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False measure of stupidityCategory: Bored to tears
Wednesday, 17 November 2010
11:54:42 PM (GMT)
1 [ ] You have eaten fish food. 
  2 [ ] You have eaten dog food. 
  3 [ ] You have eaten cat food. 
  4 [x] You have run into a glass door. 
  5 [ ] You have eaten an ant 
  6 [x] You have eaten grass. 
  7 [ ] You have licked a tree. 
So far: 2

  8 [x] You have polka dotted underwear.  
  9 [x] You have pink underwear. 
10 [ ] You had contests with your friends to see who can create the nastiest burp.
11 [x] You have screamed a random word in public. 
12 [x] You wave at people you don't know. 
13 [x] You have flushed the toilet because you were bored. 
14 [x] You have slapped yourself out of boredom. 
So far: 8

15 [ ] You sing the "FUN" song. 
16 [x] You hold conversations with a pillow, blanket, stuffed animal etc. 
17 [ ] You dream of llamas coming out of peoples' butts. 
18 [x] You think people who eat brains are cool. 
19 [ ] You sing karaoke even though you know you're horrible 
20 [ ] You know how to spell "supercallafragalisticespialadosious" by heart. 
21 [x] You make up your own words and use them with people who have no clue what
          they mean. 
So far: 11

22 [ ] You have a new haircolor every 5-7 months. 
23 [x] You have striped socks and you have wore them so people can see them. 
24 [ ] You have hugged a random person.
25 [x] You have ran up and down the stairs 'cause you were bored. 
26 [ ] You have created a puppet show with your socks out of boredom. 
27 [x] You have imagined people saying "bla" and blowing up. 
So far: 14

28 [x] You just tried imagining people saying "bla" and blowing up. 
29 [ ] You are addicted to the Anamaniacs themesong.
31 [ ] You are addicted to "The Pinky and the Brain" theme song.
32 [x] You have stared at your ceiling for over 10 minutes. 
33 [x] You talk to yourself. 
34 [ ] You have conversations with your imaginary friends. 


Count them all up, and multiply by 3.

I'm 51% stupid.

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