couldn’t bare it.” Xavier begged, and pleaded his mother to take him instead, to no avail. Nadia’s mind was made up, the rat had to be slaughtered. She gripped the girl’s arm, a nasty smile on her face. Xavier held grasped Maya, and held on to her, as he continued to beg his mother. He would not win, this was for certain. Maya was dragged away from him, and he knew he would never see her again.
The news shocked the entire land. They imagined it, and it horrified them. The news arrived early in the morning, and by evening everyone had heard what happened. A small servant boy had found Prince Xavier’s body splattered on the ground floor. Blood was already drying, and his body lay twisted on the cobblestones. The doors to his balcony were still open. What happened was not hard to figure, but no one knew why the prince would suddenly do this. Why would the precious prince suddenly do such a horrid thing? Only the queen, and the dogs lapping up some silly rat’s head, knew.
Last edited: 9 December 2010

wildhumanchild says:   8 January 2011   676197  
um why is dis not finished.
enchantedmistakes says:   8 January 2011   380969  
it is finished.
that's the ending.
wildhumanchild says:   9 January 2011   861319  
i dig

i just
i uh

the ending totally
went in through one ear
and out the other

but i dig
took me nine times to reread it
but i dig 
enchantedmistakes says:   9 January 2011   483537  
Sammy was the same way.
She was like.

I'm glad you dig.
how's them holes goin'?
wildhumanchild says:   9 January 2011   376730  
the holes are deep
like your vagina once i punch it


i'm tired leeemme alone 
enchantedmistakes says :   9 January 2011   358395  


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