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Saturday, 9 October 2010
03:21:59 PM (GMT)
Without my friends and enemies, I wouldn't be where I am right now, so thanks to... My Friends DaKarra Dolley- For always being able to cheer me up, stick up for me, and most importantly, be there for me. Owen Dennett- For making me laugh, being willing to help me whatever my problem may be, and pay attention to only me when I'm in need of it. Marissa Conklin- For always looking on the bright side of things, which puts her higher on my list than most others, even though she's dating my crush. Kirstin Pasch- As annoying as she may be sometimes, she's hilariously weird. Thanks Kirstin. xD Zach Barnes- For sticking with me when everyone else seems determined to kill my spirit. Josh Roberts- For bitch-slapping whoever dares get in my way, and supporting me whenever a hater's comment gets to me. Liam Grimes- For always trying to make me laugh, and often succeeding. <3 you Liam. :D Marianne Davenport- For being my personal bodyguard, getting all those haters off my back. Charvonne Walker- For being able to laugh at my weirdness without walking away thinking, "What an oddball..." Tallawnna Shulte- For being hilarious and backing me up when it comes to Brianna. Connor McKenna- for being my first middle school "love", for being my buddy even after we split and especially after you moved to OK. I'll always <3 you. Lauren and Kyra Essman- forgive me guys for not giving you each separate comments, but you all already know that how much I love you guys. We're so alike and so different at the same time it amazes me. xD That and my mom's getting pissed off at me, so I"m gonna have to cut this list short and go on to my Enemehs! xD AND SO ON. I DON'T THINK I COULD LIST THE ENDLESS PEOPLE WHO HAVE HELPED ME SO FAR THIS YEAR. xD Enemies Ashley Worthington- Congrats. I officially loathe you, but if it weren't for your bitchiness, I wouldn't have Jayde (Dimmick, not Mayze) backing me up. So Ha. Jessica Conklin- Fortunately for you, I don't hate you as much as I am irritated by you and your 1) pushover habits and 2) bitchiness towards your sister. Brianna Ledesma- Stop being such a hater. I'd say I'm sorry for beating you on every writing/debating contest so far, but I'm not. So ha to you too. Janea Ware- Sweetheart, I don't care if you sit at my table everyday and laugh about what happened last year like it was all just a funny dream, I still hate you. AND THAT'S IT! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? I HAVE MORE FRIENDS THAN ENEMIES! YESH! Mission accomplished.
Last edited: 14 October 2010

‹Dαʞαяяα ♡ τhε Gεnεsιs of τяαgεdʎ› says:   9 October 2010   150119  
Anytime dear 

(ILY haha Janea, tell her I said hi, that ought to piss her off. lmao)
‹*~*~EverChangingMystery~*~*› says:   10 October 2010   161144  
Lmfao.  We were actually talking about you last lunch period. She and
Heather were saying that no matter how much they hated you in seventh
grade, they miss you now. Then Kirstin asked why you and Gaeway got in
a fight, and well, let's just say I got a kick outta it.
Will do. xD
‹Dαʞαяяα ♡ τhε Gεnεsιs of τяαgεdʎ› says:   15 October 2010   259840  
xDxD Hahaha they misss me? how funny. You should tell me more, this is
‹*~*~EverChangingMystery~*~*› says:   15 October 2010   370552  
Charvonne and I (and give or take half the 8th grade) are shocked
that 1) you're actually tan :D and 2) you, of all people is on a diet.
You too skinny to be on one of those...things. xD
‹Dαʞαяяα ♡ τhε Gεnεsιs of τяαgεdʎ› says:   15 October 2010   212681  
xD alot of people talk about me?
‹*~*~EverChangingMystery~*~*› says:   15 October 2010   243653  
Kind of. They'll get automatically interested when I (or someone
else) mentions your name, or if I accidently scratch the back of my
head innocently, a conversation kind of like this would follow:

"Are you and DaKarra still friends?"


"Really? That's...kind of weird."


"She still in NM?"


"Ah. That's cool. What's new w/ her?"

"Idunno. I think she's lost 5 pounds or something..."

"WHAT??? But's she's sooo skinny!"

And then someone like Mari or Maria or another new kid asks who the
heckle you are, and it goes on from there. xD
‹Dαʞαяяα ♡ τhε Gεnεsιs of τяαgεdʎ› says:   15 October 2010   146246  
Oooh.  Sounds fun.
‹*~*~EverChangingMystery~*~*› says :   16 October 2010   984823  
Haha :D You know it.


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