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Stitch up your spine to keep the suitors awayCategory: (general)
Monday, 30 August 2010
10:12:32 PM (GMT)
Are you content with the current weather?
- It's okay, I guess, though I wish it was winter.

Do you own many pairs of shorts?
- Like, four pairs of basketball shorts. I'm more of a jeans person.

Is there a place you'd rather be right now?
- Home is okay for now.

When was the last time you were disappointed?
- Today. But it happens, so whatever.

Do you miss someone right now?
- I do, I do.

Have you ever taken a close up shot of a flower?
- I'd have to be like, obsessed with photography, which I am not.

Is there an article of clothing you need to buy right now?
- Probably a jacket. Except not really, I have a few.

When was the last time you had alcohol?
- I've never had alcohol.

Do you feel like you just need to be with friends and relax?
- Mostly. Otherwise, I'd rather be working.

Is there a situation you currently feel hopeless about?
- In a way,  I suppose.

When was the last time you wanted to do something, but couldn't?
- Now.

When was the last time you sang out loud to yourself?
- Erm. A few days ago.

Are you one to often make typos?
- Only if I'm in a hurry.

On a hot day, would you rather prefer ice cream or a popsicle?
- Ice cream. I just had some, actually.

Have you ever wanted to get drunk and get your mind off everything?
- Not really.

Who was the last person you texted?
- Nick.

Is there a fan going in the room you're in?
- Yes.

When was the last time you felt like letting it all out and having a cry?
- Earlier today.

Do you feel you're fighting a losing battle?
- Sometimes.

Have you played cards recently?
- I haven't in a long time.

Is there a band you like with amazing music but a bad vocalist?
- That's not how it works.

Is there a certain song you like to head bang to?
- That's gay. If I do it, it's unintentional.

When was the last time you had a headache?
- Today. My mom forgets to pick up my medication.

Does pizza sound good to you right now?
- I had pizza for dinner. So yes and no.

Have you ever relied on coffee to keep you awake?
- I've never had coffee.

Do you sleep well during the summer?
- Well enough.

Anything you might be giving up on soon?
- I don't believe so.

Have you ever captured a moth?
- Yeah, I'm sure I have.

Does long grass irritate your bare legs?
- It makes me itchy. Wait, that's just my herpes. Never mind.

Will you be going to the beach anytime soon?
- I've never been to the beach, so I doubt I'm going anytime soon.

Have you ever made any kind of video?
- I've recorded people's reactions to the Scary Maze Game. Because I'm cool like

When was the last time someone made you feel like an idiot?
- Probably today.

Do you have sympathy for others when they're upset?
- At times. Unless they're doing it just for the attention.

Are you one of those people who can't dance but love to anyway?
- Nope. I can't dance, and so I don't.

Is there a band/artist who has strange lyrics but you love them anyway?
- Nirvana. It's utter nonsense.

Have you ever been to New York?
- I'd like to one day.

Is there a song you used to like but are annoyed of now?
- Most songs because I over play them.

Does your optimism sometimes hurt you?
- It makes me think nothing bad can happen, so when it does, obviously.

Have you ever had a premonition?
- Possibly.

Are you dying to see someone very soon?
- Not dying, no.

When was the last time you wore earrings?
- I'm wearing them right now.

Are you currently saving for anything?
- A guitar. Kind of. I'm horrible at saving money.

How many pairs of heels do you own?
- None. Just, no.

Has it thundered lately?
- A few weeks ago.

Have you ever gotten stitches?
- I have not.

Do you need to repaint your nails right now?
- I never paint them anymore.

Are you having one of those lazy days?
- I had school today. But as for now, I'm being sort of lazy.

Do you have any plans for the next week?
- I don't even have plans for this week.

Has today been a good day?
- It wasn't terrible.

When was the last time you changed your picture on Facebook?
- Like, a month or two ago.

What do you do to cool down on a normal hot day?
- Um. Stay inside.

Have you ever felt something was slipping through your fingers?
- I cannot take that seriously.

Describe three emotions you're feeling right now.
- Tired. That's an emotion, right?
- Misunderstood. Yeah, I'm so emo. But no, really.
- And gay. I feel gay all the time.

Do you have a brand of deodorant you prefer?
- Um. Something that makes me smell like not bad.

Would you consider yourself to be physically strong?
- Compared to some people, yeah.

Have you ever painted a piece of furniture?
- I helped paint my sister's dresser when I was little.

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What is it that you can't do?


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