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Saturday, 28 August 2010
07:26:23 PM (GMT)
[] I love long, flowing peasant skirts.
[  ] I wear circular-shaped glasses.
[x] I have long wavy or straight hair.
[x] Peace and love, baby!
[  ] I own a peace sign necklace. 
[x] I’m very anti-war. 
[x] Make love, not war! 
[x] I’m a big environmentalist. 
[x] I prefer to go all-natural; so no make up for me, unless it’s a very little
[ ] Oh, and I don’t like to shave either. It’s just hair!  
[x] I could never hurt an animal.
[] I boycott products that test on animals.
[  ] My dream car is one of those vans with all colours and flowers painted on it.
[  ] My hair is to my hips, or longer. 
[  ] I smoke weed frequently. 
[] I think it should be legalized, too! 
[  ] I own items with the cannabis symbol on it.
[] I wear sandals a lot. 
[  ] I’m a vegetarian.
[x] I try to recycle as often as possible.

[  ] I love the Ramones.
[  ] I wear a lot of skinny jeans and Doc Martens.  
[] Oh, and I do love plaid! 
[x ] I love go to shows performed by local bands. 
[  ] I’ve had a Mohawk, or considered getting one.
[ ] My hair has been dyed a crazy, unnatural colour before. 
[ ] I have facial piercing(s).
[ ] I stretch my ears. 
[] I can’t stand when people say Good Charlotte is punk.
[ ] I’m in a band. 
[ ] I play an instrument. 
[] I do things my own way, and I don’t care what anyone thinks.
[ ] I’m a big fan of DIY.
[ ] I make a lot of my own clothes, or alter a lot of them. 
[] I support independent stores and local bands.
[] I’m not a fan of most mainstream things.
[] I can see myself ending up with a lot of piercings and/or tattoos. 
[ ] People stare at me or my clothes a lot when I’m out in public. 
[ ] I like the Misfits.

[ ] My favourite band is Bauhaus. 
[] I wear a lot of black.
[ ] Where would I be without black eyeliner? 
[ ] Mmm, fishnets.
[ ] I have jewelry with the Egyptian ankh on it.
[ ] Marilyn Manson isn’t goth.
[x] Neither is Evanescence. 
[ ] I’ve been on goth.net before.
[ ] My grandparents don’t approve of the way I dress.
[] I listen to bands that most people probably have never heard of. 
[ ] I frequent goth clubs.
[x] I’m very pale.
[x] I intentionally stay out of the sun so I stay pale.
[ ] I’m wearing a black shirt right now. 
[ ] I’ve worn black lipstick before.
[] Halloween is my favorite holiday!
[ ] I love spiders. 
[ ] Having a pet tarantula would actually be cool.
[] I write a lot. 
[ ] I enjoy classical music. 

[ ] Yay Hollister!
[x] I get good grades in school.
[ ] I actually go to a preparatory school. 
[ ] I study a lot and make sure to focus on my schoolwork. 
[ ] I play sports. 
[ ] I love polos.
[ ] Most of my clothing is pretty pricey.
[ ] My parents have a lot of money. 
[ ] I wouldn’t be caught dead in all black.
[ ] Pleated skirts are just so cute!
[x] I stay away from drugs and smoking. 
[x] Some people think of me as a goody two shoes.
[ ] I wear Uggs. (noo but i want some)
[ ] I wear Birkenstocks.
[ ] I’m in a lot of Honours or AP classes.
[x] I get straight A’s most of the time.
[x] I like going to the beach. 
[ ] I wish I had naturally blonde hair.
[ ] I’d die without Abercrombie! 
[ ] The only facial piercing I’d ever want is a nose stud. 

[x] Why is everyone so concerned about shopping? It’s not that great.
[] I wear baggy clothes a lot.
[] Most of my friends are guys.
[ ] …and they think of me as “one of the guys”.
[ ] I play a lot of sports.
[ ] My hair is usually up in a ponytail, or it’s short.
[x] I don’t bother with makeup most of the time.
[x] Sometimes people pressure me to be more “girly”.
[x] I’ve been called a tomboy before.
[ ] I rather play basketball than get my nails done. 
[x] I’ve never gotten a manicure and/or pedicure before.
[x] I usually don’t do anything to my hair when I get out of the shower.
[ ] I’m outside playing all day.
[x] I’ll admit, most of my clothes aren’t that flattering.
[ ] I wear sports jerseys a lot.
[ ] Socks + Adidas sandals = love. 
[x] I don’t care about my looks that much.
[ ] I’ve tried makeup, but it just wasn’t for me.
[x] I rather hang out with my dad than with my mum.
[ ] I want a career involving sports.

Girly Girl 
[ ] I love shopping!
[] I’m nearly always texting.
[ ] My phone is actually pink.
[ ] Pink is my favourite colour.
[ ] I enjoy anything sparkly or glittery.
[ ] I enjoy doing other people’s makeup and hair.
[ ] I wear lots of makeup. 
[ ] I don’t like to get my hands dirty. 
[ ] I spend over an hour getting ready every day. 
[ ] My dream car is pink.
[ ] Nothing is more important than looking pretty.
[ ] I wouldn’t leave the house without makeup on.
[x] I love boys!
[ ] I’m a big flirt.
[ ] Did someone say Starbucks?!
[ ] Screw school, let’s go to the mall!
[ ] Valentine’s Day is my favourite holiday. 
[ ] I loved The Notebook.
[ ] I love Disney movies. 
[ ] I wear high heels.

[x] I’m on the computer a lot. Far to much. 
[ ] My best class is Mathematics. 
[x] I get good grades all the time. 
[x] I wear glasses. 
[ ] I have braces.
[ ] I’ve worn suspenders before. 
[ ] I’ll admit, some of my pants are floods/high waters. 
[ ] I wear my socks up high.
[ ] I’m a teacher’s pet. 
[x] People usually ask me for help when it comes to Mathematics. 
[ ] I’ve tutored someone before.
[x] My parents are never disappointed with my report card.
[ ] Unlike most people, I actually enjoy school.
[ ] I have a pocket protector. 
[ ] My dream job is an accountant or something else math-based.
[ ] Bill Gates is my role model.
[ ] I’m involved in an after-school activity.
[x] I’m not on any sports teams though. 
[ ] I don’t have many friends.
[ ] I get made fun of a lot. 

Average Joe
[x] I’m a jeans and t-shirt type of person. 
[x] I usually go straight home after school. 
[ ] I’m not a great student, but I’m not a bad one either. 
[x] School’s alright.
[x] I usually blend right into the crowd because my clothes aren’t that special.
[ ] I’m not looking to go to any special college really.
[ ] I don’t have much school spirit. 
[x] I’m not in any clubs or on any sports teams.
[x] I’m kind of just “there” at school.
[ ] I wear blue jeans mostly every day.
[ ] I wear converse—they’re simple and go with anything.
[ ] I don’t spend a lot of money on clothes. 
[x] I like to listen to music and be with friends, like most teenagers. 
[ ] I’ve tried drugs and/or smoking, but it’s not that great.
[x] I don’t get out all that much.
[ ] I blog. (want to, got nowhere to put it? anyideas?)
[x] I don’t care much about politics.
[ ] My AIM font or profile is pretty simple.
[ ] And that’s how I like everything… plain and simple.
[x] My room has very little decor.

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