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I'm tired.Category: You don't really need to read this.
Sunday, 28 November 2010
06:56:13 PM (GMT)
What were you just doing?

Do you miss your past?

Is your bedroom window open?
No, it's freezing outside. And in my room. But not as much.

What is your favorite soda?
Root beer?

If you need a new pair of jeans, what store do you go to first?
I never need new jeans.

When was the last time you dyed your hair?

Did you kissed somebody lastnight?

Miss someone?
Very badly.

Are you wearing any clothes that don't belong to you?

Name something you dislike about the day you're having?
I'm tired and my arm hurts and my back hurts and ffjkdsafklk.

What's the nearest blue object to you?

Does your phone ring in the middle of the night often?

Have you ever met someone who turned out to be amazing?

Does it bother you when people respond with one word text?
Usually, yes.

When was the last time you gave someone the finger?
Last night.

If you had to choose between a million dollars or to be able to change a regret what
would you choose?
Change a regret.

Would you prefer a kiss on the cheek or forehead?
Cheek I guess.

Are the Jonas Brothers cute?

Where's your phone right now?

Are you mad at anyone right now?
idk. slightly.

Will you be in a relationship in the next couple months?
I hope so!

Who did you fall hardest for?

Do you change your phone background a lot?

Are you happy?
Not exactly?

Do you wish someone would call or text you right now?

Is anyone annoying you?

Are you a different person now than you were five years ago?

Can guys and girls be friends without trying to make it more?

If someone were to ask you if you were okay right now, are you?
Depends on who asked.

Who was the last person to ask if you were okay?
I don't know.

Do you remember who you liked in grade seven?
I didn't.

What about grade nine?

What are you listening to?
The Only Exception.
'Cause I'm cool like that.

Have you ever had to spend the night at a hospital?
Yeah. It wasn't bad actually.

Are you currently trying to get over someone?

Have you ever dated someone with longer hair than yours?

Have you ever bought clothing online?

Have you ever worn flipflops in the snow?

As a child, did you ever have a clown or a magician at your birthday parties?

Have you met someone who has undergone a sex change?
No o-o

Do you celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hannukah, or something else?

Which room in your house tends to be the coldest in the winter time?
Either the family room or all the rooms upstairs.

Do you own a leather jacket?

Have you ever been to an NFL football game?

How was the weather when you woke up today?
Cold I think.

When was the last time you hit a pinata at a party?
I don't remember.

Who were you with the last time you went out for food?
I don't remember. My dad I think.

What was the last thing you bought online?
A book for my grandmother for christmas.

What shape is the sponge you use for washing dishes?

Did you get a hair cut within the past month?
Not since the day before Warped XD

If you use a three-ring binder for school, how many inches is it?
I have like five. Some are different.

Do you own a pair of those oversized headphones?

Are you taking this survey in a place other than your home?

Is your hair parted straight down the middle?
I don't know.

If you wear glasses, are your frames a different color other than black?
Well. They're black... AND GREEN.

Have you ever taken part in a parade?

Who are the majority of your text messages in your inbox from?
Dan or Randy.

What is one insect that creeps you out? Are there any insects that you find to be

Which children's book would you like to see made into a movie?
I do not know.

What do you think makes a person mature?

If you like having your picture taken, what is fun about it? If you do not, what is
it that makes you dislike it?

Would you rather see your favorite sports team play, or go see your favorite band
concert? Why?
Because that would be so much cooler.
Sorry Red Sox.
I still love you. ;-;
Do you find it hard to trust others?

Have you hugged anyone in the last 72 hours?

Are there any stressful situations in your life right now?

You kissed someone last night, didn't you?
I didn't.

If you were in the hospital on life support, would the last person you kissed be
there with you?

Does it matter to you if your boyfriend/ girlfriend drinks?

Has anyone told you they don't ever wanna lose you?
I think so.

Where would you say your "second home" is?
The lake.

Looking forward to summer 2010?
It already happened.
Last edited: 28 November 2010

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