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Remember your first crushh????Category: (general)
Monday, 4 October 2010
09:02:28 PM (GMT)
About 2 years ago; was the first time I'd thought i'd "loved" someone.  Although at
first, It was just a joke, i found it amusing to torment him constantly and hear his
angry comebacks at me; it was like a game. And i used to love games; but I loved
winning even more. Then after awhile, I found myself, actually liking him, I couldn't
get him out of my head. I thought of him at least once or twice a day. Yeah, this guy
was a total nerd, not like the usual nerds, but he was actually kind of cool
and really smart. For the longest time I thought I was the only one who liked him.
'Till a night i was at a friend's sleepover and they were all saying they liked him,
like, a lot more than me. Of course I was intimated by them, being way prettier and
smarter than me. Not to mention they had a lot of classes with him, and the only
reason i see him at all during school was during band. and on the bus but i mean,
c'mon, i was just arguing with him that it was clearly my seat....not his. 
but i let him sit with me-rather, Dare I say, He made me let him sit with me.
He'd take the seat as soon as I got off, and i really hated it when he said i left
'butt marks' in the seat when i stood up. I watched some old videos i recorded of us
and my friend on the bus goofing off. We really seemed like we were having fun; like
there wasn't a care in the world. I'd get off the bus smiling as i heard him yell out
the window "AIDS", which also made me angry. but I guess I was sort of okay with it,
as long as it was him and no one else.but, I gave up, not really on him, mostly no
myself really, about ever finding "the one". I just don't have it. Nothing. I liked
seeing him happy of course, even thought at the Friday night football games when he
lets' this girl i thinks his girlfriend wear his hat and rest her head on his
shoulder. I can't help but look away. I don't like him like that anymore,
no-that was 2 years ago. *sigh* why must i be so Bi-Polar and awkward. He
almost never talks to me anymore. and I hate how for the marches they stand me right
next ti him. Today on the bus ride home was the first time i'd talked to him in a
really like time actually. I was sitting in the back of the bus with Greece, Romano
and Russia ( Swissy and Hungary sat up front so yeah :P )I was talking to Greece
about Hetalia (of course) and then I was like-" haha, yeah sorry! I didn't mean to
forget to draw you in the chibi pic. of all of us!! haha, I can't believe I even drew
Sealand and forgot you!" then out of no where I hear him say "SEALAND?!?!?" of course
he was in a seat sort of back across from me with his feet up right beside me-but he
sat up when he heard me say sealand. "Sealand is the world's smallest Country!"
(heurrpp Derpp, gonna type like 'dis  'cuz it's easier fool!! o3o")
m."Yeah, well ACTUALLY, It's sort of Vatican, since Sealand isn't really classified
as it's own country-"
m"dude, clam down- well not really, they're trying to declare their own independence
and stuff, it's a place off England, really small, that's where england used to keep
and store all their army/war stuff"
>>He looked a little shocked that i knew this and then continued<<
h"yeah, thi one time their place almost flooded- It could've taken away all their
m"good, but really-who cares-beer is gross and bad for you-"
h"did you just say beer is GROSS????"
m"uh-yeah-OUCH!" ( he hit the back of my seat really hard =.=")
h "Don't EVER say beer is gross, it's really good  actually!!!"
m" but don't you know what it's made out of?!?!" 
m"EWWW! But it's like- basically pee! GAHH!!" 
h"but it's good!"
"GAH! Bye Greece, Romano, C'mon Russia!!" 
I stood up and got off the bus o3o"
and walked home with Switzerland, Hungary, and Russia.
some people call that flirting-if so, then that's the weirdest' flirting' I've ever
anyways,.. I dunno- i just felt like writnig someting and this was the first thing to
pop into my head- but i've never crushed on anyone else before- I only like him and
that was in 7th grade. Sure, I'ev thought people were hot before or even cute, but no
one from where I live. Everyone here's the same....
well 'tis it, my ramblings done~
Diary Q: Have you liked someone before? derr-"loved", what is your definition of
that's all i got-im BRAINDEAD LIEK LOLOLOL;

branches says:   4 October 2010   270464  

Comment A:
Yes. roflcopter.
My first crush was on a boy in my first-or-second grade class. His
name is Zach, and I still know him. lmfao.

But my first 'O LAWD JAYSUS I'M IN LOVE' was with my gay boyfriend. I
decided I was madly in love for like a year and a half and he was like
bittersweet, rite?, like "lolol androgyny ftw" but it was also like
FUCK MAN Y U GOTTA BE SEXIST and then he just turned into an ASSHOLE
and so I """broke up""" with him for like three months, until he
stopped acting like a bag of douche. And now we're back together
again. Mhm.
I'm still not entirely sure if he knows I like him, lul. :>

I don't think love can have a proper definition. It's like some kind
of wicked goddamn trick of the mind.

n e wai. :l
Biihtei says:   5 October 2010   582978  
@  branches  :
D'awh :>
 I say that too, "If you were gay i'd totally date you!!" but I
still don't know any gay people, only 3 bi sexual' xD <333
probably-i dunno, i just couldn't think of any other questions NOT
having to do with this topic or hetalia so i was all "SCREW ITT" and
stuck with this x))
pschh I was like-obsessed mann, XD
but, that just shows how many boyfriends i've ever had XD 
LOLOL; douche, C: 
branches says :   5 October 2010   980260  
Oh, he's really bisexual, but just says he's gay n'that. 


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